Monday, October 24, 2011

Guardian Angel

For once in your life, have you wished seeing your guardian angel? The being we all know having wings and a fine-looking face, usually seen on robe and depicted on story books, and descriptions better seen as caricature on Christmas season. Others believed that angels are spirits that sashay on our motions and everyday living.  Others also say that they take the human form sometimes, although this one is less popular. One thing is true though for most, that angels are like protectors from untoward occurrences.

I think I saw my guardian angel in 1992.

I was asked to do errands by mom one day. The task requires me to purchase several stuff for our garments business. At 12, I’m already adept as to where the retail market is from. I already got acquainted to several store owners. In other words, at a young age, I know the “where” and the “how much”.  As I remember that very day, I was talking to a salesperson about a recent purchase and might require some time to complete. I told her that while waiting, I will just have to have my school ID laminated. During that time, our school doesn’t own yet a laminating machine, so students will have to make ways in keeping their school ID in one piece before the school year ends.

I crossed the street, went to the nearby school items store. My ID was returned to me and I got excited how it became so sleek after lamination. A hole was punched and a clip was inserted. I hurriedly crossed the street again to pick up what I have left from the store.

“Ate, kunin ko na yung kahon.”

“Sige, sandali lang.”

On my way to the PUJ station, someone, around 15-16 years old went towards me and placed his heavy hands in my shoulder. He was way taller and bigger than me.

“Putang ina mo, akin na yang pera sa bulsa mo, kundi sasaksakin kita sa tagiliran mo.”

I was completely stunned.  

I can’t even utter any word during that time.

The poor kid, gave in to the coercion and intimidation. Good thing I only had 85 pesos in my pocket. During that time, it can buy you three value meals in McDonalds.

As I don’t know what to do, my instincts just propelled me to walk towards the jeepney station, and ride home without paying the driver. My mind is telling me to cry, and my heartbeat is so fast that I can’t breathe. Tears fell instantly in my eyes. I started to pity myself for being weak.

From a distance, a guy, probably around 20-25 years old actually witnessed the ordeal. He approached me and asked.

“Ok ka lang ba? Wala kang kasama no?”

“Wala po eh…”

And I cried quietly while following him.

“Tara, san ka ba umuuwi? Sumabay ka na sa akin.”

I told him where I live and as I look into his face my eyes got blurred with teardrops.
The guy sat in front of the jeep, near the driver and yours truly went inside and sat near the driver’s back.  I can see from my position the guy and he told the driver what just happened to me.

Up until this point, I can’t remember the guy’s face. But honestly, I really felt his someone I know from a long time. He’s like a relative, an uncle. He paid for the fare, and I sat down, thinking what just happened. I was really shocked. I know he's giving me glances, and mostly pitying me. All throughout the ride, I was just staring at my toes.

I bid goodbye to the guy, and thanked him for shelling out few pesos for me. He smiled and all I felt was profound peace I can’t understand. I know he’s my guardian angel. I’m just so sure about it.

I rushed myself to the house and cried to my mom while telling the story. She got really worried, and never asked me to do the errands for her.

And I never told anyone about that person who helped me.

Fast forward 19 years, I felt the need to blog about him and tell the universe that I’ve experienced a guardian angel’s presence. I can’t thank him enough for helping me get through that experience. On my mind, whether he’s true or not, I’d like to pray for his good soul. You don’t get to witness good deeds a lot, but that experience with him really gave me the strong faith that if you get in such tribulation, there’s always going to be that higher being to help you out. It’s true.

To my guardian angel, I don’t get to pray for you a lot, but tonight, I’d like to offer a short prayer for you.

How about you? Have you experienced the presence of your guardian angel? 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thank you!

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Yesterday was my 31st birthday and it was one of the most memorable! 

I'd like to thank God for giving me this life and blessings that made me who I am today. 

I'd like to give a big shout out to the following people who remembered my birthday through Facebook notification. I remember a tweet, "If you like to feel appreciated, always remember you can always change your birth date in Facebook..." LOL. 

But seriously, I really did feel appreciated and loved. Yesterday until today this morning, was like a mini-online reunion with some of my friends whom I never talked to for more than a year. Nonetheless, it's a great realization for me that despite my choice of closing my FB wall to my friends - they all sent me short and quick messages just for me to know that they've remembered my special day. 

