Friday, March 2, 2012

Life After The Alchemist

Few days after raving in my recent post the book, The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho, I've been getting positive vibes in my life one of which is realizing and confirming that it is with human facility, that innate power that we can control and summon the universe to our own agenda. The intensity it took reading page after page, have reverberated all throughout the days, which until now, I can't believe that it's all happening.  I didn't get the same intensity after reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne several years ago or any other books I came across, ever. 

Within thirteen months, I've accustomed myself to the routine/confines of reflecting, realizing stuff, spiritual adventure, faith overturn, networking, rekindling old ties, reading, studying, business, sports and leisure and other things I can't even remember or is not even worth remembering. 

I got the first hand experience of the numerous adages about life's intricacies and how you can turn yourself into a hero of your own life. 

I am PROUD of the fact that in just a few days, I am embarking on my FIRST step fulfilling a Personal Legend. I am set on a mission for a stunning comeback in the industry I learned to love and hate at the same time.  It's the perfect timing to correct the mistakes, and get even to the life that has deprived me in order to learn, in order to realize how the universe eagerly wants me to take that STEP, not half-hearted, but full of enthusiasm and bullish mindset. I was bullied by fate, and all it takes for a sweeping victory is to just fight back by capitalizing on your "cards." It was not that easy. 

As I was signing the employment contract few days ago, I can't help but think of the people that never let go of the spark they said I still have in me. The people who have the sternest belief and trust that I can go on and be successful still, albeit the doubt stamped all over my body. They too have slapped me to wake up. My gratitude STAYS with them. 

I've realized that whatever life has thrown you - meager roads, endless crossroads, tribulations  or just plainly challenges, whatever your HEART desires, whatever it is that you want ultimately, it will still be victorious in the end. Along the way, you will have different dreams, different goals. But at the end of it all, one dream will stand out. Time is indeed a friend. It gives you the ability to realize and weigh things out. Mine took thirteen months while for others it just doesn't happen. I still view myself, LUCKY.

It was a feeling of joy that I can't even explain through words, when it has dawned on me what I really want to achieve in life. One by one my set of OMEN appeared. And just like what P.Coelho described on one of the chapters- that once you get to hear your heart communicate with the soul of the earth, "beginner's luck" seems inevitable. Everything just falls into place. 

Employment came to a breeze, people I need to have contacts to embassy, real estates, stock management and even migration, started to come my way. I'm not even really sure what it is going on, but even Nimmy got the chance to listen to one of Suze Orman's seminar.  We all know her for her financial management acumen and her show in CNN. I need the learnings, and it is all coming into my doorsteps. 

Sometimes I really think how stupid I was during the months I was on a limbo. It stinks. But  now I realized why that thing happened. It made me STRONG and just ready to fight head on. 

Then we know, The Alchemist came. 

I read, deciphered and learned concepts. I learned about myself MORE than ever. 

I learned about what I was really dreaming about. I learned my purpose. 

That stupid book, it has really CHANGED me and my life's course.