Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome to the Night Shift Nimmy

Nimmy is now working in the night shift. :) Well it's really about time for him to labor in the grave yard. After all, he's been in the normal shift for months. I'm happy because we'll get to see more often now and it lessens the compromise of me needing to come in early for the shift just so we get to meet for few minutes in the office.

Office romance can really be that hard but fulfilling. In my case, I get to see most of the advantages more lucidly. Probably because I got a very patient and understanding guy. If not for that, we could have already ended this years back. I find it advantageous because you get to have your lunch date everyday, you can see him anytime you want (if you are not that too busy), you can talk to him when you need and you are so INSPIRED to just end the day and be with him.

I am not aware really of any disadvantage except for the one I mentioned above. Compromising to be in early is really something that is expected from each of us. Relationships always have their own sacrifices and we are not an excuse for that.

For now, I enjoy and love that he is always around. And let me mention that I find it sweet that both of us goes home together tired after work. :)

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