Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010!

2010, I'm leaving you behind and I wish to remember only the good things and the lessons I learned from the bad things you made me experience. It's been a roller-coaster ride! I wish to pull the cold turkey out of the system. From work, to finances, to peer-relationship and all that, I've struggled this year and I won't let this thing continue on to 2011. 

I've experienced a lot of things this year - I traveled (rode a plane the first time and doing it for six times), drove my own car, worked in two companies consecutively, held a wrench and jack, had chicken pox, fixed my messed up birth certificate, getting my passport and driver's license and a whole lot more. 

Of all the things that happened to me this year, my favorite is working together again with Nimmy. 

Well, they say that once in our lives, we have to experience a great deal of things. It's suffocating at times and it sometimes crushes your spirit to pieces. The comeback is the most important. I can't wait for my break-through and for sure it's going to be a blast!

Cheers to a prosperous 2011! 
Nimmy and sis Melissa. I love you both! 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Engagement Ring part 2

Part 1

Just one usual day, Nimmy and I were cuddling and talking about some work-related stuff. I think we just woke up from his usual sleep-over in our house. Out of nowhere, Nimmy noticed the ring my mom gave me. I was wearing it that day.

"Looks like an engagement ring, huh?" Nimmy blurted out while caressing and pinching my hands.

"Yeah, it's my mom's ring. Look oh, it has names etched inside."

I told him the story behind it and saw his usual puppy eyes. "What are you thinking Mahal?" I asked.

"A lot of guys must've wore that ring..." and he went to his usual fetal position. I smelled his hair and give him my usual hug.

"It's now yours. Wear it Mahal."

"Can you say something dramatic? Like you're proposing?"

"Ok, ok. Will you marry me?"

Nimmy wore the biggest smile ever. And I thought I didn't do a good job in proposing. It was never dramatic, and there were no theatricals in place. No kneeling down. Sincerity was just the thing I can offer that moment. Despite the candidness, one thing is for sure, it was heart-felt. Nimmy appreciates it and he never asks me to do stuff I'm not comfortable doing. I'm definitely one lucky guy to have him.

For a couple like us, we were on a common ground that engagement is something we had from day one. We know that we will grow old together. We know that this we have (our relationship) will last and will endure every test it can muster.

The engagement ring was more of a sign of our family's bond. It's a sign of unconditional love that no matter how time change things, it can never change the love and it will forever linger to our hearts and souls.

Nimmy and I likes to take it slow. With that we cherish moments where we accomplish stuff together. Living-in together is a major step. It was not easy for some, yet, it was fun for us. We make it look easy, but indeed it was easy.

I believe that no amount of emotion can contain what Nimmy and I have accomplished for more than four years of being together. It'll be more fruitful years together for sure. The engagement ring was our quiet witness, and the symbol of our family's love. We intend to continue the legacy and we intend to keep it until eternity.

Tagaytay, 2007
With that I end this post with a message to everyone - "It's not the price of the ring that dictates the engagement of two people. It's the hearts, the soul and the commitment to last despite the challenges that comes along the way. The romance is not confined on the proposal or the will-you-marry-me moment but in the regular days you spend together, with sweetness you only two understand."

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Engagement Ring

I just got home from church.

It is indeed a refreshing Sunday, seeing almost everything turned to pink. For Catholics, it's the third Sunday of advent. This Sunday, it should commemorate joy and hope. Father's sermon was about making sure we take on our responsibility seriously and find joy in it. With this we should be able to derive hope. We should learn how to be unselfish and fulfill duties not for one's motives, but to help others for their own good.

As I said, it's a refreshing Sunday. The weather is cool and from the doors of the church you can feel cool breeze coming in. It touched my shoulder and that feeling brings me some joy. It made me reminisce my childhood during Christmas morning.

To everyone's information, Nimmy and I normally will go home every weekend in our family's home. We live in together and it has been our practice that Saturday and Sunday is for our family. I enjoy it, we enjoy it. In some ways, it gives us time to be apart, miss each other and give some "alone" time for ourselves. I guess that's our biggest secret to a successful relationship. We both came from a strongly-knit family and just the same, we want for our future a family with the same values. I know that there will come a time that our relationship will move on to the next level. We don't hurry though, and the thought of our family's own successes are sure fire inspiration for us to keep up and aspire for the better. We're lucky to have our own families for sure.

One legacy that my mom passed on to me was an engagement ring. I usually see this ring in her left ring finger.   As a curious kid back then, I will borrow and try it. Although, the slightest move of my hand will make it drop due to my  little and young hands. Then I saw a marking engraved inside it. It says, "Narding and Linda."

I know my mom's name is Myrna and not Linda. So the curious kid asked. "She's your Papa's ex." Needless to say, their engagement didn't work out fine and the girl returned it to him. Few years, we found each other, and he give it to me."

"But Ma, don't you think it's not fair to get a hand-me-down ring?" I asked.

Then my Mama told me, "I want you to give this ring to the person you would be marrying. This was a sign of a love that was lost, but was found through us. I want you to find your love. It will be a long travel, but when you know see that person and get to know him, you will see and feel that this ring is to be given. You will know..."

Of course I didn't understand during that time. But as years pass by, I had been introduced to a plethora of relationships. Ask me, I've been there, done that. There were moments in my life when I know that the ring will stay with me and will never be given to any person. I was cynic, and I thought it's not possible for a long-term.

But then I found Nimmy. 

(to be continued...)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sweet Rose

It's Friday. It should have been a very light and relaxing day in the office. Not for me though. Ilang weeks na rin akong stressed. To the point that Nimmy is affected... Too bad. I'm missing on a lot of things and I really apologize for the shortcomings I have Mahal... 

To compensate... I made sure that every time our cellphone alarms to wake us up... I stand up immediately so I get to be the first one to take a bath. Honestly, pinag-aawayan pa namin ni Nimmy kung sino mauuna maligo. Yes folks. Pero, we're blessed that that's the only major thing close for us to argue big-time about. Aside from kung sino maghuhugas ng plato, na parang away kapatid lang. 

And just this evening, I texted him something that I think made him happy today. Then I bought him coffee. Tagal ko na rin di naliligawan si Mahal.... I think mga one month na. But kidding aside, it's really true that my stress-level took it's toll on me. I had chicken pox and I had lesser quality time with my Mahal. 

So to end this blog entry short, I just wanted to say that I realized that whatever you're going through, you really need to step-back and assess what's missing and what's needed to be prioritized. In this case, I don't think it's right to miss on people who loves you so much. 

You start and end with your family, your loved ones. 

At sa sobrang understanding ng Mahal ko, I really thank him. Mahal, you took care of me when I was sick, and you were so patient with my ranting about work. You make me feel better every time when you  make me eat my favorite food, and by making me smile when you dance and sing... Your antics makes you so adorable... 