Thank you to my blogger friends which happens to be most of my Twitter kakulitan. You guys have no idea how you keep me company for a year already. Our twitter and blogger interactions really completes my day. I can't imagine surviving depression and boredom without your wits and humor. 

Special mention to: 


Thank you to those blog comments/greetings through and here: 

daniel the jagged little egg
Hi! I'm Lili! 
Ms. Chuniverse
google delacruz
Diamond R

To my Facebook friends composed of school mates, classmates, org-mates, former office mates, neighbors, relatives and badminton buddies; the list could have been longer if I haven't closed my wall; but it's better this way, really. 

Nap Evangelista
Krissan de Guzman
Anna Garcia
Judes Ramirez-Catalano
Mg Delas Alas Mendoza
Princess Porte
Neneng Galarpe
Lovely Czarina
Jerin Solis
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Cabu Caburian
Maria Ifliza Guarino Capacio - Roasa
Khieziah Aguinaldo
Leo Tolentino
Al Lan
Nek Evora Barro
Rose Labindao
Aileen Tapel
Azineth Baguio
Kristine Joy Dala
Urman Preet Singh Jolly
Cristina Kim
Joanne Luis
Pete Castro
Mylen Lumahan Tolosa
Maria Teresa Trinidad - Morado
My Pajarillaga
Dez Bradley
Ramir Gojit
Fan Ni Saunders
Loui Castillo
May Hernandez
Peter Paul Loteria Magat
Jimrei Jess Miranda
Farrah Duey
Cecil Ejanda
Rhan Runner
Jessy Tanjuaquio
Lee Cedrick Fillarca
Kc Cruz
Ellen-Meg Cerrada
Donna Bebe - Bartowski
Lhai Montano
Gilyn Panteleon
Ed Ward
Mez Follante
Arjhay Agapay Fukuchi
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Atty. Onette Toldanes
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Dondoy Luna
Emcie Ramirez- Dela Torre
Daniel Chyll Marmita - Sarroza
Jenalin Padolina - Tualla
Mica Mics
Cheche Zabala
Ronnie Comia
Victor Tolosa
Jape Isish Gurrobat Mayor
Jeffry Buboy Sulayao
Christine Dacanay Cacal
Donna Adarle Geniza
Bam Quiestas Mijares
Vince Condicion
Rohamah Manuel
Cel Timbre
Mheng Ruiz - Malcampo
Zyrille Mirandilla
Eynz Fernandez
Polyn Kagaoan
Msdhane Nhea
Irwin Michael Hinayon
Cherie Joy Orfanel
Christopher Gatlabayan
Deza Fabul
Atty. Eli Aringay
Erickathess Molano Diokno
Mela Asturias
Aejae Bautista
Kristine Dela Pena Coronel
Rence Respino
Melissa Dala Apolonio
Fred Carpio Rn
Aline Olson
Chona Reyes Vernon
Erick Frago
Jacqueline Figueira
Debbie Paz
Brenda Alegre
Kris Oliver
Marah Ostonal
Diyaki Alyana
Rosa Almencion
Ariel Pinano
Romeo Urbano
Janice Ambayec-Schroer
Airen Duran
Ivy Joanne Ganaden
Pinky Valerio

Thank you for to those who spent one peso (unless you have unlimited text on your phone) and texted me - 

Maricon Madrilejos
Jeck Amor
Desole Boy
Ethel Mationg
Kelly Guerrero
Jonah Trinidad
Willy Apostol
Yuan Pancho

I may not have a lot of friends in this world, but I'm so happy receiving all your greetings in whatever way! 

Lastly, I'd like to thank the love of my life, Nimmy for creating two special posts on his blog for my birthday. I love you Mahal. See you later. 

To my parents, my sister and brother who all went with me, early morning of Thursday to hear mass, thank you and I love you all. 

To all my friends, I think the list is good for next year's celebration invitations, aye? :) 

Have a great day everyone. I love you all! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Better Today


I named one of my playlist as such because it is a compilation of songs that makes me giddy up most of the time. Lately, I've been digging inspirational songs and R&B music and I stumble upon something that has both. 

It helps when you listen to good music and amuse yourself with the lyrics. It's like bringing yourself to a whole new different world. Euphoric as some would like to call it. 

So I'd like to share this song to you. 


