Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Nimmy and Leo Love Story (part 1)

Nimmy and I have been together for little less than 51 months. Our anniversary date is May 11, 2006. Before we met, I was still with Parlance Systems Inc., now known as Parlance-Ventus. I was new in the call center industry, and our office has an internet lobby. Friendster was very popular that time and back then, Friendster was my avenue to rest from a very tiring day in the office. I was still with someone during that time, but as far as I remember, ours was already on the rocks. 

One day, I decided to search for dates near our area. Back then, all the guys I met and dated are really far from my abode. Then I remember SJDM. I live near the boundary of Bulacan and North Caloocan and SJDM is like 10-20 minutes ride from us. Just to cut it short, I searched and found this skinny guy. The name really caught my attention. It was different. Then I browsed through the information in front of me and I found out this guy was still in college. It was a no-no for me to date someone who is still dependent on his parent's baon. So in other words, I was not attracted at all. 

As we know, Friendster has the capacity to let you know who have viewed your profile. I checked the other day and I found out the skinny guy viewed me. At this point, both Nimmy and I are in a never-ending argument as to whom invited first to be "friends" in Friendster. He claims that it was me, but I can't recall. But then again, we became cyber friends.

We had exchanges of messages and cute testimonials in Friendster. But that's just it. We never really had the time to meet. I was apprehensive, because then again, I don't date students. 

I transferred to a call center near our place few months after. It was June of 2005. I'm still attached during that time. On the initial months, my career was starting to flourish. Several months after being hired, I got my promotion and forgot that I have a relationship to keep. I was not able to balance things out. So in the end, we separated. 

Christmas went by, New Year then Valentines. I had dates probably in betweens, but I'm starting to feel that the guys I'm with are people that I know will not help me grow as a person. They really can't keep up with the pace of my thinking, hence conversations went down the cliff. In my opinion, conversations for me are very important foundation of any relationship. 

One common denominator in all of my previous relationship is that my partner is usually younger than me. I think I'm a very dominant person. Hence the person that should complement me should be someone that can be passive yet should still know when to draw the lines. I need someone sensible too.

Summer time of '06. I think that was April. I was browsing through my Friendster and there's one person who I noticed that is constantly putting testimonials on my wall. It was Nimrod. I think he is making "papansin." So there, I was single that time. I've mustered some courage to ask for his phone number and invite him for a date. I thought that after several failed relationships, it's about time to meet someone with unadulterated mindset. Initially, I reckon that this will just be a friendly date. Something that will just pass as meeting someone that will just listen to my stories. 

So we met. Our meeting place was National Bookstore. I saw this boy (yuck, boy talaga... mukhang totoy kasi), wearing shorts and a big red Guess t-shirt. For a skinny guy, yes, he looks "jologs" with a large t-shirt. But I know it was a love at first sight. He's cute. He has an F4 hairstyle and he's so moreno. Obviously my weakness. 

He approached me and said, "Hi leo!"  and then I whispered to myself, "Oh boy, I know my heart's gonna be in big trouble."

(to be continued)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Try Ko Lang Maging Chikadora

Ok, mahirap to para sa akin. In reality kasi, I'm a very quiet person. Complete opposite ni Nimmy. Pero parang pareho kami minsan. Kasi tahimik din siya. Actually, sa blog lang siya maingay. Hahaha. Pero this time, try ko nga maging madaldal. Yung tipong, magkukuwento lang ako sa iyo. 

Let me start. Ako si Leo. Ok, Leomer buo kong name. Nakuha name ko sa pangalan ng aking itay, Leonardo. Si inay naman si Myrna. Kaya ayun, Leomer. Panganay ako, kaya pinagsama name nila pareho. Malas ba yun? Actually hindi, feeling ko, keri naman. Lumaki ako na walang kapangalan. Pero lumaki ako na ang mga kaibigan ko, iba ibang version ang pronunciation ng name ko. "U-mer, Leoh-mer, Mher, Yow-mer." Kainis lang. 

Ipinanganak ako sa Paranaque. Kung saan ko binili ang kotse kong binangga ko nung first day. Kalurky. 

