Saturday, July 21, 2012

3 High-Level Updates

The other day, I was browsing through some of the books I haven’t finished reading and one of it was “The God Delusion” written by Richard Dawkins. He’s an atheist writer I’ve learned to know during the time I was looking for some answers in life. He started the book with a story of his wife hating school during her younger years which when she disclosed the fact to her parents they asked, “Why didn’t you tell us darling?”

“I didn’t know I could.”

When I tried to reflect on my choices last year and early part of this year, the thought really stuck in my head that I’m responsible to my own destiny. My choices are mine, and mine alone. I always have the option to everything that can affect me. I did this by sharpening my intuition and putting my heart to all that I think is substantial for my growth, not physically, but growth in character and wisdom. Until this very day, things have been consistently going in my favor.  While at this time I didn’t ask nor summon for a favorable situation – one by one, destiny has become easy to comprehend. It’s you and you right now. It’s the present things you do. It’s not the future. 

You see, not knowing your options really can stir you to a different path.  Same thing though if you knew things, it can propel you to different sorts. We know knowledge is power.  It’s a source to determine and weigh things. It can bring you to life’s decision or choose not to decide – which in effect the same because it’s still a decision.  

My faith now was really not an accident. It’s not just a day in my life that I decide – “Hey, I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in god.” As far as my maturity goes, I learned that your choices are both driven by your analytics and your emotions. It’s not a rocket science or a matter of metaphysics that requires you understand the movement of energy pockets by one thing to the other.  It’s how you think and react to things thrown at you. I agree, I’ve been in a struggling and challenging life last year. While it could have been the fuel for my “unfaithfulness” in religion, I was really in a profound quest for my truth. Options have been springing out from every corner in my life, and as I try to sail my life, it has been a tremendous joy knowing what I really want, and knowing what I need to hold onto. No one can pay you a money’s worth, to label your own personal effectiveness. It’s yours alone. 


I’m on my fourth month in employment. Geese, it’s been a whole new learning experience for me. While people may think I’ve been a veteran in this industry, well for sure I think I’m not. Most of the folks I interact with have thought I’ve been in the company for so long but then again, come to think of it, I’ve been holding a position which exposes me to a lot of information. Information is knowledge I have up for my sleeves. It’s like a thing you can substitute for tenure. Who says you can’t be who you want to be? Read more and find that mastery in you. You’ll go a long way for sure.

My word of advice to people who are busy building their careers, “bullshit baffles the brain.” Learn stuff that can help you become better servants. Bring value to every hour you are paid. You attract your salary. It shouldn’t be the other way around. 


Nimmy and I have been a constant weekend date partners. It has been for months now. I’m not complaining. The current set-up of living in parent’s house, (well technically, he’s not since he’s renting a house with siblings) has been working for us just fine. 

This makes me revisit my thoughts about long-distance relationships. Will that thing work? I guess so. Looking at it from a different perspective, I see that Nimmy and I had this year-long investment in time, togetherness, understanding and commitment. While for some intimacy has been a major factor, I think it’s more than that, it’s a shared goal. Being managers in our jobs, we have learned that sticking to a goal while changing tactics and strategies along the way can be helpful. 

The key word is GOAL. 

Our main goal is really to have a blissful retirement. We’re on our tender years as professional and since we are earning good, it’s practical that we share the decision to invest and earn so that we can have comfortable lives when we get old.  While the government can’t give security to our union (I don’t want to dwell on this further but I will in the future), our sense of security for each other has never been tarnished. Again, it’s commitment. It’s the conscious effort you put together as partners to build a relationship to last.