Monday, July 19, 2010

Star of the Night

It's not the first-time I won an award like this. I won the same back to back "Dashing Debonair Award" from JS Proms during high school.

13 years (or so) after, I got the crown back through one of our recent corporate event. Not that I despise the idea of me being recognized as "gwapo" yuck talaga, I just feel uneasy that people cheers and yells your name so you can get the loudest and resonating vote. Normally, I'm a very simple guy. My get-up is not the fashionista type. I go for comfort and fashion is on the 2nd rank.

I'd like to thank those who have voted for me in this very prestigious award. You guys are crazy. LOL.
with Debbie, my bestfriend in the office


  1. Hmmmmm... "dashing debonaire". I got the same exact comment on my HS yearbook. But that was more sarcastic than anything else. lol! I was an a-hole even back then.

  2. ahahah..ikaw na! ikaw na ang dashing debonaire!! ahahaha (aba teka di ako papatalo! ahaha ) :P

  3. ay wow! ibang level pala tong si leo! haha

    dapat manlilibre pag may award diba? :D

  4. ay kailangan na nito ng fans club!!! now na!!! =)


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