I work as a manager. Dating taga-bangko, pero natukso magtrabaho sa call center. Agent, supervisor, quality sup, quality manager at team manager. Yan mga roles ko sa industry. Aangal pa ba ako? Masaya naman. Pero I know hindi ako tatagal sa industriya na to. I want an above average life. Makasama ko lang si Nimmy having the same lifestyle which we have right now, ok na. Well, you may ask, ano ba lifestyle namin? Masaya lang kami na may food sa ref, pantry, go places where we want - and when I say places, gusto lang namin sa beach, mga eklat eklat sa mall at nature. Yun lang. Very simple. Pareho kaming napaka-domesticated. Mabubuhay kami sa kwarto namin, basta bukas ang aircon or electric fan, laptop at comfortable and higaan. Well, for some, hindi na ito simple, pero for a couple like us na kumikita, super simple nito. I can see myself few years from now na settled-down sa farm namin. Yun ang gusto ko. Tapos paminsan minsan lang lumalabas ng bahay. 

Sa usapin ng pagkakaroon ng anak... Well, nakakatawa.. Kasi minsan, naaliw ako sa baby doll. First year anniversary namin ni Nimmy. My team and I went to Baguio of course with Nimmy. Dun sa transient house, may baby doll na parang totoong baby. Super cute. Itatabi ko sana pagtulog. Pero siempre, natakot si Nimmy. Pero dun nagstart ung pag-iiisip ko na magkaroon ng junakis. Friends advised me, "dogs muna.... kasi kapag nag-ampon kayo tapos di naman nagworkout, kawawa naman ung bata..." May point namin sila. Last week, when I went to the dentist, may shitzu na sumalubong sa akin. Pet ni doktora. Ayun, my defenses went down. Kinarga ko si dog at ginawang parang sanggol. Last week din, dinala ng officemate ko ung anak niyang three years old. Di ako nakapagtrabaho ng maayos. I suddenly became a nanny that time, but I super enjoyed it. As in. Nimmy and I will surely talk about this topic soon. We're not getting any younger. I think, dadating sa point na may makulit na magiingay sa house namin. Can't wait for that. :)

I'm the eldest to my sister and brother. Tatlo lang kami. We're of different characters. Pero pareho kaming tatlong mahilig kumain at tumawa. Sumpungin si bunso. Typical na emo. Frustrated band member pero loving boyfriend sa girlfriend niya. Ung kapatid ko na sumunod sa akin, sister ko naman yun na ang trip ay mang-okray at tumawa. Super saya niya kasama. Kaya maraming friends. Mana raw yun sa akin. Kasi pareho kami matalino. Yikes. 

As a friend, ako ung tipong hingian ng advice. Magaling ata ako sa department na yun. I know how to raise morale of a person. Medyo ganun ako eh. Parang Paula Abdul, I can see the positive side of every person. Pero hirap ako mag-advise sa sarili ko. I need Nimmy to keep my feet off the ground. He's younger, pero mas practical siya mag-isip sa akin. Sa career ko, I have several mentors. Super galing at bait nila sa akin. They always see my strengths and they know how to address my opportunities. 

Well, for some, I may be boring. Pero ganun talaga eh. I usually open up sa babae. Mas madali 
ako makipagchikahan sa girls. Dun kami magkaiba ni Nimmy. Si Nimmy may close-buds na straights. Eeeew. Hahaha. 

Ano pa ba ang gusto ko sabihin? Birthday ko sa October 20. I'm turning 30 na this year. I'm a Libra and under the Metal Monkey naman sa Chinese zodiac. It's not a good year daw for me this 2010. I beg to differ. Maswerte pa rin ako sa ibang mga bagay. I think isa na dun ung attitude ko na positive. Knowing what's been happening to me lately, I know that  it's not yet the end of it. Happiness daw is a mental state. I feel blessed and hindi lahat ng tao narating ang narating ko... at para sa aking parting words: (naks)

I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.  ~Ancient Persian Saying

Novena to St. Jude Thaddeus (Patron of Hopeless Cases)

I just bumped into a website that caters to different types of prayers and petitions. As I browsed, I saw and remember this powerful prayer I got from a newspaper back then when I was in high school. My family was in deep financial challenges during that time and I thought of not finishing off high school. I prayed for days uttering this prayer before I go to sleep. St. Jude helped me in praying to God that I may finish my education. It got realized. As I grow older, I still use this prayer to help me get through times of troubles. It never failed me thus renewing my faith to St. Jude, Jesus and our Almighty God. I hope this will help you too. 

