Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mixing Positive Thinking and Feng Shui

Admittedly, I'm a fan of horoscopes, fortune telling and other related stuff connected to knowing the future. I know it's immoral in the eyes of the Christian milieu, however, I think it wouldn't hurt if somehow you put it in a perspective where you do not taint your faith in Him. My analogy however is that if you get to know aspects where you can change, add and alter for the sake of focusing into getting something or achieving something, it helps as it increases your focus.

My stand on this science (or art) is eclectic by nature. I'm a big fan of "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and at the same time, I believe in Feng Shui concepts. Feng Shui is an oriental wisdom geared towards putting "balance" in your surroundings to acquire energy and cosmic interventions. Putting this two ideology I think masters your chances and increases positive energies towards your common goal.

The universe conspires to what we think, so therefore, if you have that thinking that this something will work for you, then it'll surely do.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Was Born to Sing

Through the years, I was looking for this song. I first heard it on the old Sony TV we had and I didn't mind the video. It was early 90's and I'm happy to hear this song again. This was sang by Maribeth, a Filipino singer who recorded this song in Japan. In YouTube, I found out that she migrated to Indonesia. She's a great singer that probably no one ever remembers.

Ambivalent Feelings (Part 1)

Mid-life crisis. Sabi nila this is the period where you feel naguguluhan ka sa buhay mo. Di mo alam kung ano gusto mo marating o makuha. Once you achieved something, ok ka na for a period of time (maximum na one day). After a while, you want something else, work for it and once you get it, ayun na naman, you want something else na naman. Until you feel tired and you feel immobile.

Wala lang.

I know that the importance in happiness is not getting what you want but the exciting part is the process that you go through to attain it. There's one thing though that I'm really happy that I have now. Of course, my Mahal.

But since I have my Mahal, and everything is going strong - I tend to think of other aspect of your life. Career? Actually, hindi masyado. There are challenges and obstacles in my work, I understand those are but normal.

But why am I going through this? I know I haven't proven anything yet, and I don't need to prove to everyone actually, but this feeling... this ambivalent feeling inside me... it needs to stop.

I am happy as it is, but I think I can do better in anything I do.

I just need to start from something. I have an idea, and it needs to work.

VP Bayani Fernando

I was always amazed as to how Bayani managed MMDA from the start. Let me tell you why. From my recent posts, I have lambasted the former chairman of MMDA - the most corrupt official in the face of the planet, which for some reason, still free, lurking somewhere - Chairman Abalos. This former chairman has always been a visitor in the Ombudsman office, answering with his pleads of "not guilty." A real trapo in every sense of the word, Chairman Abalos can never be compared to Chairman Bayani. Fresh from one of our course in college, Political Development, I was given the opportunity to visit MMDA and get to know how they do capacity planning and urban development. Needless to say - their management are showing conspicuous disparity - one Chairman, still sitting in the stone of conventional political maneuvering and the other Chairman, busy working in the roads, doing ocular and meeting with City Mayors to brainstorm about infrastructures and ways to improve the lives of the people. While the other Chairman contemplates, the other one spends the taxpayers money.

Knowing the kind of work and ethics Mayor Bayani have, I do think that Bayani is more than lip-service. He works and acts on things and his acumen is something that his challengers should be afraid of.

With a short span of years he have worked for MMDA, Bayani is the only one who have shown an impact to a normal citizen like me. Of course, I'm a person that can't be easily lured for my vote, but I am a person who thinks that my vote is precious to be wasted to someone who can't even stop thinking about earning money through the people's expense.

Bayani has shown that through leadership, things can change. He started being the City Mayor of Marikina and look at Marikina, amidst last year's typhoon, it has flourished and maintains to be the best city in Manila. Albeit he's not in that position anymore, his influence lingers on.

During the recent debates for V-Presidentiables, Bayani stood ground and answered all his opponents interpolation with conviction. Surveys are showing that he has more credibility. You can't really put a good man down with those mudslinging blues. I am talking to you Loren Legarda.

I think Bayani wins my vote on this elections on the grounds that he has proven his worth and has shown greater sense of accountability among others. He's someone that is capable of having the highest post in this land.