More importantly, you don't stop to show you care even when I feel at times I don't deserve it. I'm so proud of you Mahal, and thanks for the rose you sneaked out to give me in the office. Sorry, I have to flaunt that I have a rose in my desk. On my way home awhile ago, I walked in the office hallway, carrying the rose you gave me and I don't care if people stares. What's important is that, that rose is a symbol of your love, and to me that's the most important of all. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mark Herras

(excerpt from Nimmy's blog)

Me: Ay mahal! nakita ko na ung scandal ni mark herras.
Nimmy: Grabe noh!
Me: I believe na hindi sya un.
Nimmy: Ngek! Sya kaya un!
Me: Mabuti syang tao. Hindi nya magagawa un. 

Picture taken from:

Siempre, I was not serious when I said that. Natawa ako after ko i-deliver yang line. LOL

So after ng funny kwento ni Nimmy about sa adventure namin sa DFA Aseana, let me write something about Mark Herras. 

I'm not sure when and how it started. I started liking Mark Herras I think bago pa kami ni Nimmy nun. He's one talented guy sa world of hip-hop dancing. Galing niya eh. 

Baduy na kung baduy. Pero baduy talaga. Hahaha. 

I'm confessing na ilang beses ko na siya napanaginipan and when I see him on TV, parang matagal ko na siyang kilala. Yesss... Pakshet, mahahampas ako ng kaldero ni Nimmy. He's like one lost friend and we share something from the past. Hahaha. Whatever. 

Minsan, napanood ko sa Wish Ko Lang na he'll be meeting a fan na may sakit, cancer ata. Sabi nung fan, "kapag nakikita ko si Mark Herras sa TV na sumasayaw, lumalakas ako."  Tapos they met. I'm not sure kung gumaling ung fan or kung ano man nangyari sa kanya, pero si Mark Herras, few years or months after, naintriga ng bonggang bongga sa anak ng Mayor ng Caloocan dati, and ang latest, tong webcam scandal niya. 

Too bad. 

May nabasa pala ako sa Yes Magazine. Featured si Mark H nun. As far as I can remember, bread-winner siya ng family. Something in common sa aming dalawa... EEEEEEE. 

Oh well, I think di naman ako die-hard fan ni Mark. Kaya stop making asar to me Nimmy. 

Pero kapag nakita ko siya, baka ma-starstruck ako. 

Mahal, ikaw na lang magpa-autograph sa kanya, sabihin mo, "for Leo." 


Friday, November 12, 2010

Summer sa Senado 2001

I was reading a close college friend's blog when I suddenly read about her documentary about our geeky activities in our university. From representing Nepal in the Model United Nations Assembly in WHO-Manila, debate matches, professors and all, it made me reminisce a bit my college life.

She's really cool and like me, we enjoy these stuffs so much.

And then I remember our internship program with Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago. Look at us; we're so young. LOL. I bet you'll never be able to guess where Leo is from this group:

Picture taken from:

Happy Friday. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy 54th Monthsary to us Nimmy!!!

Music, Facebook and Me

I've been facebooking for several hours already. Posting random things in my wall and looking at friend's comments and responding. So easy breezy. This is life. Funny that there are some that are not so close friends who gets to comment on things. Some friends though are sending PMs and just asking how's my life going. Nice to see the red flag with a number. Notifications. 

In my sweet, quiet solitude, I'm listening to Nimmy's ipod. Freestyle, Kelly Clarkson and some artists I don't know. 

Before all these, I had a simple dinner, tuna, orange, banana, Yakult, honey and milk. 

I thought of working already. It's already 1am. Then I started doing a little of a concoction. 3 in 1 coffee, Milo, maple sugar and fresh milk. That didn't turn out well, got a slight headache, but I'm cool, I'm up. 

I'm down to my last Aciclovir - medicine I'm taking now for Chicken Pox. 

Happy. That's all what I want to say. 

With the simple things coming my way, I can't help but think that I'm blessed. 

On a side note, I got irritated awhile ago when Nimmy asked me to refill our drinking water. I just can't stand going outside today because of my scabs. It's not good having the refilling station in front of your apartment. There's no excuse to avoid the errand. When this happens to us (the irritation), Nimmy will just ignore you. He's a super sweet guy. I know he hates to argue. He'll just be quiet all throughout. That's what I know. I'm not sure when he's with friends. LOL. But seriously. I think that's the formula. There's a day when you can talk, but when you are not in the mood, you are just not in the mood. So better be quiet and discuss it later the day. 

So what's up Leo? I think you are lucky today. You have to face the day and fix whatever it is that you need to fix. Now is the time and decide to move forward.

Live your dreams. Hahaha. Just saying.  

(seriously, is this the effect of too much medicine?)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Working in My Sick Bed

So officially, this is my day 1 WAH (work-at-home). My rules:

#1 - I dictate my hours of work. 
#2 - Phone calls are limited to 2 minutes
#3 - Conference call me at your own risk. Unless you want clients to hear our neighbor's dog
#4 - Don't pressure me on deliverables. I am currently on Medical Leave, coercing me to finish a task is considered maltreatment and is punishable under the Penal Code (yeah, just making this up)
#5 - This is not free. I am reimbursing my internet fee and electric consumption of this laptop

Honestly, this is one of the days where technology is not running towards your favor. 

I'm sick, with freaking blemishes all over my body and face (shet, kala mo naman kagandahan). No need to explain further. 


I want to be a billionaire. 


Monday, November 8, 2010

Bird Flu

No, it's not what you think. The disease sounded like it came from the bird species - although ornithology or physiology whatever, will tell, it didn't came out from their feathers or beaks. Bottom line, after the suffering and the fever you're gonna go through, the rashes and those myriad but homogeneous evidence will link you to their skin - after pulling all their feathers out of course. 

I got chicken pox, after my supposedly three weeks work assignment in Bacolod. It got extended for several more days which started September 27th and culminated October 30th. It was such a long assignment for me which made me go online one fine day to book a round-trip ticket to go back to Manila over the weekend. Because seriously, if I don't see Nimmy and my family even just for few days - I will go insane. Mind you, I celebrated my birthday, first time outside Metro Manila. 

So end of October, I was here already in Manila. God! I miss my apartment, my car, my bed, my pillows, our ref, our stairs, our garage, our living room... everything! It's been weeks when I was gone...It's different when you're out of your comfort zone. But it's really nice to be back home. God I miss our home...

I went back to the Manila office - Monday and Tuesday, was fine. Weird, but I got not much interface with my boss. Monday, she was out, Tuesday - I was running my department like a show, no added meetings in between and obviously - I was really on top of everything. It's like before anyone say a word - check your inbox or communicator first - I'm following up on something... better strut your stuff - or I'll strut the hell out of you.... LOL. But kidding aside, I was really productive that Tuesday shift. But later towards Wednesday morning. I started to feel something...

I felt feverish. 

So I grabbed a bottle of water down the convenient store of our building and I remember buying raisins before I started the shift. So before our weekly business review with our client,  I munched a handful of raisins  the one that you occasionally see as an ingredient in Menudo started gulping half a liter of water and off with our review. It was nerve wracking even if I did that for 10 times already. But then again, not to stress a point, I've been with the company for 3 months only. No much questions asked. So I think that went well - otherwise, I will hear something from my boss. 

Back to my being feverish. I went outside for a small break, but really, I just wanted to see Nimmy in their glass wall office. I knocked and called him. "Mahal, I think I'm not feeling well."