"St. Jude, glorious apostle, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the name of the person (who betrayed our Lord) has caused you to be forgotten by many, but the true Church invokes you universally as the Patron of things despaired of. Pray for me, who is so miserable; pray for me, that I may finally receive the consolations and the succour of Heaven in all my necessities, tribulations, and sufferings, particularly (ADD YOUR PERSONAL REQUEST HERE), and that I may bless God with the Elect Throughout Eternity."

"May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be Adored, Glorified, Loved & Preserved throughout the world, now & forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, please pray for me. Saint Jude, Worker of Miracles, please pray for me. Saint Jude, Helper of the Hopeless, please pray for me. Amen."

"O most holy apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, people honor and invoke you universally, as the patron of hopeless cases, of things almost despaired of. Pray for me, for I am so helpless and alone. Please help to bring me visible and speedy assistance. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consolation and help of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations, and sufferings, particularly (state your request) and that I may praise God with you always."

"I promise, O blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor, to always honor you as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to you by publishing this request. Amen."

"Holy Saint Jude, Apostle and Martyr, Great in virtue and rich in miracles, Near kinsman of Jesus Christ, Faithful intercessor of all Who invoke your special patronage in time of need. To you I have recourse from the depths of my heart And humbly beg to whom God has given such great power To come to my assistance. Help me in my present and urgent petition, In return I promise to make your name known And cause you to be invoked. Saint Jude pray for me and all those who invoke your aid. Amen."


I'm not sure if there's anyone who can dismiss the fact that Nimmy and I are so cute. LOL. Hahahaha. May mapost lang. 

Driving ala Leo

Oh yes. I now drive my own car. Thanks to Nimmy for supporting me. This is after months and months of me persuading the cute Nimmy to buy a second hand car. Well for those who don't know, Nimmy does not approve with the idea. Hmmm, well the frugal guy drives a point. Nowadays, it's not cheap to maintain a car. But  through the hustle and bustle of the cities, it came to a point that the cute Nimmy got stressed out. He changed camp, and now, we have our own car!

The first day was a traumatic experience. During the day I bought Dominador (my sister coined this nickname to my car, lol), I run into an accident in the entrance of our subdivision. After driving from Las Pinas to Pasig which is like 1.5 hours, few minutes before getting home, I crashed to an old and dirty cab. Luckily, no one got hurt. Few days later though, I had it fixed and it's handsome again.

For starters like me, it was such an experience. It didn't however, diminished my desire to be a better driver. The experience paved the way of me respecting the drivers of our roads. It's not really easy to drive. It takes someone great skills. Skills, that I know I will have soon.

When All Else Fails...

Well, they say that life has it's twists and turns. You get challenges and obstacles that sometimes you will feel overwhelmed. It gets worst for some, and there are some who experience breakthroughs. When all else fails, luckily, I feel that it's still not the end of the road. When conspicuously you feel it's not working and all your effort are put in vain, I see it as a great problem to solve. 

But everything has it's saturation period. You'll get tired. I am tired, but I know it's not gonna end there. 

One thing I learned through experience is that you don't need to exaggerate things. You just learn to let go and charge your mistakes to experience. Experience tells us that whatever you've gone through, you've gone through. If you want to experience the pain again, it's your decision. 

So starting today and moving forward... I commit to myself that: 

1. I'll be more humble and learn
2. Always pay it forward
3. Never mingle with negative folks
4. Make friends, but trust only a few
5. Give thanks to Him for all the experience
6. Love my family, LOVE NIMMY 
7. Get more focus and know my goals
8. Aim for the best always
9. Share knowledge
10.  Embrace challenges, but tackle it with Him

Thank you Lord.