And I won't even beg to agree.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My New Blogging Home

Today, I'm officially part of the blogger family! It took a while for me to take this move as I don't have that much time to transfer my old blogs. So why the sudden transfer? Well, it has something to do with generating a larger market.

It was my partner who started using this site for blogging and of course, I saw the need to follow suit. I can say that I have influenced him in this field and I am happy to see he's so into it. Thanks to his laptop and internet connection, we can enjoy the world of blogging.

The layout of my blog is still unstable and rough, but in the coming days, my partner will help me organize and make my blog appealing to the eyes. So I'm really excited.

So for now, it's a second welcoming for me in the blogging world and I hope I'll enjoy it.

Happy reading! :)

Philippine Badminton Open 2009 Mementos

Although I've lambasted an Olympian from my previous post, there are still some auspicious moments I can relive. For sure you can jot down two important Filipino figures found on the gallery. Enjoy!

Not So Good Experience in the Philippine Badminton Open

Ok, I bought my tickets three weeks before the semis. My boss might have thought of me as a jerk because I have constantly shown it to her. She could have thought of obliterating it in front of my face. Well, I know she gets it. I’m excited to watch the two special days of my 2009 calendar - the Bingo Bonanza Philippine Badminton Open, on its 3rdevent.

I didn’t get to watch this with my boss, but I thought of inviting her and I just thought that maybe, she might not really enjoy it. She’s actually into more contact sports, having been raised in the US and exposed to “manly” sports like football and basketball. The timing wasn’t right either; she was on the hospital starting Wednesday albeit prior to going to Philsports Arena (where the venue is), Nimmy and I visited her to know how’s she’s doing.

Nimmy and I then went to the venue after. It was a great feeling to see the badminton courts. You’ll see players practice, and people watching. You’ll see cameramen fixing their angles and the lights – the lights was astonishing. It wasn’t even a first time for us to see this, especially for me. I’ve seen the Thomas Uber Cup way back 1999 and I still feel this energy of just seeing professional players do the sports you love. I exactly feel the emotions when someone gets to step in the courts. The venue never really changed. It still hosted the tournament, and it is really part of the Philippine Sports history.

So the first day we went there, we watched the semis. One thing I’ve noticed is that most of the players that attended this annual event are not even as half popular than usual veterans of any international badminton event. I didn’t get to see players from Korea and yeah, I’m anticipating Lee Yong Dae. I didn’t even see a Korean in the crowd. I also didn’t see Malaysian players. Could it be possible that Malaysia and Korea had boycotted this grand prix? Chinese dominance has been a normalcy in Badminton. This event has just proven that point.

There were only four nations I’ve seen in two days, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Indonesia. Actually, that’s only three; technically, Hong Kong is a territory of China. So far, they have produced world ranking players. I thought that it could be a more interesting and money-worth too see players from Korea, Malaysia, Germany and England. Which then again made me ask, why did not join? Where are they when some players are gaining badminton points for their ranks?

So we get to see a lot of neophyte, inexperienced and non-ranked Chinese players. Yet, they won major titles after. So this brings me to the point – why do Filipinos have not produced any badminton Champions? Why do I only know the Asuncion siblings? What does it take to bring popularity of badminton? And, am I wrong in saying that badminton is only a sport for those wealthy and powerful?

We were seated in the second row from the front and this is because I really made sure our tickets will give us the vantage eyes. Oh yeah, it was fun to see them. You get to see players reactions, first hand. You get to see them yell out of frustrations. This seat also made us instant TV personalities. It’s funny, because people started texting me saying that they had seen me on their TV monitors. My plan really is to get closer to players and get pictures. The first day wasn’t that lucky. We didn’t get any.

So on to our second day. Nimmy and I had lunch first in the Galeria. We went to KFC and usually get my favorite two-pieces classic recipe chicken and fully loaded for my Nimmy and I was about to bring our food to our table when suddenly, I saw the male Chinese players. They are having lunch. Then I realized, the players actually stays in Crowne Plaza, so before they head to the venue, they had lunch first. It was an opportunity I thought. But I’m cowardly shy, so no picture taking while they eat. I know there will be a chance. And so I thought again.

We head to the venue, on the second day of the tournament. The crowd is starting to surface. We saw the mixed doubles pair practicing. Ok, they are good. But they are so so exciting to watch during their face-off. By the way, mixed doubles, women’s doubles, singles men and women were all fought by the Chinese and Indonesians. Men’s doubles on the other hand were dominated by the Indonesians.

