Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How To Be a Professional Bum

Like most of you know, I've been employing myself for the past 9 months. Being a CEO of myself is not a big joke. This company had flourished in a blink of an eye. I need to be ultra-organized and ensure that the structure of my company instigates gradual development and implement cost-reduction measures. Aside from expecting a short period for ROI, my company implores in sustainable resources. A CEO therefore should have the eye for critical strategies to win and gain pertinent clients. 

The main foundation of any company is their customer service. It's aim is to ensure NPS (net promoter score) target; the benchmark of which is their customer loyalty which in the sense cultivates new customers. The influx of customer can never be an issue for a company that capitalizes in strategy of marketing and investing. Therefore, it is a must that for any business, it should have that sense of relationship building, ergo, networking. 

Ok, less seriously. 

These are the limited thoughts I have about rudiments of business. 

Its intricacies are carefully noted on business textbooks or manuals which I haven't got the chance to get hold on to.  Those I noted in the first two paragraphs are things I learned from being an employee. It's key results (figures in $), I'll never get a chance to attest since I don't really have a company to run. 

Our family agri-business is the closest I have for practice. The only limitation I have is that our business are not on it's peak this quarter, but certainly this coming summer. 

So then I thought. 

I kinda like cars. Not their engines, but their interiors and exteriors. I find it therapeutic to do car washing/waxing. 

So viola, I'm planning to have a car wash shop. Oh, I want a salon too. I want guys to have make-over for themselves and at the same time, viewing their cars being shampooed.   

But before I get lost in the black hole of my not-so-profound mind, I just realized a lot of things. These forceful musings derived from being unemployed got me to really thinking about being a businessman. 

I'm serious. 

Being this kind of bum, makes me thinks everyday about balance sheets and income statements. I chanced upon stocks and investing too which I only thought will exist in my parallel universe. 

Ok, I'm not that young. Not that old too. Being in my early 30s, I still feel the propensity to learn new industry skills. 

What's my point then? Nothing really. Being a bum sucks ten times if you don't want to aspire or dream. It sucks if you don't have a goal. 

How to be a professional bum? I have only one advice. Dedicate your time into translating yourself being a professional of something you love doing. 

So what could you be? 

I say, it doesn't matter, just as long you're in a haul of  fulfilling your purpose.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Love for Food

Terriyaki Boy
Cutie Nimmy
Cutie Me, Krispy Kreme
Yellow Cab's Dear Darla
Going out with Nimmy means few of these things: eating, badminton, swimming, driving, walking. Read that I stated eating first. Because for us, our bonding time consists mainly of satisfying our taste buds (through food of course, you naughty mind) . Saying that eating as our favorite activity together is an understatement. We love food, and food loves us. 

With Nimmy's busy schedule these past few days, we only get to see each other every week. SM Fairview is just a 10 minute drive from home so that seems to be our favorite spot to meet. By the way, we first met in this mall, and our first date was in Kenny Rogers. Again to prove a point that our relationship is founded by God, and food. 

Honestly, I miss my Nimmychan. 

This week has been very busy for him as he prepares for his final assessments. He's on a training towards becoming a very important employee. He has oral examinations and written tests to pass but I'm so confident that he can pull it through. When he calls to tell me what happened during the day, I feel that everything's just falling into place for him. His career is so promising and I just can't help myself but be proud of what he's capable of achieving. I'm a witness of how he matured professionally from being that timid employee to becoming a now more confident individual. Confident but very humble. 

Of all the strengths Nimmychan have, I adore his humility. He achieves a lot, but he still maintains an aura of a child. I feel his enthusiasm and apprehensions on things he feels he don't deserve. At some point, we seem to balance things out. I'm the risk-taker, he's the pragmatic. He most of the time wins though, and I appreciate him being that kid. I learn a lot, he has no idea. 

My Nimmychan is really the coolest. I'm so happy to have him. 

Now where do you think we'll eat next time? 

I'm excited. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


He's to go home that one Sunday afternoon. Tired from our weekend badminton games, Nimmy decided to rest for a while at home. He's done fixing his things. I got my cellphone and wallet in my cargo shorts. 

I walked him outside our neighborhood street, carrying his badminton bag and other stuff. Both of us were tired and we're laughing on some stories from the office. I told him, "One day, I'll drive you to your family's home, so we won't be walking in this muddy short-cut to the main road. He smiled and told me, "I know it'll happen soon. Before you knew it, you're dreams are already fulfilled." I didn't take that to be serious from him. I was waiting for a punchline. 

So there we are standing on the side of the road, waiting for a jeepney to ride my boyfriend home.  

Then suddenly a half-filled  jeep came right in front of us which has the sign of Nimmy's subdivision. It just passed and went on the road. 

"Oh bakit hindi mo pinara mahal?" I asked suprisingly. 

"Eh kasi mahal na mahal kita mahal..." he answered me back. 

That was the most heart-melting move of Nimmy. I smiled till my lips reached my ears. 

Happy 64 months mahal. Being your better-half for 5 years and 4 months truly made me a better a person. We know that we have our ups and downs, but we still remain to be the best for each other. 

I love you, and I always will.