Thursday, February 10, 2011


I've just recently discovered this thing called meditation. This activity/practice seeks to put your senses to alpha state, where it can rejuvenate and release negativities and impurities in your  mind and  soul. Part of meditation as I've discovered, is listening to zen music - but not just ordinary zen music, but incorporating a trivial technology called binaural. 

Not all folks can handle this craziness. To some, it's impractical and just a waste of time. 

I agree to some areas though and I'm still a bit skeptical. Not fully embracing it, but convinced on the early results I am getting. 

This part of me is really an evidence of my boredom in life which I think have influenced me to recourse my normal thinking to something like this. Unproductive, yes.  I'm not sure where it will lead me, but small and minute changes have resurfaced that can somewhat enlighten the skepticism within me. 

Laugh at me if you want to. But I'm starting to feel more positive and joyful these days. If it makes me go back to the right frame of mind and spirit - I don't mind listening to the chirping of birds and the flowing river in the forest, which zen music is all about. 

It made me connect to myself allowing me to comprehend the desires of my heart. It gave me peace and serenity which augmented my faith in Him.  It is what is, and this is what currently floats my boat. 

I'm crazy and I know that you know too, to each his own, my friend. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Out of the Country Experience

Indeed, my first out of the country experience was really memorable. Last January 28-31, I was  out of the Philippine territories with Nimmy and some friends. Off we went to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. As I researched this foreign place, I can't help but feel fascinated with their beaches and some attractions. Really enticing. 

To start off, this trip was booked several months ago but we really did not plan our itineraries. I just did some notes in my planner and packed our clothes as if we're just going home to Bulacan/Caloocan. 

I want to feel comfy as possible during travel so I decided to just wear shorts, sneakers and shirt in the airport.

Majority of our activity consisted of beach bumming, island hopping, shopping, eating and snorkeling. 

I really did not know what this sign say, but when I translated it in Google translator, it says something like, "Take care of your park..."

Sunday market was fun although tiring. 

Chinese food is the best! Something Malaysian though is Cili Padi - a special chili sauce with vinegar, ginger and sugar.  It's a common condiment there, but not a common appetizer. So yummy. 

Sapi island, where snorkeling includes the experience of being bitten by dark colored fishes. Very territorial fishes....

An hour before our departure, with an outfit inspired by Bruno Mars. Just kidding...

And because of unexpected circumstances, our flight got delayed for about 4 hours. See how affected we are. 

But seeing K Brosas in Kota Kinabalu International Airport and having a picture with her is the best moment to end my first out of the country trip. 

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!