Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thank You TABA Awards 2010

Thanks Zyra Ordono-Bambi of AdodcEspresso for coming up with the Annual TABA Awards! Dahil diyan, kami ni Nimmy ay sumusumpang magmamahalan at magpopost ng mga entries na puro ka-sweetan. Sa sobrang ka-sweetan, magkaka-diabetes kayo. Charing lang. 

Seriously, thanks. I'm sure yung plano na awarding ay matutuloy next year. Sana manalo ulit kami. LOL. 

Sa mga bumoto, maraming salamat. Di namin kayo bibiguin. :)  Salamat kay Kikomaxxx for nominating us. 

Love, love and love!!! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Road Less Traveled

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. 

-Robert Frost

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jogging Galore

So after church, sissy and I decided to jog after it got impeded yesterday due to our adopting mode. :) I'm not sure, but the feeling of exhaustion and the dripping of sweat is getting addictive. Plus the fact that after jog - I feel most of the time light and happy. My goal really is to cut down the bulging tummy of mine. Sad to say, I got only a week before the first beach moment this 2011. 

Since the place where we jog  is somewhat unadulterated with lush greens and fresh air, I decided to take pictures. I brought along Nimmy's spare Canon camera. But I'll blog about it in the next coming days. I still need to edit some by the help of my mentor in photography - who else, but Nimmy. 

See how I did this morning:

And this is how it ended:

Saturday, January 22, 2011


My sister and I were about to jog this morning when we saw a little kitten following a guy doing a brisk walk.  By observation the kitten has no owner. Kitten is following anyone and trying to get anyone's attention. Since we are a family with genuine compassion with animals, we can't help but notice and feel for the orphaned feline. BTW, sissy stayed for a week in our apartment. 

We took the cat after a series of apprehensive moves.  Sissy tried to make the kitten calm while we try to jog. To no avail, we ended going home and appeasing the cat.  We need to pacify him to avoid being noticed by our landlady. It's a sad rule in our apartment. "No pets allowed." So definitely, the cat's new home will not be with us - Nimmy, but with my family in Caloocan.  

Before going home in our own families we decided to have breakfast in  Banchetto-Ortigas. Lucia stayed inside the car and funny, this cat loves to sleep! After that, I drove Nimmy home in Bulacan and saw his mom. I'm happy to see her mom smiling and waving at me. :) 

"I got all that I need... right here in the passenger seat."

'Twas a great day today.  :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I went hiking last Sunday to reach our family's Mango farm. This piece of land was purchased way back 1987 when agricultural land was still cheap. The 1.64 hectares of land (very small) caters to 50-60 mango trees, cassava, jackfruit, coffee, calamansi and some bamboos. Way back, it's literally a forest since parallel to our land is the Tree Planting site of Montalban, Rizal. Before, I can see monkeys, geckos, eagles, colorful birds and monitor lizards in the place.  Sometimes, there are snakes. It's slowly getting modernized since I'm seeing some rough road inside and outside the farm land. There's still no electricity in the place - which is very nice. It preserves the land from noise pollution and the likes. 

After church, which was around 7:30am, we started our hiking. It took as 2 hours to get to the place. The road is purely rough with wild grasses around. It was super fun and tiring at the same time. Our crib there is a temporary shanty but it was awesome. Father did it for 3 consecutive weekends! :) This is also where we store some crops and seedlings. 

BTW, our digicam's battery was almost dead when we got there. We forgot to recharge its batteries.  Some of the pictures here were from my cheap mobile phone. 

I super enjoyed eating and I can't help it. I think the relax atmosphere of the place, will lead you to eating a lot. We had camote for merienda and for lunch, we had inihaw na liempo and bangus. 

Towards lunch, I can't help but notice the cool wind brushing our skin. I thought it's going to be hot and humid but I was wrong. I think it was around 19-20 degrees centigrade. It was really cold there, somewhat similar to Tagaytay.  

Here are some of the moments we had: 

I sooooo love it there and I think I'll be coming over the farm on a weekly basis.  My retiring plan - be a mango farmer! :)

Nimmy might join the fun too next week. Can't wait for his photos. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Open Letter to the Birthday Boy


When you entered my life 4 years ago, I never thought that my life will change dramatically. I was at that time hopeless. But then, we took each steps and we found ourselves living the life that most people will like to have. We click, and our lives were definitely not the same. Our relationship have blossomed to what we thought cannot be possible. People say it's a feat. I say it's a destiny. 

We both know our pasts and that didn't hinder our future. I've been through a lot and my relationships have its share of ups and downs. I've learned a lot from it and that made me more matured. I know that I'm older than you, but that helped us - as I share to you my experiences. We both learned from our mistakes and we never felt any pressure to compromise. We're like soul mates. We found ourselves loving each other naturally. 