Better Today
by Neyo

Whoa wow whoa wow whoa wow
Whoa wow whoa wow whoa wow

You see it all in my smile
You hear it all in my laugh
The way I walk you hear me talkin, 
No, I'm no longer sad
I've got more reason to smile
More now than I've ever had
Open my eyes and realized
That nothing's quite that bad

I've got a different approach
To dealin' with emotion
Keeping control of my boat
While drifting on this ocean
Keepin my head to the sky
Keepin tears outta my eyes
Unless happiness be the reason
That I decide to cry

And lifes too short to dwell on all that's wrong
Stand up now
Stand up now and I promise not before long

You'll be feelin better today
Much better today, much better today
So much better
Feelin' better today
Much better today, much better today
Much better today

Feelin so much better
I know about down and out
I know about when it gets tough
Losing the fight, you see the light, 
And you just want to give up
I know about being depressed
About leaving someone you love
I also know about standing up
And saying enough is enough
I've got a different approach
To dealin' with emotion
Keeping control of my boat
While drifting on this ocean
Keeping my head to the sky
Keeping tears outta my eyes
Unless happiness be the reason
That I decide to cry

And lifes too short to dwell on all that's wrong
Stand up now
Stand up now, and I promise not before long

You'll be feelin better today
Much better today, much better today
So much better
Feelin' better today
Much better today, much better today
Much better today

Feeling so much better

Ahhh aaaahhh aaaahh

What will I give I tried
I could fly away right now
Hold me cause I finally found my smile

You'll be feelin better today
Much better today, much better today
So much better
Feelin' better today
Much better today, much better today
Much better today

Feeling so much better

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Payo sa Kabataang Nagmamahal

PNP: SM Pampanga shooting incident a closed case, but…
Posted at 10/16/2011 3:31 PM | Updated as of 10/16/2011 3:31 PM

MANILA, Philippines - The Pampanga Philippine National Police (PNP) already considers the SM shooting incident involving two minors a closed case despite possibilities raised by one of the victims' family.

The family claimed that a third party may be involved in the killing, as gleaned from an amateur video of the incident that made the rounds in the Internet last week.

Pampanga PNP spokesperson Superintendent Jhoanna Rosales told ANC that all evidence gathered by police pointed to the 13-year-old victim as the one who shot his friend and ultimately, himself.

She said, however, that they are willing to reopen the investigation if their initial findings will be challenged. – from ANC

Naging paksa kamakailan sa mga programa sa telebisyon, radyo, diaryo at internet ang balita ukol sa pagkakamatay ng isang kabataang lalake at ng kaniyang kinikilalang nobyo sa SM Pampanga. Usap usapan din ang naging video na kumalat sa Youtube na tumuligsa sa sangkapulisan at pamamahala ng SM. Sa pagkitil sa kaniyang buhay at sa kanyang minamahal ay totoo namang isang napakasakit na pangyayari at yugto sa mga buhay ng mga magulang nitong dalawa. Hiling ko na ang kasong ito ay magsasara ng may aral na kalakip sa lahat. 

Sa totoo lang, hindi naging maganda ang epekto ng panonood ko sa video nila. Araw araw ko naiiisip ang hirap at sakit na pinagdaanan nila na humantong sa isang napakalungkot na pangyayari. Marahil isa itong naguumapaw na awa sa kanilang sinapit. Hindi ko man buong nalalaman ang sitwasyon nilang dalawa, dinala ako ng pangyayaring ito sa pag-iisip ng aking mga karanasan sa pag-ibig. 

Sa aking murang edad na anim na taon, naranasan ko ang magkagusto sa aking kalaro. Hindi ko maintindihan ang nararamdaman ko noon. Hindi ko maipaliwanag ang aking kagustuhan na lagi siyang nakikita. Ngunit sa panonood ng TV at pakikiramdam sa kapaligiran, nalaman ko na ito'y mali, at walang sinuman ang dapat makaalam. Dumating ang ilang pang taon, nalaman ko na ako'y iba sa normal. Naging tampulan ng tuksuhan ng mga kaklase at kaibigan. Alam ko na ako'y bakla. 

Nang nalaman ko na labing-tatlo lang ang isa sa mga namatay, naisip ko ang panahon na ako'y nasa first year high school. Ito ang panahon na ako'y sigurado na sa aking kasarian. Sa panahong ito, natuto ako makipagkaibigan sa maraming kaedad. Isang barkada ang aking nasumpungan. Masaya ako na ako'y kanilang tanggap. Ito rin ang panahon na gusto kong kumawala sa paningin ng aking mga magulang. Batid ko nun na malaya akong mag-isip sa sarili. Alam ko ang gusto ko noon. 

