Monday, October 29, 2012


I was thinking of something to write after the last blog entry I had last August. It’s been two months and I kind of left the blogging world for a period of time. When I think about it, I felt there’s nothing significant happening in my life. Irony is, I’ve been very busy with my career  and personal life– typical alibi for someone who’s been procrastinating in a certain hobby that is blogging. Truth of the matter is, I’ve been wanting to do a video blog. But by just thinking on the relentless hours you pour towards this activity, I’d rather just take those hours to recuperate from the stressful world of the BPO.

I was in Boracay previous to this weekend, to celebrate my 32nd.  You know, for someone like me, you will seldom get to celebrate birthdays out of town. I was the conventional celebrant not until 2010 when I got to celebrate it outside the confines of our home. 2011 was an all throughout different story. But 2012 has been the far most exciting of all the birthdays. One, I was in the beach. Two, I was with Nimmy all day long.

It was also the time I get to reflect on my past goals in life and realign them to what’s pressing and pragmatic. You see, I’m a person who would really want to dream and achieve BIG. It’s a cycle I’ll never get tired of. There have been a lot of bumps along the way and I learned to move on and control frustrations. Signs of getting old I guess.

2012 was a change/leap of faith and so far I’ve been reaping the fruits this year. At the age of 32, I just feel that my journey has been a blast. I may not be as successful like the others in terms of their career and wealth however, I feel that my experience in life has really given me a deeper understanding of myself and it made me more content as to who I am, and what I am capable of. As the cliché goes, “Age is just a number.” And I agree, there’s nothing young or old in terms of knowing your niche. I say this in terms of knowing what you really want or your purpose in life. I personally think it’s in your pattern – your destiny.  Your choice affects the journey but at the end of it all, it brings you to your fate.

I learned from my vacation who, what, where, when to PRIORITIZE. I reflected on things but I think that is too personal to share in this blog. One important thing though, is that I’m really HAPPY. Thanks to the relationship I currently have with Nimmy, and the career I honestly feel I deserve. Along the way, people come and go in my life, I hope in some ways I was able to bring value and inspiration to them.  We get wiser when we meet and learn from people and I really hope I did my share.

Thanks to all the birthday greetings I got from Facebook, Twitter, BBM and text messages! It’s nice hearing from people I didn’t get to talk to all the time. I appreciate all the gestures. Yes, I’m 32, but I really do feel more auspicious chapters will unveil soon. I’m excited for the years ahead for the breakthroughs and milestones I’m claiming as early as now.

I end with the parting words that dawned on me on our flight from Kalibo to Manila -"Life is not good all the time, but that what makes the journey worthwhile."