It was great matches.

But here’s what annoyed me. Women’s doubles were done and so the winners, Gao Ling and some other Chinese Olympic players, god-knows I forgot her name, were awarded $8,000 US. I’m really happy they’ve won. No questions about that. They ranked 38, and both of them are Olympic players, people respect them, and adored. They are popular and they have all the rights to brag about their accomplishments. So they are heading back to their places when I decided to stand up and stood in front of them, and as they approached, I asked if I can take a picture. To my surprise, they rejected me.

Yes, they rejected me. Me, who spent some hard earned money just to watch their games, me who spent some time to see them and cheer them, me who is such a dork, gained some degrees in college and work in a reputable company and just get refusal from these foreigners? Well, I don’t think that’s really fair and I don’t think I’ll get over it.

It’s not really the pictures that pissed me off. It’s the fact that a fan like me gets rejected by a very miniscule thing. How inconsiderate and insensitive.

Well, I’m done with Gao Ling and her partner. I’ve decided to boycott them and if ever they play again next year, I’d rather not watch them anymore.

Gao Ling

Leo and the Kung-Fu Badminton Endeavor


Leo is a badminton addict. He works in a call center and he plays badminton every Saturday/Sunday. Is he boring? Just lethargic. Does he have something between his ears? Yes, a pretty poker face. Does he makes sense? Go figure. Coming from an average family, he thinks opportunities are limited. Until he discovers world-wide-web.

Few things you should know ABOUT ME:

1. I love self-help books like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I am an advocate, supporter or whatever you call it. It's ideology is not new to me. My well of positivist thinking originated from High School. I write the things I want in life and eventually, I get to acquire them. Who taught me of doing that? I really can't remember. But going back to the book, it sets the very foundation of what majority of my mind is doing. Ok, I think I now sound eerie.

2. I love Badminton. My body oftenly craves the weeknights muscle cramps. I know it sounds weird, but believe me, aside from the cardio-vascular work-out I get from smashing shuttlecocks and picking the cross-court drop by any opponent, I love the fact that it makes my brain work. I am competitive in sports and masochist at night.

3. My weakness - good mothers. The world is not as colorful and worth-living without them.

4. For the benefit of this blog, let's call my significant other as Nimmy.

5. I find it unique and peaceful to listen into Celtic songs. Look for Wind of the Sea by Anuna.

6. I love Bollywood albeit I can't remember titles of my favorite Indian movie. Except for Slam Dog. :) (obviously, I can't spell too.. duh...Slum Dog?)

7. I have mentors and I derive inspiration and strenght from them. They usually don't know they are my mentors though. Some of them are dead. Some are officemates and friends.

8. I love to laugh!!!

9. I am a proud bread-winner. I might put up a bakery soon. Hmmm... Not really. But I am a bread winner really.

10. I have random interests to things. It's magnitude you can't even comprehend.

11. I love cats.

12. I'm not a big fan of clown fish, but Marlin like me is adventurous enough to journey in quest of one special.

You’re not Cool Chip

As the few days of March drifted, we saw in the news another lambasting booboo of a Hong Kong journalist named Chip Tsao, who claims that Spratly is solely owned by China. And since the Philippines ventilated bone of contentions which can ultimately wage a war, he started ridiculing the hapless Filipina maid which he reported that only receives salary ranging from $3,500-3,800. He lectured the maid about how Filipinos should start thanking Chinese for giving them food on their empty plates. The Filipina maid by the way has a degree of International Relations in University of Manila. This doesn’t sound new to us. Filipinos are known to be ardently sensitive. On the side note, I believe in “selective-sensitivity.” I remember one time our previous president, ERAP, reacted when he have heard that one European country will start to name a certain cookie, “Filipino cookie.” Guess what, he despises the idea. Moral lesson: #1, it’s subjective, #2, read history and learn.

The battle for the Spratly islands is a story that no one dares to end with a consensus. The sad part is, for most countries like Malaysia, China and Philippines; they concluded it’s their own. This pieces of land have long been a source of debate, and to deodorize each and everyone’s argument, countries make their people believe that they have discovered it and that they have legal fortitude to back their a**es up. For decades, no one has really decided – international laws has decayed it’s spirit, and to abandon them gives it more sense.