"Clinic, right beside Operations floor. You know IT right? Door across theirs", said my cutie Nimmy. 

Obediently, I went there and ask for a medicine. Nurse gave me paracetamol, I signed patient's log and went back to my cubicle. 

Then I felt there was an insect in my tummy... I feel it. Since my cubicle is near my co-manager's seat, I turned back and examined it. I'm seeing a semi-circular bump, more like of a pimple but only filled with water. Yikes.    Then examined the other part of my body. What was shocking is I am seeing two to three bumps in my arms. 
I didn't bother to say goodbye during end of my shift. Off I go and went home to rest first. Afternoon came, I woke up, feeling feverish still. Nimmy and I went to the nearby clinic, got some tests and viola - it's really Chicken pox. 

The next day, we went to the hospital but was denied to be admitted since my fever can be monitored and controlled. I obliged. I also want to rest at home. So I'm good to be here. 

For days I am sick, there's only one person who really made me feel that extra tender loving and care. Nimmy was always there to ask me if I'm hungry, if I'm ok, if I feel comfortable. He gives me a lot of options which sometimes confuse me... Do I want to eat this or that? You know, that kind of stuff. But above all - I'm so lucky to have Nimmy beside me in times like this. I mean tell me, who would put up with me and stay with me even if it means seeing me in my most ugliest, most shocking and most  unhealthy state of life? My parents were there when I was young - but it sure counted. Here's one person, who I am not related by blood, but is here with me all the time. Here's one person that despite my shortcomings - is still willing to accept me in my ups and downs. 

Yes. I am one lucky bastard. 

But I know for a fact that I will do the same thing to him, without any questions asked. 

Because Nimmy is my guy. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

In Bacolod the Next Three Weeks

Part of my job is to manage and to have face to face with my folks in Bacolod. Few things I'm looking forward to... Seeing my staff and give feedback, align processes and set expectations. The usual stuff.

On the other hand... Hehe, this is the fun part.... LAKWATSA.

The last time I was there, I didn't have that chance to really wander the city that was Bacolod. Well this time, we have clients coming from Belleville, Canada and part of our job is to be their tourist guide. What the heck. I think they can count me in as tourist too. Anyway, this time, I'll make sure to view more sceneries, eat more seafood and bring home more lechon! :) I've tried Calea's cake - but it's a pain in the ass bringing that cake home. But believe me, Calea's cake is the shit!!! LOL. Someone told me too that we'll have more itineraries this time so I better be ready.

One thing though that I'll surely miss while I'm in Bacolod is Nimmy. I'll not be home for three weeks but good thing to know that my sister Melissa and him will follow me on the 7th but they got to go home on the 10th and I'll be back on the 16th. At least, I still get the chance to see my Nimmy!!! eeeee.

I hope the trip will be safe and I'll be productive there. I want to get things done - both the work and the lakwatsa.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Back

It's been awhile...

Oo no. Ang tagal ko din pala di nakapag-blog. Although I must admit, updated ako sa mga nangyayari sa blogsphere. Thanks to Mahal, I still have the time to view his new blog entries and on the side, I still make it a point to view updates from my favorite blogs. 

Ang dami na nangyari and I must say that all things are doing well for me and Nimmy... Check ko nga kung ano ano na mga updates sa life ko: 

  • New job and new exciting challenges. Funny, I'm still learning though, but to tell you honestly, because of the fact that I need to be really hands-on, it feels like I've been in my post for a year. 
  • More travel - since I get to manage two sites, literally, I'm like making Bacolod appears to be within the vicinity of Quezon City!
  • Driving experience. Everyday, I get to have new things to learn from my car. BTW, I'm selling it to buy a Mazda 3. Enough of the hassles. Brand new na lang.
  • More mature relationship. Mahal and I are so bonded that even just looking to his eyes, watching his gestures and body language, alam mo na. I love the feeling, really. Connection... 
  • Cool officemates. Nice to have a bunch of people who knows team work and knows respect. I hope it continues.
  • Very experienced boss. I enjoy our chit-chat together while she smokes. Galing niya. 
  • I'll have my passport na this weekend. Yehey! I hope my Canadian VISA gets processed too... Wishing for that opportunity to come again, if not. Ok lang. I got a new reason to go to Hong Kong or Korea. :)
  • My sister passing the Nursing Board Exams. This is the coolest. 
  • Loving club music
Well, I think those are some highlights. Better record it for  future assessment. I'm happy things are doing well. Positive thoughts really worked for me. When I started not thinking of the drama, focused on my goals, maintained a very positive outlook, and prayed to Him for his guidance - I'm starting to feel blessed and feel everything's gonna be ok. 

So with this I end by saying Thanks. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Party party! 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Few Days to Go...

I only got few days left here in the current organization I'm with. However, I don't feel sad by the fact that this has become my home for nearly 10 months. Yes you heard that right. I've been here only for a few months compared to the previous where I managed to stay for nearly 5 years. Reminiscing my previous years of existence in the corporate world, I realized I've been working for nearly 10 years and all of my responsibilities involved service industry. From banking to call center, it shaped my character and my being. 

Cheers to the 10 months! I'll be missing a few - Joanne, my ally and my partner. We were the pioneer managers for the account we are handling and it was indeed a pleasure working with her. Debbie - my best friend in the office. We talk almost about everything! From work, to love life and aspirations, I'll surely miss our Starbucks moments!

And to those other officemates I'll be leaving behind... Bahala kayo sa mga buhay ninyo! Thanks for everything! Mga leche kayo... mas mataas na sweldo ko sa inyo bwahahaha... I learned team work from you all. 

As they say, no goodbyes, only 'till next time... (whatever)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sleepy Head

Contrary to the title, I have no right of being one. Few days from now, exciting things will unravel and Anteros Dominion and I will have something in common. This will bring about things on my plate which will entail me stressing out myself juggling from one task to another. I hope my new "home" will be as welcoming and as jovial as expected. 

And contrary to what people are reading from my Mahal's blog, we're ok. It's nothing but normal to have few misunderstandings, but we are one strong couple.  

Monday, July 19, 2010

Star of the Night

It's not the first-time I won an award like this. I won the same back to back "Dashing Debonair Award" from JS Proms during high school.

13 years (or so) after, I got the crown back through one of our recent corporate event. Not that I despise the idea of me being recognized as "gwapo" yuck talaga, I just feel uneasy that people cheers and yells your name so you can get the loudest and resonating vote. Normally, I'm a very simple guy. My get-up is not the fashionista type. I go for comfort and fashion is on the 2nd rank.

I'd like to thank those who have voted for me in this very prestigious award. You guys are crazy. LOL.
with Debbie, my bestfriend in the office

Love and Laugh

Nimmy and I had this small misunderstanding last Friday. It has something to do with my perception of us "growing apart..." After a while, I just felt that we are forming different types of interests. But love has its ways of gluing things up. And of course, I know that we can fix small things like that. Now, he is teasing me of my text messages. I won't divulge it and I'm sure he won't too. But I think, when things are getting complicated, you need to have some space and a dash of humor. It helped for both of us. With our nearly 5 years relationship, I think we're learning and maturing together. Because of that friends are asking us advices - which we respond with simple remarks - "Love and Laugh" 

Yun lang. :) Just trying to be a love guru. Toinks

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Message From God

Of all the millions of applications in Facebook, one had really became my favorite - Message From God. I know God is more high-tech and we can never replace Bible for His Words. Moreover, this piece of application may never replicate the Holy Bible but in the contrary and with no disrespect intended, the application translates whatever the Lord wants us to know. Please see what I just got yesterday: 

Happy Thursday everyone! 

and I REALIZED it...