Sa panahong yaon, isang biyaya ang magkaroon ng ka-grupo. Isang napakalaking tulong na makausap ang mga taong naiintindihan ka sa iyong pinagdaraan. Hindi pa nauuso ang internet noon, kaya ang pakikipag-usap ay nasesentro sa personal na pamamaraan. Batid mong ika'y hindi nag-iisa sa pagsubok na nakatanikala. 

Sa panahong ito, natuto ako magmahal sa sarili. Nabatid ko na ako'y importante. Natuto ako maging mabuting kaibigan. Natuto ako makinig sa iba, at matuto sa kanilang karanasan at problema. Masaya ang mga panahon na iyon kahit na ang pamumuhay ng aming pamilya ay hikahos. Sagana naman ako sa atensiyon at pagmamahal. 

Walang sinuman ang may karapatan na humusga sa mga pinagdaanan ninuman, lalong lalo na sa dalawang batang biktima. Ang pangyayaring iyon ay isang aral hindi lamang sa magulang, kundi pati na rin sa mga anak. 

Madali na lang sa panahon ngayon maniwala sa iba't ibang bagay na dala ng internet. Ngunit hindi matatawaran ang aral ng mga magulang. Hindi sa sinasabi kong maging mahigpit ang mga ama at ina, bagkus, marahil ay marapat na busugin ng atensiyon at gabay ang mga kabataan higit sa panahon ngayon. Sa mga kaibigan at kabarkada, tibayan ang pagkakaibigan at magbigay ng panahon sa pakikinig sa iba. Huwag mong hayaan mapahamak at magisip ng masama ang kaibigan mo. 

At sa mga kabataan ngayon, magmahal kayo ng ayon sa nararapat. Higit kailanman, ang pagmamahal sa Diyos ay una sa listahan. Napakasarap mabuhay lalo na kung nabubuhay ka na may pangarap. Magdasal at ibigin mo ang Panginoon na nagbibigay sa iyo ng biyaya. Mahalin mo ang magulang mo. Marami na silang pinagdaanan. Matuto ka sa mga sinasabi nila. Huwag mong paliitin ang mundo dahil sa iyong kasintahan, bagkus, gawin mo siyang inspirasyon para sa isang buhay na mas maunlad. Hindi natatapos ang mundo sa iisang tao lamang. Ginawa ka ng Panginoon para magsilbi sa kapwa. Gamitin mo ang talento at kakayahang ibinigay sa iyo. At kung hindi ka man magtagumpay, isipin mo na hindi ito balakid para hindi magmamahal muli. 

Tayo lahat ay babalik sa Panginoong Maykapal, mas maganda bumalik sa Ama na may masasabi kang nagmahal ka sa buhay na iyong tinanggap at sa mga buhay na Kaniyang nilikha...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Symptoms Part 2

If you are wondering about part 1, please read prior post to this.

In my previous career, I’ve been through a lot of interviews. I’ve been interviewed and I interviewed people too. It’s one tough activity. It’s a test of all sorts for the following; patience, intelligence, communication skills and ultimately honesty. It’s a test to validate things about you, your experience, your guts and your talents. It’s a way to know if you are speaking to a person of credibility and integrity. Those are big words that require big discernment done through a person’s choice of words and his ability to convey lucid and valid thoughts. It can be subjective based on the interviewer’s preference, but that topic is a different story, altogether.

I enjoy reading interviews but more in seeing it done on TV. Ricky Lo’s Funfare is one great example. I love Boy Abunda’s Bottomline too.

In movies, I love interview scenes with a psychiatrist. Have you seen the movie, The Fourth Kind? I wonder how it is being interviewed with a psychiatrist. Sometimes I imagine myself being subjected to hypnosis.

For now, I’d just like to interview myself. Just so you know, I do talk to myself sometimes. You see lately I’ve been into profound thinking, contemplation and the likes. I meditate before going to sleep, all in the hopes to find myself and get to the bottom of my worries.  I’d like to learn more about me. So today, I’ll try to interview myself. Emel, (my childhood nickname) will interview Leo, yours truly.

