Friday, December 27, 2013

Thank You 2013

It has been a year of ups and downs, but mostly happy stories this 2013. I’m happy to recount some of the highlights, stories and lessons of this year and how it impacted the way I view things now.  Indeed, I’m thankful for the blessings and love manifested by the universe. I’m thankful that for this year, I got to have more control of my life and steered it on the way I want it to be. Thanks to people who shared their time, to the friends who never left me on my own battles, to my family who've always been with me. 


First time to experience tollgate (NLEX). Went to Tagaytay with ex to celebrate his 27th birthday. It was a thrilling experience, something very new to me. But honestly, I’m intimidated by how other people can tackle the road flawlessly. I survived my first bout in the most famous national road of the country. I arrived in Tagaytay in one piece.

The month where I started planning out New Zealand migration.


Few days after Valentines, he broke up with me. I cried for few days and was ready to move on after several weeks.
The months where I averaged 15 hours a day at work


Dated the following: a Twitter personality, someone I met in PR, someone in Grindr, a policeman and some more
Work started to be very demanding. Still averaging 15 hours a day at work


 Attended one of my supervisor's wedding in Pampanga. Conquered SLEX this time.


Scheduled my meeting with NZ immigration consultant


My sister got diagnosed with Viral Encephalitis. One of the most dramatic episodes of my life.
Cancelled my plan to migrate to NZ due to high expenses in the hospital


Seriously planned on buying a pick-up


One of the best months in the office. Site’s performance exceeded all other vendors

Planned my birthday in Palawan with my sister


Went to Palawan with Sis. Enjoyed every moment of this vacation
Got featured in, thanks again to my friend, Bino
Bought Bamba, my Nissan Navara pick-up (picture above)
Went to Subic to visit our US Navy cousin
Went to Tagaytay with the closest friends in the online world – the Barakos


Most emotional month of all the months. There were moments I got depressed because of the feeling of emptiness
Sis’ boyfriend came home from New Zealand to have a vacation. It was my first time to drive to the international airport to pick-up someone. 


Busiest month of the year
Experienced for the first time manila's theme park – Star City
Went to Puerto Galera, got drunk on one of the weekends and met a guy who sat beside me on the beach
Went to Tagaytay with Arvin, my co-soundcloud artist. Hmmm, I know right.
Attended a family reunion for the first time

The universe has blessed me with a lot of human interactions, failures which ended up to be valuable lessons in life. Here are some of the key thoughts I remember for 2013: 

That everything happens for a reason. The plans that did not materialize, just like the plan to migrate might not or will not be good for me.  Or is not yet time.
Breaking-up is not bad after all. You get to learn more of yourself after being hurt. It’s also a test of how you can endure temporary pain. That moving on is the most important facet.
Friends are the people who are there for you when you are down, not when there is just booze and some party going on.
That having a boyfriend is cool. But being rich is cooler. Just kidding
If you are single, you will be sad once in a while
Having a relationship will never define you. It should not be the end-all or be-all
It’s better to be single than be in a wrong relationship
Pursue happiness, and enjoy while doing it
Never leave your friends behind
Generosity, thankfulness, deep gratitude and paying it forward
“What others do to you is their karma, how you react, is yours.”
Love your work, and work will love you back, ten-folds

With just a few days, we will welcome 2014. I just hope that the universe continue to bless me with wisdom. But above all, peace and serenity in my heart - comfort that whatever happens in my life, I got all the things I need and that my dreams are just in the palm of my hands. 

To prosperity and beyond.