With all humility, I just needed to share this happy moment in my life.

I just drove my car from home to my office! BWAHAHA. Funny, but I just find this one proud moment in my life. I know we (including Nimmy) wrote about Dominador (name of my car), but I just got student license back then. Now, I'm fully licensed to drive - and I realized my dream of going to work with my own ride. 

Shet, ang babaw no? 

Pero the feeling is just exhilarating. Thank you Lord for this blessing! 

I love this day. I love you all! :) :) :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's Up Catsup

Wow, I'm just realizing things are getting better and better each day. Wala ng nega sa paligid, at higit sa lahat, I'm starting to bring back my positive outlook. Last week was one helluva ride 'ika nga. 

This week, masaya lang. No pressure involved, just fun and light moments lang. 

I don't think it's gonna last that long. What's important is that by the next time I encounter obstacles - I'm wiser now.


Sweldo na naman pala. Hindi ko pa nga nagagastos ung last three months kong pay. Bwahaha. :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Friendster Testimonials for Leo

I almost forgot that in my life, I've once had a Friendster account. I just suddenly miss it. So today, I opened it and read funny and interesting Friendster testimonials in my profile. Just to warn you though, this is a very long post and will showcase testimonials from oldest to the newer ones and not all testimonials were placed on this blog. This is of course inspired by Glentot's profile description. On the side note, I'm getting hooked on Glen's blog. Super funneeeh! :)

I'm going down the memory lane... BTW, sorry Nimmy, this will include your testimonials and testimonials from friends who either flirted me or made comments about me being flirt. As you know mahal, I've changed. Mwah! This is just for fun, aye?

Ivah DeniseOct 14 2003, 12:12 PM
i love leomer... if only he were a
girl's guy (u know what i mean!) he'd
be perfect for me! hehehe... i miss u
so much gurl! =) laro ulit tayo sa
timezone!!! mwah!!! =)

Vince vidalJan 18 2004, 12:04 PM
leo....leo....leo...tsk...tsk... lang
beses ko na bang sasabihin sa'yo break
SABUYAN KO, JOKE) Actually, leo is just
an ordinary person with an exquisite
and resilient...resilient...isip ako ng
term sandali... taste for REFINEMENT
AND harmonious predicament...(ano daw?)
A person which standard deserves an
equal and justifying level of
occupancy, please fill in his gap...

Ivah DeniseApr 03 2004, 02:23 PM
waaaaaaaaah!!! ang pogi mo naman!!!
hehehe! sayang... =p uy sobrang miss na
kita leomskie! grabe!!! it's been so
long, never na natuloy lahat ng balak
nating magdate ulet... for everyone's
info, leomer is my ever reliable
boyfriend -- he's always there when i
feel sobrang down, he dries my tears,
his shoulder is where i find comfort,
he tells me funny stories just to see
me smile. we can talk about anything &
everything without me having to worry
what he's gonna think of me. sobrang
love ko nga yan eh... he's seen my
worst parts -- yun bang ang jologs ko
because of love... ganon... pero he's
still there... grabe!!! anyone who'll
have the heart of this person sure is
one lucky bastard, so whoever you are,
better make it worth it... i miss ya
gurl! love u! =)

GraceMay 06 2004, 07:16 PM
....a maverick outlook in life is
probably what makes leomer
different... he's the most
sweetest,intelligent,patient friend i
have...He has evrything a friend/lover
could ask for...hes the best!hes
flexible,funny,has a good sense of
humor and could arouse all the
possible noble emotions that human is
capable of...versatile!weve been
friends since college and boy!!what a
keeper!!Bilib ako s tyaga nitong taong
to'..evrytime we see each other and
talk bout everything...sobrang
matututo ka!inspirasyon ko sya..kya
nga lasenggera ako ngyn e!!
u leomer!..whatever life lead
matter how far i may roam...dont
forget that uve been my inspiration
since ive known u for so long now..
ikw ngbigay impluwensya skin (lumandi)
joke!..seriously,..malaki naitulong mo
skin bilang grace n kilala mo kaya wag
k magmaganda dhil ikw ang inpirasyon
ko sa marming u po!

AldrichMay 14 2004, 07:48 AM
hey yeah!!! long time no see (and
talk). its been a long time indeed.
we had lots of fun together and he
really is a cool guy. he's a very cool
dude. i remember him helping me with
just about everything..from homeworks,
buying toys (remember the toy that can
swim...that's a really cool toy hehe),
and his mom even helped me make
my "karate uniform" for 6th grade
foundation day at St. Francis. Fun
times....hehe...What can I say, anyone
will be lucky to meet this dude. Hope
to talk to you soon.

RussellMay 26 2004, 08:23 PM
Papa Leoms! Certified Chick-Magnet!
(Kasi may kasabihan na birds of the
same feather, flock together, hehehe!)
Viva Larazza! Let me tell you a little
secret: you're the person that I
respect the most sa batch natin! For
me, you were the most talented, most
sophisticated, and most intellegent of
the Public Ad students. I do remember
those conversations that we had back
then, pero mali yung assumptions mo. I
wasnt really an intellectual,
nagpapanggap lang ako para di ako
mapahiya sa isang katulad mo na isang
tunay na henyo! Say Hi na lang sa tropa
nyo for me if ever you guys and gals
(and all those in between) ever meet
again. And also, thanks for the
testi! Iilan-ilan lang kayo na di ko
na kailangang suhulan ng kapalit na
testi para lang magtesti din sakin. It
only means that you are really a
thoughtful and caring person. Thanks
again, God Bless.

ElaineMay 29 2004, 11:23 AM
c leo, i never xpected na we could b
that close coz i really find him
snobbish during our product training
at epldt, pero wen i got d chance to
talk to him and learned that he's from
novaliches also, parang nandon na ung
magic that came between us. and
sobrang tuwang-tuwa sya sakin kpag
ngsasalita ako ng gay language and
he's very eager to learn some of it.
but one thing that touched my heart is
that he gave his 100% trust by telling
me his darkest secret in w/c till now
it is still a secret and will always
remain a secret, promise ko yan sau my
mis u friend and hope to spend some
tym with you soon. i'll always be here
for you and just always keep in touch.
ikaw unang-unang mkakaalam kpag
ngkatotoo ung hula mo sakin na i'm
getting married by 2005 with the guy
riding infront of a jeep who's wearing
a red cap and pgbaba ko, bababa din
sya to ask for my name and thats it.