So how on earth should we react if someone daunted us with remarks like that of Chip Tsao? As a Filipino, I am very disheartened as to how some neighboring countries regard our Overseas Filipino Workers. Yet, at the end of the day, I feel proud and honored to be a citizen of this land. I know that for all those demoralizing howler, the fact how OFW’s sustain the economy mitigates what’s shouting inside me. As part of the labor force that drives our economy, I know that our race can really influence different sectors. “Filipinos are efficient,” can really be an understatement. We are a rich county, with or without Spratlys.

With the recession going on and the battle of surging prices continues, we are indeed lucky to still have jobs and maintain a very dignified career. For those who feel that they are just dragging theirselves to work, well, think again. For a single chair you are occupying now, 20 applicants are battling it out to win and replace you. It now tells me that if we are presented opportunities to learn and be challenged, we should always be ready and embrace them. I know it’s cliché, but those who accepts responsibilities are those that usually gets on top. Sprinkle it with a bit of common sense though and you’re all set.

I wish that world economy heals at the soonest possible time. Right now, I know that everyone will agree that comments made by Chip Tsao’s only deepens the wound made by China to the Philippines. I find it detrimental to foreign relations and thus it affects the economy somehow. If for any consolation, it should stir our legislators and public officials to work for better economy, and to stop wasting our tax money. We on the labor force will work our hearts out and maintain our reputation of world-class labor. But please, enough of the mudslinging and corruption. It’s such a pain to watch.

On Butchering Goats...

On my way home from Fairview, I came to pass a small vendor clan along the Commonwealth avenue. This place is predominantly called, Litex, a labyrinth to several places like Montalban and Payatas. What strike me the most is not the vendors clamoring for people to buy their stuff, or the people themselves who walks like ants along the highway and small roads in its peripheral but poignant site. What I am talking about are the goats for sale on that area.

Vendors for these seemingly helpless creatures are the ones responsible for its butchering. On top of their wooden shacks are bodies of dead goats. Goat meat for sale. You will see some of live goats under the tables and you will imagine them praying before their gods to save their poor bodies.

People who commonly buy the goat meat are the men or women who cook it to become a “pulutan” during beer drinking session. This is a common delicacy in the northern part of the Philippines. They are famous as well for butchering the man’s best friend for the same purpose of being a side dish during happy-happy times.

I am a pro-animal person. I love dogs, cats and any animals you can think of. Just as long they don’t pose any threat to human life. Nevertheless, I don’t think goats, dogs or any animals aside from pigs and cows be butchered for food or for commodity. If they are pig or cows, I believe our laws provide stipulation as to how they should be butchered.

I call upon the government officials to do something not really about the goat’s life or the dog’s life but the life of the citizens of this land. I don’t think these people will resort into killing these kinds of animals just for the sake of having a source of living. Not of course if the government officials of these land are doing precisely their job in providing employment for the people. Please create jobs. Please.

Hopefully, I’ll see more people working more decently other than butchering goats. All that I can certainly hope for now…

Fallin' In Love Unconditionally

For a year, it’s been an uphill climb. But I got no regrets. Because for the first time, I knew that it’s going to be something worth it. And I’m right. I fall in love with someone so true and sincere. He’s mine for more than a year. I intend to have him for the rest of my life.

I know that I’ll be loving this person unconditionally.

I know that he’ll do the same way.

I just knew it. They say that when you hear the bells, that’s it. But on my experience, it’s more than the bells or the butterflies flying around or the silk cloth lingering on your skin. It’s the spirit of love that capturing my whole being.

I’d like to thank the Lord for showering me with so many blessings in life.

For the Lord loves me unconditionally, I too, will love the person He gave me…

Until forever…Unconditionally.

Araw Araw Na Lang...

