Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Nimmy and Leo Love Story (part 1)

Nimmy and I have been together for little less than 51 months. Our anniversary date is May 11, 2006. Before we met, I was still with Parlance Systems Inc., now known as Parlance-Ventus. I was new in the call center industry, and our office has an internet lobby. Friendster was very popular that time and back then, Friendster was my avenue to rest from a very tiring day in the office. I was still with someone during that time, but as far as I remember, ours was already on the rocks. 

One day, I decided to search for dates near our area. Back then, all the guys I met and dated are really far from my abode. Then I remember SJDM. I live near the boundary of Bulacan and North Caloocan and SJDM is like 10-20 minutes ride from us. Just to cut it short, I searched and found this skinny guy. The name really caught my attention. It was different. Then I browsed through the information in front of me and I found out this guy was still in college. It was a no-no for me to date someone who is still dependent on his parent's baon. So in other words, I was not attracted at all. 

As we know, Friendster has the capacity to let you know who have viewed your profile. I checked the other day and I found out the skinny guy viewed me. At this point, both Nimmy and I are in a never-ending argument as to whom invited first to be "friends" in Friendster. He claims that it was me, but I can't recall. But then again, we became cyber friends.

We had exchanges of messages and cute testimonials in Friendster. But that's just it. We never really had the time to meet. I was apprehensive, because then again, I don't date students. 

I transferred to a call center near our place few months after. It was June of 2005. I'm still attached during that time. On the initial months, my career was starting to flourish. Several months after being hired, I got my promotion and forgot that I have a relationship to keep. I was not able to balance things out. So in the end, we separated. 

Christmas went by, New Year then Valentines. I had dates probably in betweens, but I'm starting to feel that the guys I'm with are people that I know will not help me grow as a person. They really can't keep up with the pace of my thinking, hence conversations went down the cliff. In my opinion, conversations for me are very important foundation of any relationship. 

One common denominator in all of my previous relationship is that my partner is usually younger than me. I think I'm a very dominant person. Hence the person that should complement me should be someone that can be passive yet should still know when to draw the lines. I need someone sensible too.

Summer time of '06. I think that was April. I was browsing through my Friendster and there's one person who I noticed that is constantly putting testimonials on my wall. It was Nimrod. I think he is making "papansin." So there, I was single that time. I've mustered some courage to ask for his phone number and invite him for a date. I thought that after several failed relationships, it's about time to meet someone with unadulterated mindset. Initially, I reckon that this will just be a friendly date. Something that will just pass as meeting someone that will just listen to my stories. 

So we met. Our meeting place was National Bookstore. I saw this boy (yuck, boy talaga... mukhang totoy kasi), wearing shorts and a big red Guess t-shirt. For a skinny guy, yes, he looks "jologs" with a large t-shirt. But I know it was a love at first sight. He's cute. He has an F4 hairstyle and he's so moreno. Obviously my weakness. 

He approached me and said, "Hi leo!"  and then I whispered to myself, "Oh boy, I know my heart's gonna be in big trouble."

(to be continued)


  1. Woiiii! Thank you for granting our request! Aabangan ko yung next part.

  2. wow kinilig ako ahahaha ....

    "It was Nimrod. I think he is making "papansin." - ahahaha i love this!!

    more more!!

  3. It's so nice to know how you guys started. I remember noticing Nimrod back when he was still in Nesting. woops! Sorry leo, Nimmy's really cute and I was single back then. LOL

    Kidding aside, the first time I saw nimmy I thought he was cute, but when I saw You and Nimmy together, I said to myself "Boy they're such a lovely couple" congrats to you both! 4 years is such an achievement. :D

  4. Can't wait for the next post! lalo na yung X rated hahaha

  5. Awwww, ang cute naman! Thanks for sharing this story. I'll wait for the next part. ;)

  6. Ang cute ng lovestory nyo. Although you've told me that story a number of times before, it still never fails to make me kilig!

    Love love love! :D

  7. from my favorite quote. "some love stories are epic novels, some are short stories. But, that doesn't make them any less filled with love"

    i'm very happy for you and nimmy! cheers! :D

    x's - salamat sa pagdaan! :D

  8. @mu[g]en- no worries, the pleasure is mine. :)
    @soltero-wait lang po kuya... iniisip ko pa ung karugtog. hehe
    @micamics-thanks! di lang ikaw ang nagkagusto sa kanya, marami pa. :)
    @JR-haha, di ko ata kaya magsulat ng x-rated, paturo muna ako kay soltero :)
    @Ronnie-thanks so much. yaan mo, ngcocompose na ako ng aking next part.
    @K-hehe, i know, ilang beses ko na nakwento sa yo... :)
    @AD-yup, tamis tamis lang... :)
    @MSCQ-thanks MSCQ! what do you mean by x's? di ko nagets. hehe

  9. What a cute and kilig story. :) I wish I could have the same story someday...

  10. Find love @ Chuzi.
    Swear you won't regret it.

  11. Rawr! Bangis ng ending! Nakakakilig naman 'to :)

  12. "It was a no-no for me to date someone who is still dependent on his parent's baon. So in other words, I was not attracted at all."

    HA! This made me laugh. I mean it literally. You're so clever. But yeah, i was smiling when i was reading this... :)

  13. @Josh Leyson - haha! thanks for dropping a comment here. :) that was a little over 5 years ago and believe me, i've never thought that it could be a happy ending! :)


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