Emel: Hey, great to see you Leo. How are you feeling today?

Leo: I’m ok. Today has been a weird day. I’ve been to several places without taking a bath. I was tweeting with some friends and I was told that it isn’t obvious that I didn’t take a bath. When I was a kid, I was lazy to take a bath. When I turned 7 and entered first grade, hygiene became important. When I started working, it still was important. That was the past. Today is the present. So I almost did not take a bath today.

Emel: Wow, so what triggered you now to take a bath?

Leo: I don’t know. But I think it’s the pattern in life you become accustomed to. The day wasn’t complete without shampooing my hair, lathering soap suds in my skin and rinsing off with cold water.

Emel: I read your past posts and I find you writing serious stuff about government and workplace. Why?

Leo: It was random. I never planned it. I just thought of writing something relevant to the news I’m seeing and I got inspired from an office mate.

Emel: I see. What have you been seeing in the news?

Leo: Rampant corruption, poor urban management resulting to floods, crime and KC Concepcion’s get-away to France.

Emel: It appears that you’ve been seeing a lot of negative news nowadays. Has this affected you, your relationship and your family?

Leo: Hmmm, I don’t think so. News has always been negative. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be reported. Any news that are positive in nature has its own natural way of emitting negative waves. Going back to your question, it so well affected some of my goals.

Emel: Like?

Leo: Well, one, I thought of the news as something that strengthen my aspirations for a better life. It can be here in the Philippines or somewhere else. It’s an inspiration to better myself.

Emel: Hmmm, I heard you have plans of migrating somewhere?

Leo: It is still a plan. All I know is that I want better life, have my own family, get married and raise my kids to a peace-loving and progressive society.

Emel: That sounds cool. So how are things going with you and Nimmy?

Leo: Nimmy has been my anchor. I couldn’t imagine myself going through these struggles in life without him. He inspires and loves me so much. We see each other every Saturday. We go malling, badminton and sometimes have coffee together. It’s great being with him. I love our conversations and the way we plan our lives together. Sometimes we argue, however it rarely happens like 1 in 3745 interactions. Our relationship has been known to many, but the thing is, we get to have most of the things for ourselves. We have so many cherished moments together, but I’d rather not say it all.

Emel: Ok, I understand. How true that you are missing living-in with Nimmy?

Leo: Yes, a lot. I most of the time talk about this with Nimmy. I always catch myself thinking about our previous set-up. It was the best time of my life so far.

Emel: Do you guys have future plans of sharing under one roof again?

Leo: Yes, we have plans. It can happen soon.

Emel: So how are you and your job hunting? How’s the business going?

Leo: There was a point last June that I got so depressed and deactivated almost all of my social networking sites for not having a job. It was not the best thing to do, and it was coward. Once, I felt that applying for a job and failing was becoming a cycle. It was depressing, Emel. I felt worthless really. On the sidelines, I tend to have more time to study business concepts. Initially, I felt it was joke to manage my father’s agricultural land. Agri-business is not my cup of tea. Seeing my small wins, I feel more that I was dodging a bullet, not only for myself but also for my family. I still don’t want to settle. I still would want not only to see the business picking-up, but also to fulfill my desire to grow professionally. After all, it would not hurt to earn from business and at the same time from employment. It’s like having two jobs. How cool is that?

Emel: That’s sad to hear but I’m glad that you get to do something while waiting. Are you ok?

Leo: I think I am. I chose not to dwell much on it. I said it too much to myself, but I mean it now. I’m keeping my faith.

Emel: How does this experience change you?

Leo: It made me talk to God more than ever. I become more prayerful. I become more hopeful for a better life. Prayer keeps me sane. It helps me create good decisions and it helps me accept things coming my way. I become more positive in dealing with life.

Emel: Was there a time you felt God is not answering you?

Leo: I still worry sometimes. I’m still anxious about what will happen to my future. I don’t know what will happen next, and I feel that my current situation is not helping me. There were moments I feel helpless. So to answer your question, I say yes. But I believe that God’s delayed answer is not God’s denial. Just because it’s not happening, it’s not going to happen. I feel that God will give to people what they ask for, but in His own time. If it is taking longer, then He is creating the perfect situation.

Emel:  Wow, you’ve really said it right. Indeed, with God, nothing is impossible.

Leo: That’s true. You don’t need to worry. Strong faith really matters on these hard and trying times.