A person like you is not hard to love. 

Being that kind hearted as you are, I fall. You never failed to amaze me with your relationship with your family - your siblings, your parents to your grandmother, your uncles and aunts.  I share the same culture as yours.  Our family is intact and we share the values of open communication, respect and unconditional love for one another.  

Mahal, I'm proud to have you as my partner in life. You're the best gift not only to your parents but to me and to my family.  There were countless times you extended your arms to us, especially during the time my mom got hospitalized. At your young age that time, you understood the urgency. I didn't say a word that time, but you know I was worried. You have read me very well. During the time Melissa needed some aid for schooling - you never thought twice in helping out. It's always but natural for you in helping not only me, but other people as well. Hence, you are very blessed. 

Funny that most of the time, I get to learn from your approach to circumstances. Your practicality on things are very evident.  The way you handle your finances - to your professional life. It really speaks well of how your parents brought you up. No wonder you graduated Magna Cum Laude, the highest award in your class. 

I can't remember a time where I doubted my faith in you. I trusted you my life Mahal and I don't see my self having a reproach. You are the person I chose to love for the rest of my life and I don't want anyone else.  Whether you like it or not, I'm here to stay in your life too. 

May the Lord bless you more Mahal and I hope for more future successes in your career. Continue to be motivated and I won't get tired supporting you. Another year has been added to your age, but consider that you are growing to be more mature with a lot of wisdom from your experiences.  I hope that in some ways I have influenced you to be better. Remember that your dreams are my dreams too... 

It's going to be a busy day on your birthday Mahal. However, it's my privilege for you to spend it with me. It's your day Mahal, so expect my extra patience and understanding, not that I'm expecting you to abuse the opportunity - but because you deserve it. 

My three wishes for you:

* See your Mamang soon. I know how much you miss her. Who knows, she might visit Manila soon. 
* I also wish that your cats get more healthy. They are your treasure and they are so adorable. 
*Be a professional photographer in the next few months. You have a talent and I hope you get  to hone it. 

I love you Mahal and I will never get tired of loving you.  Happy Birthday! 

Your Mahal, 

Nimmy, the Birthday Boy

Showbiz Muna

So I got this news from Nimmy on our way home from work. We got nominated in the Kalsada Blog Awards for their category, U-Blog Love Team of the Year...

If you want us to win, kindly cast your votes in this website: http://adodcespresso.com/t

Kthanksbye! :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Summer Mode

Few days from now, Nimmy and I will take it to the next level in terms of travelling. Our destination - Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. I got no high expectations because what I really want  is to pamper myself and relax. I know for sure, this year will be a busy year for me and so I need to energize. I got so many things in mind that I want to accomplish this year. Having this trip in some ways should help think, contemplate and plan.  

Nimmy and I was browsing on some of our 2010 summer pictures and we saw this one: 

Zambales, May 2010
We both love the picture. I just don't like my love-handles showing up. Here's hoping my beach pictures this year will be better. I'm working on it of course. 

Oh yeah, we're excited for our very first out of the country get-away! I'm sure it'll be fun. 

Advance happy birthday Mahal. 


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

56 Months

Happy 56 Monthsary to us Mahaaaaaaaaalllll... 4 months to go... 5 years na. I'll just make it short, but I would just like to know that I love you beyond the stars...

See you in a bit.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Pre-Feast of Black Nazarene

Last year was when I started renewing my Catholic faith. It was when I felt that I need to reach out to Him due to a lot of things I've been going through - particularly my career. My job has been very promising but due to unforeseen circumstances the stress took its toll on me. I was on the verge of believing that it was not yet time for me to have bigger responsibilities. That belief lead me back to being prayerful and being religious. I felt that it's one way of releasing negativities in mind and an effective way to communicate with the Lord. Thus, my faith was strengthened.

Needless to say Quiapo has rooted from our Catholic history. Pilgrimage to this church is so popular to Catholic Filipinos.  My mom influenced me in hearing Mass there. Nimmy would oftentime accompany me (Nimmy is not Catholic, btw) there and we normally visit Quiapo every Sunday. I love the feeling of being rejuvenated every time I hear mass and say my prayers there.  I would normally give thanks for keeping my family healthy and strong. Last year, no one got hospitalized in our family and for me, that's a great blessing for us. 

This Friday morning, I decided in visiting the Quiapo Church. It's Friday and as they say, it's "Quiapo day." I know that the feast of the Black Nazarene is on Sunday so I thought that people will not be that much. Until I saw in TV that devotees will have a procession at 2pm and that there is an ongoing influx of people. Yikes, I know this will induce heavy traffic. And yes, I was right. I got stuck inside the bus for two and half hours. 