KrisJun 05 2004, 01:12 PM
leo. tnx pareh?! hehehe! i admire u,
ur a great talent here in parlance!
that's why ur coach loves u more than
i do! heheheZ! ur a real fashion icon!
sobra porma! ok babye! c u around! :)

JecaJun 14 2004, 04:51 PM
hi leo,finally i've gotten a chance to
add a testi here anyway to start with i
mt this lad sa pldt main office when we
passed our requirement and we both
found out that we'll be assigned in
parlance so we landed same center at
magkabatch kami.tatandan ko pa nga nun
sabi nya na sana magkateam kami pero
hindi rin nagyari pero anyways lam ko
na namn na we're both hppy sa teams product training lang kami
naging close nito and from there pa
lang i know na he can really make a
career sa parlance aba pano ba naman
every month e lagi ko ytang nakikita
ang face niya sa parlance wall of fame
as one of the top csr's of the month
panalo talaga.kaya nga idol ko to hehe
well leo keep the peace and stay as
sophisticated as you are now !you ROCKS!

AzinethJun 21 2004, 10:36 PM
Leomer was 1 of d persons who
intimidated me when we first met in
school. He was so quiet and he was like
talking to himself.. weird diba?
NERDY type kasi 'to b4.. pro juice
ko!! as in sobrng kulit pla
nito..But he was soo bait.. dat I was
able to get along with him kahit sa
sandling pagkkkila2 plang
namin..we're the same in evrything..
maski nga sa trip nming guys e..
hehehe!! sis, sori klangan ktang
ibuko.. remmber ROMEL?? (d IT guy?)
hahaha!! knklig nnaman ako.. cute
ksi un. pro syempre iba n
now...dami ng LEOMER
nlang ang indi!! nd I like dat
ofcourse, becoz I can't afford to
loose someone like Leomer.. He would
be my biggest LOSS kung magbbgo cya...I
miss him nanga e... sobra... yung
frendship nmin and if
you guys there are looking for d BEST
BUDDY... Leomer would best suits your
needs... hehehe!!!! pro totoo, He can
be your BESTFREND!!! believe me, pro
sori me ne ang bstfrend nya e..

♥ e Y n A h ♥Jul 05 2004, 03:16 PM
Leo is the most down to earth person I
have ever met!!! knowing him who excel
in everything!!( O san mo ko treat!!
hehe) honestly, you are nice and very
accomodating..I feel so at ease talking
with you... sarap pang kausap!! you can
talk anything and everything under the
sun... hope to find time chat with
you!! miz yah

ElaineJul 17 2004, 07:24 PM
c leo??? i never really expected na we
would be that close kc i find him??? or
should i say i find her(he,he..)really
mataray during our prod. training in
epldt pro un pala we have lots of
things in common, as in, di ba la? and
i'm also thankful kc he told me his
deepest secret and dnt wori frend, khit
di na tau ngkikita or nguusap, u can
still trust me coz it will 4ever
remain "our secret". sna mgkatotoo ung
hula mo sakin no! yaan mo, u'll b the
first one to know pg may luvlyf na ulit
ang lola mo. mis u na! frends 4ever ha!
ingat k lagi, cge ka ang "lychee". luv
u la!!!

BlessmaJul 30 2004, 06:26 AM
political science is the study of the
art of governing a state. so cousin? why
did we freakin end up in a job that
deals with citizens of a freakin foreign
state hehehe! met leomer way back in
college, was a year ahead of me.. aside
from being miriam santiagos'
descendants.. i can say we're alike cuz
1. we are perfectionists 2. we are good
writers 3. we are undeniably popular 4.
supreme intelligence would be an
understatement for us5. we are the best
debaters, speakers, leaders, orators,
political scientists ever born! : )
whew! to single you out.. you are the
just the sweetest friend ever, you're a
combination of charm, finesse and
intelligence. you know what you want
and how to get it... keep at it cuz,
you'll definitely go places! I love
yah.. I'll always be here for you mwaH!

NarlSep 10 2004, 07:41 PM
c leo na ata ang pinakamakulit sa
maine. san ka pa? cguradong lagi kang
masaya kapag siya ang katabi mo sa
pod...un nga lang may sumpa ata sa
pag-ibig ang taong to eh... puro lang
sya "S"...hehe.. no commitment... d ba
mas masaya yun? hehe...seriuosly
speaking, siya ang pinakamasaya sa
maine, di ka mababato at lilipas ang
araw ng masaya..looking forward ako na
makagimik ang taong to...pano kaya
siya malasing? bibigay kaya?!
hehe...siguro mas naging masaya ang
buhay ko sa maine kung siya ang
naging katabi ko nung first day,
hehe...joke lang...ang haba ng hair ng
taong to.abot hanggang sa dulo ng one thing na matutuwa ka
sa kanya, pakinggan mo sya while
taking calls....i cant even notice kung
babae sya o lalaki...well, ganun
talaga..sobrang galing, laging mataas
ang QA.. un nga lang may sumpa..
walang pag-ibig... puro lang talaga sya

ckNov 25 2004, 09:48 PM
leo juz kips on laughing everytime
we're talking sa phone.. gullible
masyado like me.. i dont know if he's
making fun of me or what? whatever
it is im happy 'coz im making him
happy..! hehehe.... badminton fanatic
like me.. yun nga lang when it comes
to singing, mag badminton na lang
siya.. joke! joke! joke! makulit din and
game sa lahat ng pinapagawa ko!
(ginawang utusan noh? hehehe..)
kidding aside he's a nice person and
deserves a right person to be with..
sino kaya yun??? ako ba yun???
hehehe... kupal ko naman kung mag-
ilusyon ako.. hehehe.. if i know crush
nya ko.. todo buhat nako ng bangko
hehehehe.... ganito pa rin ako kahit
sa testi eh kinukulit ko sya.. all i can
say is keep it up!! up! up! up! (you
know what i mean?? hehehe..) God
Bless you Leo!! meme na! now na!

NarlMar 17 2005, 11:35 AM
leo is the only person that can be in love
in a wink of an eye... then fell out of it in
another second...thats him! believe it or
not..there are a lot of guys around him,
a lot of stories to tell, a lot of celfone
stuff to share and a lot of heartaches to
absorb and listen to..well, after all these
things, he's still standing and moving
on.. haven't found the right guy? thats
another tym bro, bestfriend
can never be bf, ok...just the same that
you can never be friends w/ ur
ex...thats lyfs greatest story...its either
you live w/ it or you sink w/ your
emotions you leo, livel ife to
the fullest.. career first..

MaRiCeLApr 04 2005, 02:09 PM
well i just want everybody to know
that i really love sam este leo coz
he's one of the sweetest person i
have ever known.... aside from the
fact that panalo sa lovelife ang haba
ng hair ng lola mo dahil sa sobrang
dami ng mga " kembolin" nito....
sana palit tayo katauhan para
may "kembolin" din me.....
kidin aside ang dami ko natutunan
sa kanya specially when i was
starting sa job coz leo is very
friendly and approachable... he made
it easier for me when i was in the
adjustment period palang me sa
trabahong ito... galing magturo ng
mga bagay bagay ????? he is really
one of my mentors here in parlance..
well im really happy that i have met

RcUjrMay 09 2005, 07:37 PM
Hi Pre!...este Miss!?..watever..hehe
Leomer is:
A gud frend way back in high school.
An achiever in every aspect...studies,
work, sports, and err..boys!? hehe (di
po kasali mga high school frends nya dun
ha) basta tnong nyo na lng sa
kanya...kung aamin.

