Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Back

It's been awhile...

Oo no. Ang tagal ko din pala di nakapag-blog. Although I must admit, updated ako sa mga nangyayari sa blogsphere. Thanks to Mahal, I still have the time to view his new blog entries and on the side, I still make it a point to view updates from my favorite blogs. 

Ang dami na nangyari and I must say that all things are doing well for me and Nimmy... Check ko nga kung ano ano na mga updates sa life ko: 

  • New job and new exciting challenges. Funny, I'm still learning though, but to tell you honestly, because of the fact that I need to be really hands-on, it feels like I've been in my post for a year. 
  • More travel - since I get to manage two sites, literally, I'm like making Bacolod appears to be within the vicinity of Quezon City!
  • Driving experience. Everyday, I get to have new things to learn from my car. BTW, I'm selling it to buy a Mazda 3. Enough of the hassles. Brand new na lang.
  • More mature relationship. Mahal and I are so bonded that even just looking to his eyes, watching his gestures and body language, alam mo na. I love the feeling, really. Connection... 
  • Cool officemates. Nice to have a bunch of people who knows team work and knows respect. I hope it continues.
  • Very experienced boss. I enjoy our chit-chat together while she smokes. Galing niya. 
  • I'll have my passport na this weekend. Yehey! I hope my Canadian VISA gets processed too... Wishing for that opportunity to come again, if not. Ok lang. I got a new reason to go to Hong Kong or Korea. :)
  • My sister passing the Nursing Board Exams. This is the coolest. 
  • Loving club music
Well, I think those are some highlights. Better record it for  future assessment. I'm happy things are doing well. Positive thoughts really worked for me. When I started not thinking of the drama, focused on my goals, maintained a very positive outlook, and prayed to Him for his guidance - I'm starting to feel blessed and feel everything's gonna be ok. 

So with this I end by saying Thanks. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Party party! 


  1. Welcome back. I like the way you sent your good vibes through your writing! Hehe.

  2. WB!!! At last, Nimmy unchained you from the dungeons ehhehehe ;P

  3. welcome back! got the tip from nimmy...

  4. Welcome back, Leo!

    Full of positive vibes!


  5. @MUGEN-thanks! what the world needs now aside from love is positivity... :)

    @SOLTERO - Nimmy saves me from loneliness too... he's my angel. :)

    @AD - thanks so much! hope you're ok always.

    @HONDAFANBOI- thanks for following!

    @RONNIE- thank you Ronnie! keep it cool. :)


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