Siempre gigising ako ng maaga. Pero di ko naman alam ang gagawin ko. Bubuksan ko ang TV at magchachannel surf. Sa Channel 5 maabutan ko si SpongeBob at hahalakhak ako ng walang katapusan sa mga kahung-hungan ng isang starfish at sa kakulitan ni SpongeBob. Minsan, feeling ko ako si Squidwirt. Kasi parang andaming nambubully sa akin. Kasi minsan, pagpapasok ako sa office, yung guard sa Robinson, titignan ako, tapos ibubukas ko yung bag ko, tapos ni hindi man lang titingnan. Shux. Eh pano kung maglagay ako ng molotov bomb sa bag ko at ibagsak ko sa gitna ng department store. Masisisi ba nila ang mga terrorists kapag ganun ka-gago ang security level nila. My gosh. Going back sa paggising ko, minsan hindi ako babangon. Titignan ko lang ang cp ko at babasahin ang message ng mahal ko na madaling araw pa niya tinext sa akin. Siempre naman, sasagutin ko yun. Tapos, hilik ulit.

At ito, totoo na. Babangon ako ng alos dose ng tanghali para lumafangga. Anak ng teteng. Walang ulam. Ano ba yan. Bumibili ako sa bahay ng isang sakong bigas for one month na yun. Bakit hindi kaya ako makabili ng ulam na pang-one month rin? Hirap naman maging breadwinner minsan. Parang scavenger hunt lang. At sa wakas I saw something edible sa ref. Kakain ako at pagkatapos, papanoorin ang mga EB babes sa TV. Tatawa ng malakas ulit dahil sila Vic at Jose ay nagpapaparty. Ewan ko ba kung bakit click sa mga Pinoy ang ganitong klaseng panoorin. Slapstick comedy ba ang tawag dun. Tudush! Comedian ka pala.

Maliligo ako at magprepare for work. Sa banyo, medyo naiinis ako sa dami ng shampoo. Di ko alam gagamitin ko. Nakakatakot, kasi my hair is gravitating in the ground. Meaning, nakakalbo na ata ako. Manipis na siya. Kaya hinay hinay lang sa gel minsan. At pagkatapos maligo, kelangan nakatapat ang electric fan sa katawan, dahil kung hindi, pagpapawisan. Nak ng pating naman oh.

Sa office. Masaya ako, kasi ang sasalubong sa akin pagupo ko pa lang ay ang aking mahal. Tapos kakain kami ng halo-halo sa pantry. How sweet. Kahit bumabaha na sa labas dahil sa ulan, halo-halo pa rin. Ang sarap ng buhay talaga.

Paulit ulit man, hindi ako nagsasawa. Dahil diyan, natututo akong sanayin ang buhay ko sa simpleng pamumuhay lang. Dahil diyan, naiisip ko rin na maswerte ako. Dahil sa paulit ulit at araw araw na ganyang pangyayari, eto ako, masaya.

To Do Pre-shift or Not? That is the Question...

Hahaha. I ended my preshift meeting with my agents with a blast. Pure English, no vernaculars, no non-sense. I’ve been doing it for a year. And should I say I’ve been an expert in handling meetings? Naaaah.

I’ve finished a course in handling meetings and it says there that during the meeting, there are several people who forms part of the group with a plethora of personalities, opinions and what not. There are some who will just remain quiet and listen to every bits and pieces of your agenda. There are some who takes away the spotlight from you. Whatever the case may be, the paramount purpose of the meeting is basically to communicate things out and to drive everyone to the direction you want them to take. Sometimes meetings can put you on to something where open-ended question will make you think and do introspect of your comprehension, or if you are just hallucinating with the fact that you have understood or just plain, "deadma."

Preshift is just one of the things I enjoy. But honestly, sometimes, there are times that preshift tends to be repetitive. It goes into cycle. A team leader should be very creative in exploiting this time. Because the moment you open your mouth and your folks senses the mediocre or worst your imbecile points, your dead. It is worsen when someone raises their hand (or in some cases,just blurts out, without having the conscience or that person might have garbled the word RESPECT in their dictionary) and tells you, "TL, that’s not written in the Updates." And you cram yourself to dig the info out.. and yes, your performer is right. ROFLOL.

When Your People Gets in your Nerves

They say your relationship to your boss should be like your relationship with fire. You need to stay at the right place because if you are near, you’ll get burned, or if you’re too far, you’ll get cold. I had this experience with one of my team members. We got so close as friends that I let her say anything that she wants, and vent out all the opinions between her ears, to make it more diplomatic in our team more so that we can espouse true democracy in the workplace.

