Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sleepy Head

Contrary to the title, I have no right of being one. Few days from now, exciting things will unravel and Anteros Dominion and I will have something in common. This will bring about things on my plate which will entail me stressing out myself juggling from one task to another. I hope my new "home" will be as welcoming and as jovial as expected. 

And contrary to what people are reading from my Mahal's blog, we're ok. It's nothing but normal to have few misunderstandings, but we are one strong couple.  


  1. natanggap ka na ba kuya?wow, congrats!.ako naghahanap pa lang ng work...hehehe

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. uy may disclaimer hehe.
    goodluck sa career

  4. @AD- yup! call center hopper na ako. wahaha. i'll be managing quality this time. my forte. :)

    @orallyours- ang cute ng disclaimer no. si mahal kasi, kung ano ano nilalagay sa blog, marami tuloy interpretations. thanks sa comment

    @soltero - thanks!

  5. Haha, ako din naintriga sa disclaimer.

    Wala, hiwalay na kung hiwalay!

    Mga bata pa kayo, explore lang ng explore!

    Ang sarap kayang maging single! Join na sa bandwagon!


    Wag nyo ko i-block ha. Echos lang lahat yan.

  6. Sounds like you have a new endeavor! Goodluck Leo. :)

  7. @k-just somewhere in Tiende. lol. i actually followed nimmy. haha.

    @carrie- haha. :) i don't think we're getting any younger. tama na ang pag-eexplore. si dora lang ang nageexplore. choz.

    @mu[g]en - true to that. thanks!

  8. wow goodluck leo! :D
    kelan ko kaya mamimeet ang power couple ng blog world. hehehe :D

  9. Wow, yay! :) That's so sweet! COngrats! And don't forget about me, ahem.. LOL!

  10. Leo,

    Here's to new beginnings =)



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