Emel: Your birthday will be this coming Thursday, the 20th. What is your birthday wish?

Leo: Health for me and Nimmy.

Emel: You are turning 31. Do you believe you have matured enough for your age?

Leo: I don’t think there’s a measure of maturity for any age. I just know that whatever you do, as long as you’re not encroaching on anybody’s right, you’re good. To add, God doesn’t judge us based on age.

Emel: Haha. I couldn’t agree more. So how do you feel now?

Leo: I realized after doing this makes me feel stupid talking to myself. But I enjoyed it, really. Thank you.

Emel: You’re always welcome.  Should you wish to talk to someone, you know where to see me.

Leo: Nah, I think I’m good. 

Emel: Any final message? 

Leo: To myself, you're one hell of a guy. You're handsome and kind. Keep being crazy, but do not cross the abnormal kind of way. Enjoy what you are doing best and the rest will follow. God loves you. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tenacity and Predilection

***UPDATE: Somebody stole my password in blogger and used my identity to write this article. I'm really not happy with what have happened. Currently an investigation is taking place. IP addresses that I have generated from a website which tracked down the access points where my blog  has been utilized are currently being validated to spot the area and time of access. With recent technology, I trust that this can be resolved at the soonest possible time. 

To the person who wrote this, 

Despite the abhorrence I feel from the fact of you stealing my password, I am still giving  respect for your freedom of expression. You deserve it. 

I know you are going through a lot. Let me give you my sincerest hug. Release your anxiety to the universe and rekindle your spirit. You are strong. Remember that. 