I am the boss. But if everything turns out to be different, of course, I should know. There are things that I say, guilty as it may seem, I forget to censor some words. But as a leader, I’d better say it when i think it is right. If my member did something wrong, why not give the feedback on a timely fashion? This member of mine, I must say have sensitive feeling, which, I should have taken into consideration. She got pissed off, and the more I am with the reaction I received.

The point is, while it’s relative to say your feedback, one should know the importance of communicating things outright, than saying it sugar coated. In other words, it’s good to be frank. While of course, doing it on the right time and place.

So when people gets in your nerves, stop. Think about the personality of this person and try to say things that will eventually make him/her realize what is it for her.

Sometimes, my job will really make me crazy. Handling several people with different personalities…It’s like being in different characters for just one single day. Good Lord.

How I Came About Playing Badminton

Summer of 1998, I was an incoming junior student of Political Science in PUP. I was struggling then with my grades, just like any college students. It dawns me now that during that time, I am a very competitive and love bragging about me, being a University Scholar. I thought of being a different scholar at this time, I want to get stipend by being a varsity player. But what sports?

I thought of joining one of the try-outs for volleyball, but when I went to the gym and saw all the volleybelles and the dudes with striking muscles, dripping with sweat, I just thought that it wasn’t for me. Right across the volleyball court, I saw a group of people playing badminton, and guess what; one of my blockmates was there. I shouldn’t be surprised, for one, she already did mention that she plays that sport during high school. I got that from our usual chit chats before our classes. Then I saw them play and get mesmerized.

I spoke to one of the trainees; the coach during that time was doing some training in the US. I did some crunches, ran back and forth the court as if we are some bunch of idiots.

I got to meet the real coach, after a month. I am still a sore loser that time, not knowing what I’ve been to. But I was deeply inspired by the way he taught me play and improve my game. Just for three months, I raised the ranks, and became the number 1 player.

During that time, our training days was Mon-Wed-Fri. Wednesday being the hardest, since we have to do weights. Friday, is a fun day, since we get to do a lot of drills. But before we get to play or train during those days, we have to train our endurance and finish 16 rounds of running in the PUP oval, the same size as the Philsports Arena. Wheeww….

I got the real and serious stuff back then. But right now, I enjoy playing this sport every Sunday with my officemates. We have thought of creating a Badminton Club in the office, but it’s still not being realized. But no worries, just as long as I get to play Badminton, that’s fine.

What am I headed right now is to go back to the rudiments of training, play better and join more local tournaments which I happened to do last November of 2007. I plan to join more and more and hopefully play internationally if given the chance.

I guess, if there’s two undying ambitions I have, that is to become a lawyer and have an international medal in Badminton. But I would certainly love and appreciate the latter. Ü

What I Am Today, Is a Result of my Choices Before

I don’t exactly know who’ve thought about this. But I concur with the fact that whatever my choices from the past, it makes me the person I am today. If I chose to be a bum, I would definitely be part of the statistics of the unlucky and the so-called, "unemployed." If I chose to be successful and work in a professional milieu, then I should be part of the corporate ladder.

The same goes to our attitude in relations to our normal and most of the time, trivial life. I’d rather be honest and earn respect from my integrity, than say false statements and end being someone who lambastes character and honor.

It’s a challenge to be a person born from our ideals and choices. The trick is, cheesy as it may sound, is to make sure that we chose the things that will make us happy, notwithstanding the situation and predicaments. They say, we only live once, why not live righteously, but discerning, strong but caring, with conviction, yet with appeal and charm to almost all.

Obvious Culprits aren’t Apprehended

It’s just a shame for the Philippine government to have people who govern with selfish motives. Graft and corruption has been a perennial concern for some and yet, no one has been punished for this very serious offense. Now that national and local elections are fast approaching, people right now has to exercise suffrage. For now, I just hope that people are now learned and have contemplated on the group of people who will govern our laws, our rights and our day to day transactions.

Last night, I got the chance to see an investigative article done by GMA’s top broadcast journalist, Mike Enriquez. In his expose, he was able to unravel illegal transactions being managed by evil personalities in COMELEC. I pity the taxpayers of this land. I guess, not everyone knows that for at least 2 Billion Pesos, our pockets has been robbed. They have created a very conspicuous bidding that only benefits those who have managed it. The end results? Bogus transactions of non-working counting machines, scum voting ballots, and anything that are supposed to be used for electronic voting facilities that are just put on one dark and gloomy room.

