Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010!

2010, I'm leaving you behind and I wish to remember only the good things and the lessons I learned from the bad things you made me experience. It's been a roller-coaster ride! I wish to pull the cold turkey out of the system. From work, to finances, to peer-relationship and all that, I've struggled this year and I won't let this thing continue on to 2011. 

I've experienced a lot of things this year - I traveled (rode a plane the first time and doing it for six times), drove my own car, worked in two companies consecutively, held a wrench and jack, had chicken pox, fixed my messed up birth certificate, getting my passport and driver's license and a whole lot more. 

Of all the things that happened to me this year, my favorite is working together again with Nimmy. 

Well, they say that once in our lives, we have to experience a great deal of things. It's suffocating at times and it sometimes crushes your spirit to pieces. The comeback is the most important. I can't wait for my break-through and for sure it's going to be a blast!

Cheers to a prosperous 2011! 
Nimmy and sis Melissa. I love you both! 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Engagement Ring part 2

Part 1

Just one usual day, Nimmy and I were cuddling and talking about some work-related stuff. I think we just woke up from his usual sleep-over in our house. Out of nowhere, Nimmy noticed the ring my mom gave me. I was wearing it that day.

"Looks like an engagement ring, huh?" Nimmy blurted out while caressing and pinching my hands.

"Yeah, it's my mom's ring. Look oh, it has names etched inside."

I told him the story behind it and saw his usual puppy eyes. "What are you thinking Mahal?" I asked.

"A lot of guys must've wore that ring..." and he went to his usual fetal position. I smelled his hair and give him my usual hug.

"It's now yours. Wear it Mahal."

"Can you say something dramatic? Like you're proposing?"

"Ok, ok. Will you marry me?"

Nimmy wore the biggest smile ever. And I thought I didn't do a good job in proposing. It was never dramatic, and there were no theatricals in place. No kneeling down. Sincerity was just the thing I can offer that moment. Despite the candidness, one thing is for sure, it was heart-felt. Nimmy appreciates it and he never asks me to do stuff I'm not comfortable doing. I'm definitely one lucky guy to have him.

For a couple like us, we were on a common ground that engagement is something we had from day one. We know that we will grow old together. We know that this we have (our relationship) will last and will endure every test it can muster.

The engagement ring was more of a sign of our family's bond. It's a sign of unconditional love that no matter how time change things, it can never change the love and it will forever linger to our hearts and souls.

Nimmy and I likes to take it slow. With that we cherish moments where we accomplish stuff together. Living-in together is a major step. It was not easy for some, yet, it was fun for us. We make it look easy, but indeed it was easy.

I believe that no amount of emotion can contain what Nimmy and I have accomplished for more than four years of being together. It'll be more fruitful years together for sure. The engagement ring was our quiet witness, and the symbol of our family's love. We intend to continue the legacy and we intend to keep it until eternity.

Tagaytay, 2007
With that I end this post with a message to everyone - "It's not the price of the ring that dictates the engagement of two people. It's the hearts, the soul and the commitment to last despite the challenges that comes along the way. The romance is not confined on the proposal or the will-you-marry-me moment but in the regular days you spend together, with sweetness you only two understand."

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Engagement Ring

I just got home from church.

It is indeed a refreshing Sunday, seeing almost everything turned to pink. For Catholics, it's the third Sunday of advent. This Sunday, it should commemorate joy and hope. Father's sermon was about making sure we take on our responsibility seriously and find joy in it. With this we should be able to derive hope. We should learn how to be unselfish and fulfill duties not for one's motives, but to help others for their own good.

As I said, it's a refreshing Sunday. The weather is cool and from the doors of the church you can feel cool breeze coming in. It touched my shoulder and that feeling brings me some joy. It made me reminisce my childhood during Christmas morning.

To everyone's information, Nimmy and I normally will go home every weekend in our family's home. We live in together and it has been our practice that Saturday and Sunday is for our family. I enjoy it, we enjoy it. In some ways, it gives us time to be apart, miss each other and give some "alone" time for ourselves. I guess that's our biggest secret to a successful relationship. We both came from a strongly-knit family and just the same, we want for our future a family with the same values. I know that there will come a time that our relationship will move on to the next level. We don't hurry though, and the thought of our family's own successes are sure fire inspiration for us to keep up and aspire for the better. We're lucky to have our own families for sure.

One legacy that my mom passed on to me was an engagement ring. I usually see this ring in her left ring finger.   As a curious kid back then, I will borrow and try it. Although, the slightest move of my hand will make it drop due to my  little and young hands. Then I saw a marking engraved inside it. It says, "Narding and Linda."

I know my mom's name is Myrna and not Linda. So the curious kid asked. "She's your Papa's ex." Needless to say, their engagement didn't work out fine and the girl returned it to him. Few years, we found each other, and he give it to me."

"But Ma, don't you think it's not fair to get a hand-me-down ring?" I asked.

Then my Mama told me, "I want you to give this ring to the person you would be marrying. This was a sign of a love that was lost, but was found through us. I want you to find your love. It will be a long travel, but when you know see that person and get to know him, you will see and feel that this ring is to be given. You will know..."

Of course I didn't understand during that time. But as years pass by, I had been introduced to a plethora of relationships. Ask me, I've been there, done that. There were moments in my life when I know that the ring will stay with me and will never be given to any person. I was cynic, and I thought it's not possible for a long-term.

But then I found Nimmy. 

(to be continued...)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sweet Rose

It's Friday. It should have been a very light and relaxing day in the office. Not for me though. Ilang weeks na rin akong stressed. To the point that Nimmy is affected... Too bad. I'm missing on a lot of things and I really apologize for the shortcomings I have Mahal... 

To compensate... I made sure that every time our cellphone alarms to wake us up... I stand up immediately so I get to be the first one to take a bath. Honestly, pinag-aawayan pa namin ni Nimmy kung sino mauuna maligo. Yes folks. Pero, we're blessed that that's the only major thing close for us to argue big-time about. Aside from kung sino maghuhugas ng plato, na parang away kapatid lang. 

And just this evening, I texted him something that I think made him happy today. Then I bought him coffee. Tagal ko na rin di naliligawan si Mahal.... I think mga one month na. But kidding aside, it's really true that my stress-level took it's toll on me. I had chicken pox and I had lesser quality time with my Mahal. 

So to end this blog entry short, I just wanted to say that I realized that whatever you're going through, you really need to step-back and assess what's missing and what's needed to be prioritized. In this case, I don't think it's right to miss on people who loves you so much. 

You start and end with your family, your loved ones. 

At sa sobrang understanding ng Mahal ko, I really thank him. Mahal, you took care of me when I was sick, and you were so patient with my ranting about work. You make me feel better every time when you  make me eat my favorite food, and by making me smile when you dance and sing... Your antics makes you so adorable... 

More importantly, you don't stop to show you care even when I feel at times I don't deserve it. I'm so proud of you Mahal, and thanks for the rose you sneaked out to give me in the office. Sorry, I have to flaunt that I have a rose in my desk. On my way home awhile ago, I walked in the office hallway, carrying the rose you gave me and I don't care if people stares. What's important is that, that rose is a symbol of your love, and to me that's the most important of all.