His the intellectual type of person,
tahimik noon 2lad ko (ewan ko lng ngayon
=>), magaling mkisama at down to earth
once u got to know him.

Respetadong tao...saludo kming
lahat...alam nyo kung bakit?!....akalain
nyong he had the guts to lead the CAT
Corp as our "Adjutant"l!!
...matibay ang loob...buo ang boys p din hanap
hehehe jok!

jOnEtsKyJun 11 2005, 10:51 PM
C Miles?? Well, a Valentina type of Girl
ian!! What she wants, she gets, in may
ways, in any ways. Pero makikita mo
naman that in everything she's trying to
achieve, justified naman ang paraan nya.
Kahit minsan, kasulasulasok na,
maiintindihan mo parin.
These days, di na kami n touch nyan eh,
kaya ala na talag ko balita, MUSTA nb
PARE?? Dami mo na utang sa inaanak
mo.....Educ plan nalang ha???
Pero one thing for sure, di pa rin
nagbabago iang ninang mo. Kitang-
kitang malantod parin ang lola mo.
Pero Saludo parin me jan dahil sa lahat
ng baklosh na nakilala ko, yan ang
mahirap hanapin pero madaling
pakisamahan. A man of , I mean "a
woman of her words".
Cge, paramdam ka nalang dahil ako
nagparamdam na.
Miss you frend.
Luv you,

BarbieJul 09 2005, 07:40 AM
leo is my fowl words partner (sorry
steve :p) and my pc-mate. he walks in
beauty like the short,
napakagraceful nito!hehe. i am amused
with leo because he's such a smart guy
despite the fact that he's kind of low
profile. i admire his passion for love and
the extraordinary, not to mention may
badminton skills pa pala ito! so much
leadership potential...goodluck in your
life, with 'my life' and all that's in
between! :)

pEppERmiNtSep 29 2005, 05:22 PM
leo...he's the person who was able to gain my deep such a short span of time.
he has so much passion about life...well brought up with a very keen sense of etiquette...high statured and opinionated.

though i don't get to spend to much time as i want to with you...i just want you to know that your one of "the favorite people" who top my list of whom i love talking too and being around with...thank you leo...the pleasure is definitely mines...take care always-cathy

EsaOct 13 2005, 03:30 PM
hi leo! how's my seatmate right now?....i mean, the person that is sitting beside me right now! haha! hmmnnn..can u spell LEO?- L for larry, E for echo and O for Oscar, did you get it?! cx repeats...tsr replies...yeah, you got it right! Seriously speaking, who and what is LEO?! undetermined sexuality...hehe..definitely toot....joke! I know that you're already used with my being mean to a lot of people including my real friends...congratulations! you've made it to my top 1000 friends' list...haha! Leo is almost my everything...ever since i started working at teletech, he (don't want to use "she" for formalities sake, haha....endless laugh!enough!) is my motivator. he would always say positive things about me and my work and those keep me from where i am ryt now..still a TSR! get it?! step in every blue moon, i mean one step at a time.=> He is also my adviser,my eating buddy, my movie buddy,my waiting partner but the best of all is, he is my Everything, i mean my

EsaOct 13 2005, 03:39 PM
continuation...OF COURSE NOT! hehe! but i love leo. describing LEO again: intelligent, pretty (inside and outside!...see also the bottom part...hehe!), fun to be with, walking thesaurus also, strong-willed, resourceful, creative, patient, jolly, cooperative, neat and tidy, polite, courteous, prompt, diligent, understanding,industrious, hardworking( i'm seroius in all of those!...),etc....Love and Praises to you, Leo! Stay healthy and sexy with Myra 300e...enough said! God Bless!

Maria CharisOct 16 2005, 03:58 PM
well what can i say about you gurl? leo is a smart person...we can talk about a lot of things without reserve....super sayang kasama pero wag ka at pag nainis yan eh lagot ka....i like the way he talks lalo na pag nasa call as in ang arte at ang bilis....c leo kala mo mataray at suplada pag una mong nakita....a true friend talaga...di ka niyan iiwan....hope to see your lovelife and career blossom... take care...luv yah gurl!

-jeck-Nov 10 2005, 07:59 PM
yan ha pangatlong testi ko n din to sau and i hope wala n tung issues tulad leo achiever yan e as in and he is a person with goals he sets thing and put it into action... he's a good listener.... bakit ba kami magkasundo nito khit di kmi parehon ng wave lenght? tinuruan kasi ako nito magbadminton as in adik adik kami nito sa badminton ang galing galing nyan di ko p natatalo at sana matalo ko na.... at sana din e makuha n natin ang isang bagay n gusto natin ang NANO SPEED 9000 heheheh wala akong masabi kundi thank you bestfriendship hehehheheh

Vince vidalNov 14 2005, 03:11 AM
the guy who dreamed of an ideal relationship.who fell in love with badminton.who dreamed to become big but no one would recognize his potential/
thats Leo! moments with Leo? hmm...we supposedly tour the entire Red district of malate however due to some circumstances we found ourselves to move on.Hope u found the truest happiness!

KrissanNov 17 2005, 07:28 PM
si LEo ay isang diyosa sa Teletech. its good to see that she's (uy SHE!) evolved from a no sync to intermittent and now a solid sync beauty. she has a secret language that only mica understands. napaka-haba ng buhok nito... kinabog si rapunzel. lunch time with this guy is always a blast, he always have a clever remark up his sleeve and i can't help but laugh out loud. as for now that's all i can say about him, i'm sure there's more about him that i don't know yet but i hope we become friends long enough to know this beautiful soul inside and out.

JuancyDec 17 2005, 04:23 AM
Leo is the type of person who is easy to be with. You can be whatever you want when your with dudette... lol... met him in teletech and one of the astig batch 1 of vanilla project. Highly opinionated bout things and we always boost each other gutts and compliment each on our achievements. It's natural for librans to be such great achiever's and perform always at their best.. right leo! lol....
He loves playing badminton and it shows on his pictures here and his testimonials.. He even join badminton tournament at the office. He loves to joke around and can be insane sometimes because of love. But of course as a bearer of the balance symbol and always maintains his balance on things. Good job!
Till then man...


LonelyPinoyFeb 22 2006, 08:19 PM
leo? sino xa?!@#@!##@
mas kilala ko kasi xa as bespren, ang bespren ko na ewan kung anu intenxon sken, hekhekhek... ang bespren kong me pagnanasa sa akin... hahahaha... Bes, i know ur too busy but u know wat, talagang tampo na ako seu... pero okey lang alam ko naman na hindi ako ang pinakimportante sa lahat para seu... ang mahalaga, kabilang ako sa mga mahahalaga sa buhay mo... tanong ko lang, si jek ksama ba sa listahan... sana wag!!!
Bes, alam mo kung anu mga pinagdadaanan naten sa buhay... halos alam na naten ang lahat pero alam ko din me mga dapat pa tayong mdiskubre sa isa't isa... anuman un, let time tell... bes, miss kita and hope pag yumaman kana ampunin u na lang me. I LOVE YOU... MUWAHHHHHHHH!!!! Tsuptsuptsup, >Baduy<

Thea MarieMar 11 2006, 07:36 AM
ate leo!!!galing-galing!!!isa sa mga institusyon ng wave 1.1!!!proud kame sa kanya..wag magpapagod masyado ha?:)mwah!!!tek ker!!

