Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Few Days to Go...

I only got few days left here in the current organization I'm with. However, I don't feel sad by the fact that this has become my home for nearly 10 months. Yes you heard that right. I've been here only for a few months compared to the previous where I managed to stay for nearly 5 years. Reminiscing my previous years of existence in the corporate world, I realized I've been working for nearly 10 years and all of my responsibilities involved service industry. From banking to call center, it shaped my character and my being. 

Cheers to the 10 months! I'll be missing a few - Joanne, my ally and my partner. We were the pioneer managers for the account we are handling and it was indeed a pleasure working with her. Debbie - my best friend in the office. We talk almost about everything! From work, to love life and aspirations, I'll surely miss our Starbucks moments!

And to those other officemates I'll be leaving behind... Bahala kayo sa mga buhay ninyo! Thanks for everything! Mga leche kayo... mas mataas na sweldo ko sa inyo bwahahaha... I learned team work from you all. 

As they say, no goodbyes, only 'till next time... (whatever)


  1. hahahah nagustuhan ko ng husto ung last portion of this blog entry ahahah :P

  2. Hmmm...when will you start at this other company?



  3. @soltero - it sounded bitter, pero the heck naman talaga. lol

    @guyrony - first week of august. :)wink wink

  4. Natatawa ko sa post na to. Naiimagine ko pa ang pagtaas ng kilay mo habang nagtatype ka! LOL! Crazeeeee!

    Have fun in your new "home".

  5. Yes ang bilis ng transition ah! I wish I can have you're guts! I'm sure you'll be happy san ka man company mapunta.. Go rock 'em! heheh

  6. Hahaha panalo ang mga strikethrough messages mukhang marami kang kagalit ah haha

  7. pose kung pose sa pic KEVS! lol!

  8. the strikethroughs were funny. ;-)



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