Sunday, March 21, 2010

Smartmatic and TIM on Cool-off or Break-up?

To date, Smartmatic and TIM are on deep controversies as the latter rejected agreement due to several issues in control and management. COMELEC almost gave full control over Smartmatic which should take care of financial and technical aspects of the project. Both parties are claiming that both of them are being pressured by "top" government officials and that most are insinuating strife due to legalities. Then Aboitiz came into the picture. They will do 70% of TIM duties and one of which is that they will aid in installing hubs of drop-off points prior to voting machines.

The law mandates for an automated election and the government should do a fine job on this. If you notice, controversies are again sprouting which should be normal. What is not normal is for some people that are trying to influence, buy and coerce people in their decision in ensuring that their personal gain is realized. I am not interested in their tactics to halt election, nor I am interested in them manning the government. They are putting my tax money into waste which could have helped my life better.

The election will be next year, and they should push in resolving these concerns in the earliest possible time. They owe it big time to the citizen of this land.


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