NimrodNov 23 2006, 02:59 PM
A Special World

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong
In a special world, where we belong.

NimrodDec 24 2006, 03:47 PM
You're my man, my mighty king,
And I'm the jewel in your crown,
You're the sun so hot and bright,
I'm your light-rays shining down,

You're the sky so vast and blue,
And I'm the white clouds in your chest,
I'm a river clean and pure,
Who in your ocean finds her rest,

You're the mountain huge and high,
I'm the valley green and wide,
You're the body firm and strong,
And I'm a rib bone on your side,

You're an eagle flying high,
I'm your feathers light and brown,
You're my man, my king of kings,
And I'm the jewel in your crown.


rAeMar 06 2007, 01:50 PM
my friend, my adviser, my coach,my confidant, my ofismate, my shock absorber, my sex instructor hehehehe just kiddin', my strength, my wisdom, my power, my idol, my teacher, my mentor...... my Team Lead.... thanks for everything, thanks for always lending your ears to your makulit na agent rae, thanks for always giving me the best advise! hay! naintindihan ko din ang mga dapat kong maintindihan! thanks TL..... ure d best! luv u! mmmwwaaahhh!

NimrodMar 06 2007, 07:57 PM
i love you!!

  • sHaLyMeRJun 02 2007, 03:02 PM
    My Gorgeous TL in Teletech!! nakakamiss ka naman. i miss those arcade days. . thank you sa lahat ng advice. thank you sa lahat ng encouragement. wala ako kung nasaan ako ngayon kundi dahil sa yo?, . .hehehehehe joke!! happy naman po ako sa career ko ngayon, .bsta, . hindi kita malilimutan . . TL LEO,ang pinakasporty na tl ko ever!! kaya ang sexy eh, . ehehe. ingat lagi tl, . take care! mishu. .

    BarbieJun 03 2007, 01:28 AM
    i've planned to write a comment for you but i guess this is the only time i was able to get to do it...i dint know i was one of your top 10 personas -nyahaha...leo is dependable,reliable,artistic,funny,intelligent, and has very keen attention to detail. i know this is not supposed to be a perf review, but what the heck :) he can come in to work with a smile (with matching hawi ng hair sa tenga) pero magugulat ka dami na pala niyang nagawa.i can talk to this guy bout anything under the sun - work,sports,politics,crushes,showbiz,etcetera etcetera...until now i still envy his financial skills and keeping an impeccable workspace :p leo - i want you to know that i bet you'll go far because ronically, i see part of myself in you. taray! :) mwah!

    RyanJun 18 2007, 11:27 AM
    Sweet... We'll I'm so happy to know that you're already married.Hehe.. I've had a chance of working with this guy for quite sometime wayback Parlance days and though the company wasn't that bounteous enough to our paths, wherever you're currently at.. I know with the kind of working attitude and ethics you have you'll succeed and get what you want. You're such a good friend. Take care and God bless.

    Ged-Jul 08 2007, 01:56 AM
    Hi Leo! Hndi sasama ang loob ko dahil im not in your top 10 Personas... kasi alam ko pang 11th ako... haaayyy well... i honestly enjoy our sunday badminton games. hindi masaya pag wala ka. Goodluck sa professional life mo and lalu na sa lovelife mo. Always be happy my friend.

    rAjJul 09 2007, 11:03 PM
    i would want to make this a very long testimonial...
    but i cant...
    because the more i talk about this person...
    the longer my testimonial will be...

    but all i can say is that he is a good person..
    a very inspirational person...
    someone i can call my friend..

    and all i hoped for is that i met him
    much earlier in life....
    but nevertheless...
    i'm very lucky to have known him...
    and he'll be one of the people i'll respect..
    and enjoy being with...

    teka... erase...erase...

    A-i-L-e-E-NJul 10 2007, 03:30 AM
    leomer? hmmmm, super i like him..frend and kumare ko yan. I believe in his principles and capacity. I also enjoy his company during our parlance day but sad to say we parted ways bcoz he wants life outside Parlance and Im glad he made the right decision.Go la, i miss you.
    And im happy as well that everything seems perfect for you!!!

    NimrodJul 11 2007, 10:55 PM
    i love you mahal...
    pogi pogi...!!!
    mwah mwah..
    love love...

    NimrodJul 14 2007, 10:26 PM
    mahal ko... mahal na mahal kita.. ikaw forever ko.. tayong dalawa lang lagi... lagi kang kasama sa mga plano ko sa buhay... mahal na mahal kita!

    Sani-Jul 18 2007, 09:00 PM
    Hello TL. One of my fave supervisor. I must admit,he's a good mentor and friend. Power Dresser din yan!

    I can say that leo seize most of the qualities you're looking for a supervisor. Intelligent, articulate, assertive, knows how to balance his work and personal life.

    Although there are times na mkikita mo siyang serious sa kanyang station, d naman gnun nagtatagal un, maya maya lang mkikita mo na siyang tumatawa...

    The way to descrive LEO : A jolly, clever and meek. Keep it up!! and more power to your endeavor!

    ChieJul 21 2007, 00:59 AM
    To my ever beautiful "Mother Earth" Tl,

    I just want to say with all my heart, THANK YOU!!!
    You taught me how to be more mature, strong and happy with my stay at Teletech!!! Im very greatful that you are one of what i consider the epitome and source of inspiration. I've learned a lot from You. The Baguio escapade, the Help that you extended, your smile and your coaching.... I really thank you for those experiences. Thats why Im making this proposal to you!!! its either you take it or leave it!!! Please!!!! Ampunin mo ko ha!!!!! hehehehe!!!
    Love you TL.... Chills....

    NimrodJul 23 2007, 08:46 PM
    (L)oves me for who i am
    (E)nthusiastic, Energetic, Eeeeeeeeee
    (O)ffers support when i'm in need of one
    (M)ade a difference in my life
    (E)verything i dreamt of
    (R)aises my spirits

    that's my mahal ko..
    i'll love you 'til forever ends mahal ko..
    you're my life, you're my everything..
    i'll make you happy, i'll make you proud of me even more..
    you're my inspiration to be always better..
    i love you very much...

    CelJul 24 2007, 11:03 PM
    hoy ang k*k* mo... mabuti ka pa may luvlyf... ako inaamag na sa parlance wala pa ring luvlyf... i remembered you two weeks ago when they sent an invitation for the sportsfest... siguro kung sineryoso natin yung doubles sa badminton kinabog sana natin sila noh... haay... umalis naman tayo nila ethel and d rest of the gang... miss ko na kayo...