Our COMELEC chairman, Mr. Abalos, have you not learned your lesson? When you are the previous MMDA chairman, did you remember that Recycling Machine that the people funded? Is it in use right now, or has this become your trend? Working on project and procrastinate at the end? You are just wasting our money!!! You are such a culprit.

Philippine Badminton Open, July 2009

I had searched and waited for this annual event just last year only to find out that it had been cancelled due to Olympics. Most players won't be able to come since they are busy and preoccupied in their trainings. Today, nothing can stop the official opening of this tournament. This is the third run of the prestigious Philippine Gold Grand Prix Badminton Championships sponsored by Bingo Bonanza Corporation.


Nimmy and I will need to sleep early this coming Saturday morning (since we work both in the night shift). Saturday lunch, we have to prepare and need to be 30 minutes before the venue. The tickets we bought are just for the Semis and Finals. Can you tell I'm excited? Hell yeah!!!

Game Schedule:

July 1 & 2 : 10:00am - 10:00pm
July 3 : 6:00pm - 11:00pm
July 4 & 5 : 1:00pm - 6:00pm

The first Badminton Tournament I've followed was the Thomas and Uber Cup back in 2000 or 2001. I got free tickets from my Badminton coach back then and ever since - it ignited fire in me. I love to see my idols smash, drop and drive. The exhilarating feeling I get to see them is priceless.

So what is in store for us? Well, we'll get to see top players from Korea, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, England and of course, our very own players in the Philippines. I hope to see my favorite men's doubles team from Malaysia, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong. I also anticipate the presence of Lee Yong Dae from Korea, and probably, you'll going to see a lot of him here in my blog in the next few days.

Doubles Malaysia

Lee Yong Dae

You know, Badminton is not really a popular sports in the Philippines compared to MJ's world, but I must say that there is a strong following. Right now, we have witnessed the ever sprouting badminton courts around the neighborhood. Tournaments? You bet. We have those local tournaments too, although it's not of a big shot sports for the media and the people in general. Only a few appreciates them.

So July 4-5 it is! For now, I'll make sure to take some pictures and I''ll let you see some of them soon! If you want to buy tickets, please log on to: For exact schedules of players, you may visit :

Welcome to the Night Shift Nimmy

Nimmy is now working in the night shift. :) Well it's really about time for him to labor in the grave yard. After all, he's been in the normal shift for months. I'm happy because we'll get to see more often now and it lessens the compromise of me needing to come in early for the shift just so we get to meet for few minutes in the office.

Office romance can really be that hard but fulfilling. In my case, I get to see most of the advantages more lucidly. Probably because I got a very patient and understanding guy. If not for that, we could have already ended this years back. I find it advantageous because you get to have your lunch date everyday, you can see him anytime you want (if you are not that too busy), you can talk to him when you need and you are so INSPIRED to just end the day and be with him.

I am not aware really of any disadvantage except for the one I mentioned above. Compromising to be in early is really something that is expected from each of us. Relationships always have their own sacrifices and we are not an excuse for that.

For now, I enjoy and love that he is always around. And let me mention that I find it sweet that both of us goes home together tired after work. :)

Smartmatic and TIM on Cool-off or Break-up?

To date, Smartmatic and TIM are on deep controversies as the latter rejected agreement due to several issues in control and management. COMELEC almost gave full control over Smartmatic which should take care of financial and technical aspects of the project. Both parties are claiming that both of them are being pressured by "top" government officials and that most are insinuating strife due to legalities. Then Aboitiz came into the picture. They will do 70% of TIM duties and one of which is that they will aid in installing hubs of drop-off points prior to voting machines.

The law mandates for an automated election and the government should do a fine job on this. If you notice, controversies are again sprouting which should be normal. What is not normal is for some people that are trying to influence, buy and coerce people in their decision in ensuring that their personal gain is realized. I am not interested in their tactics to halt election, nor I am interested in them manning the government. They are putting my tax money into waste which could have helped my life better.

The election will be next year, and they should push in resolving these concerns in the earliest possible time. They owe it big time to the citizen of this land.