Kinati ako bigla magsulat ng gaguhan lang. Yung tipong kung ano lang maisip. Kasi kanina, napagtanto ko na ang buhay, parang pandesal lang. Simple, payak at abot kaya. Wala naman siya kinalaman sa unang dalawang pangungusap ko. Naisip ko lang yung kasabihan na yun, kasi pandesal ang almusal ko kaninang umaga. Hindi naman kasi bagay kainin ung pandesal sa tanghalian. Kasi kapag ginawa ko yun, malilito ako sa oras. Ayaw ko malito. Kasi ang pandesal ang aking pinaghuhugutan ng inspirasyon. Gusto ko tahakin ang buhay na simple, payak at abot kaya. Kung malilito ako, hindi ako magiging pandesal. Baka mamon ang kabagsakan ko. 
Sa panahon ngayon, ang dami na nagkalat na basura. Minsan, hindi mo na matutukoy ang basura sa mga gamit na maayos at napapapakinabangan pa. Magugulat ka pa nga, kasi may katabi ka sa dyip, na amoy basura at mukhang basura. Mapapatanong ka sa sarili mo, hindi ba uso ang "garbage segragation" sa bahay nila? Bakit siya magulo? Siguro hindi siya nakapag-almusal ng pandesal. 
Eto, gaguhan na talaga. Sino sa inyo ang nakapanood na ng Ms. Gay? Ako hindi ko pa naranasan makapanood ng ganyan sa totoong buhay. Ano nga naman ang silbi ng Youtube kung hindi ako makakapanood ng paligsahan ng mga kabaro ko. Masaya silang panoorin. Napapaisip tuloy ako, "Aanhin mo ang ganda, kung ang tingin sa iyo ay kwela."
Ganito pala magsulat ng Tagalog sa blogger. Madugo. Ang daming pulang linya sa bawat salitang tinitipa. 'Di ba ang sabi sila ang kulay pula ay nagdadala ng swerte? Ito rin daw ang kulay na sumisimbolo sa pag-ibig. Pula. Ang kulay ng dugo, mansanas, rosas, mga labi, mga mata ng sabog, at latay. Ang pula rin ay simbolo ng naglalagablab na apoy. Pero teka, bakit seryoso na ito? Akala ko ba ay gaguhan lang? 
Nanonood ba kayo ng balita? Sakit sa ulo marinig ang paulit ulit na problema ng mga Pilipino. Baha, kriminalidad, pangungurakot, tsismisan at kung ano ano pang mga suliranin ng mga tao. Masakit sa ulo kung iisipin mo. Ngunit, napakadali magbigay ng suhestiyon o pawang solusyon sa mga isyu. Marahil, naisip na rin nila ang naiisip mo, pero saan nagkulang? May pagkilos ka bang nabanaag sa mga plano at plataporma ng mga trapong pulitiko? Marahil wala. Kaya para sa mga kababayan ko, J.A.P.A.N. Just Always Pray at Night. 
Katamaran at pagkabagot. Isa sa mga suliranin... Hindi ko tatapusin ang talatang ito. Ako ang tamad at bagot. 
Kanina, sinubukan ko ulit sumakay ng jeep. Pinilit ko iaabot ang bayad ng katabi ko, pero parang walang nakita o narinig ang taong nakaupo malapit sa nagmamaneho. Naisip ko, ayaw niya madumihan ang kanyang kamay. O kaya, bingi siya. O kaya, maarte siya at ayaw niyang kumilos at tulungan ang nakikisuyo. Hindi ko gusto ang ganitong asal. Para itong pagsasabing, "mas nakaka-angat ako sa iyo." Kung ganito ang iyong pagiisip, ikaw nga ay aangat na parang kaluluwa balang araw. Naisip mo ba na sa kultura natin, maagap ang mga nasa tabi ng driver? Sila ang nagaabot. Kung hindi mo gusto ang kulturang ito, wala kang magagawa kung ikaw ay sasakay sa jeep. Iabot mo ang pamasahe, huwag kang umarte. Kaltukin ko kaya ang ribs mo. 
Hindi ko na paborito si Piolo. Tingin ko, walang tatagal na relasyon sa kanya. Sa nakikita ko sa kaniyang mga proyekto, siya ang taong may mataas na level ng focus sa trabaho, hindi niya kinakailangan ng babae sa kanyang tinatahak na landas. Siya marahil ang typical na lalake na hindi sumeseryoso sa relasyon. Kung sabihin man niya na seryoso siya, marahil ito ay noong mga unang buwan niya sa pakikipagrelasyon. Ngunit gaya ng pagkain ng maraming  baboy sa handaan, nauumay siya kaagad. Malamang, may iba silang rason kung bakit sila hindi nagkakaintindihan. Pero napansin ko, nasasabik ako makita ang pagbangon ni KC. Sana  huwag na siya mag-artista. Tahakin niya sana ang pagiging opisyal ng UN, o ang pagiging Presidente ng isang malaking kumpanya o maging news anchor. Matalino siya, at nag-aral sa France. Gamitin niya ang yaman niya hindi sa pagbibigay sa charity, kung hindi sa pagbibigay ng trabaho at kalinangan.  Huwag na siya sumabak sa pulitika. Tama na si Aiko Melendez.
Ito na ata ang pinakamahabang nasulat ko na Tagalog sa blog. Hindi ako sanay. Paumanhin sa mga mali-mali ko. Magagalit marahil ang propesor ko sa Panitikang Panlipunan. Pasensiya na sa mga gagu-gago kong kuro-kuro. 
Nakuha ko sa isang kaibigan - SUGPO ka kung panget ka pero ang iyong katawan naman ay maalindog. LOLLIPOP ka naman kung gwapo/maganda ka, pero ang katawan mo naman ay kahulma ng drum o kaya naman ay kinulang ka sa pagkain ng masusustansiyang gulay. Gayahin mo na lang ang BUKO. Panget na mukha, panget na katawan, pero - malinis naman ang kalooban. 
Wala na ako maisip. Naubos na ang Tagalog ko. 
Of coursed, I'm not end my article if I've non-English in here today. Of coursed, I'm blog in English ever since before it was create. I story my friends, Michael, I remember he rights in the blackboard one times. He saiding, "There are many puppies in the classroom." It was give me a sentence by the teacher. I was laugh really. Oh c'mon? Michael? Puppies are you sure? I'm want to see if that was true. But he was joke only. Before many years, I saw him again and again. I telled him, Michael, you do not forget the puppies? Write? I get shocking. He repeats what he rights there and there. Michael is slowly learners. I telled myself, I'm win the battle of the brains. I English more in the writing and the reading too. I practicing everyday. Monday, Tuesday until there is day. Until night time. Then I waken up, well, well, well,  it was good morning again. The end. 
Special Note as of 2:20pm 10/15: After the expected confusion to my dear readers expressed through some comments, I'd like to apologize and reveal to you all, that the person responsible for this writing, is my ALTER EGO. This is a rare case of blogger multiple personality syndrome. Don't you worry, I'm on a rehab, and taking medicines which I can't even pronounce. Just kidding. :)