    TeresaJul 30 2007, 00:20 AM
    c leom? he was one one of my good god friends back in college...sobrang kalog, pag kasama mo yan wala ka nang pahinga sa god panget... namiss kiat, actually namiss ko buong barkada nung college pa tayo, syang lang kc napahiwalay ako sa inyo nung mag stop ako dahil sa kahibangan ko sa bf ko nun... ha ha ha... this guy is don't have to be with him for a long time to know him better...i love you leoms....i'm happy for you, really...hope to see you soon...stay happy ok? ,mwuahhhhhh!!!!!

    NimrodAug 04 2007, 10:45 PM
    i love you mahal ko...

    sports minded...

    TigressAug 06 2007, 05:01 PM
    TL LEO...

    - this tl deserve nothing but the best
    - very professional when it comes to work
    - if you need something or if he feels you need something he will do it right away.. pronto
    - he is well loved by his team no matter how strict he is
    - he does not always by the book, he goes out of the box to reach out
    - a very good friend
    - he could be very approachable if he wants to (hehehe)
    - sweet and very easy to please ( in short mababaw kaligayahan)
    - he listens when u need ears to listen

    HERE IT GOES,,,,

    - he is soooo moody!
    - better not approach him when he is looking intently at his monitor.. read the signs,, DON'T WANT TO TALK TO ANYBODY
    - parang matanda manamit,,(sowee) buti n lng nakilala nya ang love of his life na magaling pumorma at buti n lng he is fit and trim

    as of now that is all i can think of right now


    Lisha MarieFeb 02 2008, 08:37 PM
    oh my...leo is such a sweet, friendly and approachable person.i only had a chance to work with him during one of the sjm initiatives and he has easily captured our confidence by his talent and warmth.i can say that he is a promising leader that we should all watch out for.:)take care my dear.see you around.

    MheiApr 12 2008, 03:09 PM
    leooooo! we are in the "mutual-admiration club" - you know how much i admire your intellect... while i was at teletech, if i needed an invigorating conversation you know that it's you i seek... thank you for staying true inspite & despite. i have witnessed how you stood by your principles & beliefs - am forever a believer! i am glad to see the realization of your dreams.

    Sani-May 25 2008, 08:10 PM
    hhhmm... one of my treasured friend. Mhirap i-desrcibe sa isang word. Malalim, True Friend, Sensitive,Down to Earth...haayyyzz..marami pa. Prang puro positive noh, anyways..Leo is really great person, lagi ko nga sinasabi na "I AM VERY LUCKY" na naging Sup xa, you know why??!! Alam nya kung paano nya palalabasin ang "hidden" talent/skills mo. What i really like about Leo is we both have "sensitive feelings" meaning alam namin kung galit/masaya/malungkot ang isang tao. Leo was one of the great pleople who honed my character/attitude towards work/life or anything. One of my advisers yan in life. Teacher ko din yan sa mga experiences, You'll learn alot from him. Masayang kasama,Malalim kausap. Natutuwa ako when we talk, you'lll see the transition sisimulan sa biro,jokes,mga kwentong nkakatawa,kilig,takot..hanngang maging serious ung topic, maging malalim. He knows how to Balance. thas why he's Librans. I miss u ate!

    Rosey GroseyJul 04 2008, 07:37 PM
    Leo! ala lang just want to say we have come a long way. more than badminton playmates. hihihihi. thank you sa lahat. kisses!

    ○♠ Myra ♠○Jul 07 2008, 06:31 PM
    wow TL QA supervisor ka na po??? congrats! hehe... apply na po ako dito sa Teletech Lipa... Ingat po lage! =)

    PatJul 08 2008, 01:42 PM
    wow leo, 2 years na kayo. galing naman naalala ko pa before noong una mo cya pinakilala sa akin nung bago p kayo dalawa. i am soooooo happy for you, sana mag tagal pa kayo hangang forever :-)

    albertJul 11 2008, 01:43 AM
    leomer hindi kita nakilala agad, ikaw ba yung leomer na classmate ko nung high school? iba ka na ngaun ha! macho kana! say hi na lang sa mga ka batch natin ha...

    qUeLLyAug 08 2008, 04:08 PM
    Leo!!!ahmishu!!!ang layo nyo na kasi sa min eh.hmf.hope you're doing fine. i miss seeing your smiling face.kelan kaya kita magiging boss? hmm...

    WillySep 13 2008, 02:46 AM

    ---eto akin pinsan tlaga bait to, medyo taimik to ah di ka kausap kung di mo kausapin, ewan ko lang now kung ganito pa din to kase tgal na kmi di kita nito, huli ata kita naken iyo eh binyag inaanak mo na si Franciesca, by d way, ikaw wanted inaanak mo ah, dami ka na utang kanya ikaw hanap nya... ako d2 lang binondo kung kelangan mo hopya, este kung ako iyo kelangan, medyo lugi na negosyo .. ako iyo pinsan at fwend till the end of time ah...ikaw ingat nlang. WEE LEE

    ₤əïĢħ♫♪♦♠♣♥Oct 17 2008, 03:15 AM
    Hi TL....
    TL pa rin talaga eh nohh...Alam ko QA Sup ka na pero para skin ur still the best TL I ever met!!! Because u inspired us somuch to do gud in everything we do... U always brighten r days during r meetings because of your smile, laughters, jokes & words of wisdom..Keep up the gud work... Belated hapi Bday!!! All the best for the great person I met!!!!...nothinge else but YOU!!!

    Mica oneOct 23 2008, 09:59 PM
    I haven't had the chance to show you how much I appreciate the role you played in my life. You're not just a Supervisor, A motivator and a very good mentor Super Belated Happy Birthday Mareng Leo! mwahugs..

    g L o DingleFeb 21 2009, 06:36 PM
    Oh my God!... ngaun ko lng nalaman TL.. or should I say Manager... Ano na tatawag ko sayo ngaun? or pagbalik ko? well anyway... Congrats!.. sbi ko na nga ba mana ka sa akin... hehehe! joke lng ako pla ang mana sayo... ang galing galing mo kasi kya anjan ka na ngaun sa position na yan.. so pano ba yan kelan mo ko libre? hehehe!... miss you boss!

    doyJan 06 2009, 11:37 PM
    hello... galing galing namn... hehe... aun e... ang pinkamagaling na adviser...

    NimrodMar 21 2009, 03:36 PM
    congrats mahal ko..

    ₤əïĢħ♫♪♦♠♣♥Mar 24 2009, 08:48 PM
    Hey TL Leo...Ayyy,,,, QA Manager pla..hhehehe...Congrats!!! U deserve all the best that's happening in ur career!!! Keep up the good work... The best ka pa ding TL para skin!!! Pa-burger ka naman ohhh....D2 me ngaun sa Dubai eh...pwede pa ba ko balik jan in case matapos ung contract ko d2???hehehhe....mizz na kc kita eh... mizz ko na ung mga philosophies in life mo at ung mga encouraging advices mo syempre pati na ung mga jokes and laughing moments natin....whahahaha...Keep up the good work...We're always here for u!!! I'm hapi for!!! Lubz yah!!! mizz yah!!! mwahugsss!!!

    MheiMay 15 2009, 01:42 PM
    What a lovely pair! I'm glad to see you are still together.... i hope to talk to you soon... alam mo naman handful lang tayong nagkakaintindihan, alam mo yan! look after yourself. give my love to nimrod.