Sunday, September 26, 2010

In Bacolod the Next Three Weeks

Part of my job is to manage and to have face to face with my folks in Bacolod. Few things I'm looking forward to... Seeing my staff and give feedback, align processes and set expectations. The usual stuff.

On the other hand... Hehe, this is the fun part.... LAKWATSA.

The last time I was there, I didn't have that chance to really wander the city that was Bacolod. Well this time, we have clients coming from Belleville, Canada and part of our job is to be their tourist guide. What the heck. I think they can count me in as tourist too. Anyway, this time, I'll make sure to view more sceneries, eat more seafood and bring home more lechon! :) I've tried Calea's cake - but it's a pain in the ass bringing that cake home. But believe me, Calea's cake is the shit!!! LOL. Someone told me too that we'll have more itineraries this time so I better be ready.

One thing though that I'll surely miss while I'm in Bacolod is Nimmy. I'll not be home for three weeks but good thing to know that my sister Melissa and him will follow me on the 7th but they got to go home on the 10th and I'll be back on the 16th. At least, I still get the chance to see my Nimmy!!! eeeee.

I hope the trip will be safe and I'll be productive there. I want to get things done - both the work and the lakwatsa.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Back

It's been awhile...

Oo no. Ang tagal ko din pala di nakapag-blog. Although I must admit, updated ako sa mga nangyayari sa blogsphere. Thanks to Mahal, I still have the time to view his new blog entries and on the side, I still make it a point to view updates from my favorite blogs. 

Ang dami na nangyari and I must say that all things are doing well for me and Nimmy... Check ko nga kung ano ano na mga updates sa life ko: 

  • New job and new exciting challenges. Funny, I'm still learning though, but to tell you honestly, because of the fact that I need to be really hands-on, it feels like I've been in my post for a year. 
  • More travel - since I get to manage two sites, literally, I'm like making Bacolod appears to be within the vicinity of Quezon City!
  • Driving experience. Everyday, I get to have new things to learn from my car. BTW, I'm selling it to buy a Mazda 3. Enough of the hassles. Brand new na lang.
  • More mature relationship. Mahal and I are so bonded that even just looking to his eyes, watching his gestures and body language, alam mo na. I love the feeling, really. Connection... 
  • Cool officemates. Nice to have a bunch of people who knows team work and knows respect. I hope it continues.
  • Very experienced boss. I enjoy our chit-chat together while she smokes. Galing niya. 
  • I'll have my passport na this weekend. Yehey! I hope my Canadian VISA gets processed too... Wishing for that opportunity to come again, if not. Ok lang. I got a new reason to go to Hong Kong or Korea. :)
  • My sister passing the Nursing Board Exams. This is the coolest. 
  • Loving club music
Well, I think those are some highlights. Better record it for  future assessment. I'm happy things are doing well. Positive thoughts really worked for me. When I started not thinking of the drama, focused on my goals, maintained a very positive outlook, and prayed to Him for his guidance - I'm starting to feel blessed and feel everything's gonna be ok. 

So with this I end by saying Thanks. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Party party!