Friday, January 7, 2011

Pre-Feast of Black Nazarene

Last year was when I started renewing my Catholic faith. It was when I felt that I need to reach out to Him due to a lot of things I've been going through - particularly my career. My job has been very promising but due to unforeseen circumstances the stress took its toll on me. I was on the verge of believing that it was not yet time for me to have bigger responsibilities. That belief lead me back to being prayerful and being religious. I felt that it's one way of releasing negativities in mind and an effective way to communicate with the Lord. Thus, my faith was strengthened.

Needless to say Quiapo has rooted from our Catholic history. Pilgrimage to this church is so popular to Catholic Filipinos.  My mom influenced me in hearing Mass there. Nimmy would oftentime accompany me (Nimmy is not Catholic, btw) there and we normally visit Quiapo every Sunday. I love the feeling of being rejuvenated every time I hear mass and say my prayers there.  I would normally give thanks for keeping my family healthy and strong. Last year, no one got hospitalized in our family and for me, that's a great blessing for us. 

This Friday morning, I decided in visiting the Quiapo Church. It's Friday and as they say, it's "Quiapo day." I know that the feast of the Black Nazarene is on Sunday so I thought that people will not be that much. Until I saw in TV that devotees will have a procession at 2pm and that there is an ongoing influx of people. Yikes, I know this will induce heavy traffic. And yes, I was right. I got stuck inside the bus for two and half hours. 

I got prepared going there by bringing nothing except our apartment keys, wallet and cellphone. I squeezed myself in the crowd just for me to a have comfortable spot while I listen and watch to Father's sermon displayed in the church's widescreen monitor.  When the mass ended, blessings of image, handkerchief and novena booklets was done and it's another struggle as people pushes you towards the front. I imagine that by Sunday, it's going to be more worst than that.

So there, my pre-feast experience. I went home and bought several DVDs for Nimmy. I then again took the bus instead of the faster LRT. I wanted some time alone and I didn't took lunch. The travel time made me watch people and see a lot of SUV cars (yeah, I love SUVs). 

Right now, I feel happy and blessed, and I hope you too. 

Happy Friday/Quiapo Day! 


  1. leo, God bless you and your loved ones! have a good weekend!!!

  2. thank you Sean! may you have a blessed weekend too... :)

  3. i was present in the event in 2009 and 2010. i was in what they call "spiritual-dryness phase" at that time, and was trying to find answers. nakakapit ako sa rope in 2009, but my request was not granted. my faith isn't strong enough i guess. i am going there again on Sunday. will just get a glimpse of the Black Nazarene. XD

  4. @yffar's world - i was not present on any, but my faith is always there. always remember that God's delayed answer is not God's denial. In His own time my friend. God bless always!

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  6. nice! if you're a devotee of the black Nazarene, Perpetual Help naman ako. hehe. apir sir leo, at ano kayang dvd's ang pasalubong mo?

  7. i admire ppl who have this great devotion/dedication for the black nazarene

  8. @melovesflying - done! :) hope it helps.

    @mscq - apir sir doc! i bought black swan, salt and social network. ung last two, nasa ipod na pala niya, so i just gave them to our neighbor. :)

    @imsonotconio - me too! happy sunday.

  9. 2008: almost got squished by the crowd, but I loved every minute I was there. Indeed it was an amazing experience.

  10. It's nice to know that in spite of your religious differences, eh you get along well with Nimmy. Keep the faith. May the force be with you! Ipanalangin mo kaming makasalanan. :D

  11. @ gooeyboy - thanks for sharing!

    @ nielz - thanks! yeah... Nimmy and I get along well despite of a lot of differences. must be love. hehe. :)

  12. Leo,

    And accdg to the news, madami pang tao kanina sa Quiapo. Whoa.

    I salute you for this entry.


  13. This is one thing I haven't tried yet and medyo takot ako itry, takot kasi ako sa masyadong maraming tao baka matapakan me...

  14. i echo conio.
    ang mga flatmates ko iba-iba ang religion and i admire their devotion. they talk passionately about the bible and stuff

  15. @glentot - you need to be with someone if you wanna try it. :) para they can pull you up. hehehe. :)

    @orally - i cant be of that level yet. pero like you guys, i admire and im fascinated by those people who can talk about bible... :)


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