I got prepared going there by bringing nothing except our apartment keys, wallet and cellphone. I squeezed myself in the crowd just for me to a have comfortable spot while I listen and watch to Father's sermon displayed in the church's widescreen monitor.  When the mass ended, blessings of image, handkerchief and novena booklets was done and it's another struggle as people pushes you towards the front. I imagine that by Sunday, it's going to be more worst than that.

So there, my pre-feast experience. I went home and bought several DVDs for Nimmy. I then again took the bus instead of the faster LRT. I wanted some time alone and I didn't took lunch. The travel time made me watch people and see a lot of SUV cars (yeah, I love SUVs). 

Right now, I feel happy and blessed, and I hope you too. 

Happy Friday/Quiapo Day! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

On Healthy Living

I'm a fan of sports and I do sports. I play badminton once a week with Nimmy and I jog whenever I could. Though I feel it's not enough, I sometimes wonder I don't get that motivated to really have that serious healthy routine. I don't believe in getting washboard abs or that biceps for cute twinks to cling on (even if I have bulging biceps, Nimmy will pull the hairs of those twinks, lol). Seriously, how can I get motivated? 

Until recently, while jogging in a nearby mall, after 5 minutes of running, I grasp for air and felt like throwing up. I got worried because it must be my age - 30.  But I know that my age is still young.  I personally believe that I'm still capable of wellness and all it's glory. I got a lot of things to do and accomplish and I don't like a dilapidating body to be a big deterrence.  I need to bring back the energy of the youth!!!

If there's one motivation I need to keep a healthy lifestyle, for obvious reasons - it's got to be for  a healthy life. Why do I need it? To have a longer and happy life with my family, friends and of course Nimmy. 

Health is wealth and hospital bills are expenses I abhor.  Yes, regular check-ups will shell-out out some moolah but it's better that way. 

Since I got all the time to job and exercise, might as well be consistent. That way I keep all sickness and stress away. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sleep Talk

Isang taon na rin kaming nagsasama ni Nimmy sa iisang bubong. Halos lahat ng pinagdaanan ng mag-asawa ay pinagdaanan na namin. Enjoy lang kasi kaming dalawa at halos pareho ng trip. Mahilig kumain, matulog, maglakwatsa, magbabad sa laptop, magbasa ng books, magpicture-picture at kung ano ano pa.  Meron ding mga bagay na sobrang taliwas kami. Si Nim kuripot, ako waldas. Si Nim magulo sa gamit, ako naman - OC.  Sa pagsasama namin, aakalain mo lang na nagbabahay bahayan kami. Parang tropa - tropang badette. Masaya lang. At dahil diyan, marami akong natutuklusan kay Nim. Lalo na kapag tulog. 
Mahal: (pupungas-pungas sa pagkakatulog) Kanino lupain yan? Hrmmm... hmmm... 
Leo: Huh??? Anong lupain pinagsasabi mo? 
Mahal: (dumilat at humarap sa laptop habang nagtytype ako) Yun ineedit mo...
Leo: Tulog ka na mahal... Dumadaldal ka na naman... (sabay tapon sa laptop at yumakap... choz siempre ung pagtapon sa laptop)
Mahal: zzzzz... hmmm.... zzzzzz... (nagkumot pa)
Leo: (nakayakap kay Nim habang natutulog)
Mahal: Garzhom hmmmm hmmm grrrrr.... chap chap chap
Leo: German si Mahal
Leo: (as usual nakayakap ulit kay Nim habang borlog)
Mahal: Kuya Ari!!!!!!! (sabay umupo ng 2 seconds at humiga ulit)
Leo: Nag-aasaran sila magkapatid hanggang sa dreams
Mahal: zzzzz....
Next time, hingan ko ng six numbers si Mahal, baka manalo kami sa lotto. 

Update lang mga friends! as of 11:45 in the morning today - 

Nagsalita na naman si Nimmy...

Mahal: (half-opened ang mata) May tinatanong si Ate Denise...
Leo: Ano yun Mahal?
Mahal: Basta... may tanong... zzzzzzhgggllaglagsssss....
Leo: Ok.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Badminton Crush

I've always been and will always be a badminton fan. But there's one badminton player that really caught my attention. Since then, he has been my perennial crush. 

Lee Yong Dae is 22 years old and was the gold medalist for mixed doubles in the recent 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Aside from his boy-next-door looks, he has this killer talent in court. 

I think I'll visit Korea this year.