Monday, December 27, 2010

Engagement Ring part 2

Part 1

Just one usual day, Nimmy and I were cuddling and talking about some work-related stuff. I think we just woke up from his usual sleep-over in our house. Out of nowhere, Nimmy noticed the ring my mom gave me. I was wearing it that day.

"Looks like an engagement ring, huh?" Nimmy blurted out while caressing and pinching my hands.

"Yeah, it's my mom's ring. Look oh, it has names etched inside."

I told him the story behind it and saw his usual puppy eyes. "What are you thinking Mahal?" I asked.

"A lot of guys must've wore that ring..." and he went to his usual fetal position. I smelled his hair and give him my usual hug.

"It's now yours. Wear it Mahal."

"Can you say something dramatic? Like you're proposing?"

"Ok, ok. Will you marry me?"

Nimmy wore the biggest smile ever. And I thought I didn't do a good job in proposing. It was never dramatic, and there were no theatricals in place. No kneeling down. Sincerity was just the thing I can offer that moment. Despite the candidness, one thing is for sure, it was heart-felt. Nimmy appreciates it and he never asks me to do stuff I'm not comfortable doing. I'm definitely one lucky guy to have him.

For a couple like us, we were on a common ground that engagement is something we had from day one. We know that we will grow old together. We know that this we have (our relationship) will last and will endure every test it can muster.

The engagement ring was more of a sign of our family's bond. It's a sign of unconditional love that no matter how time change things, it can never change the love and it will forever linger to our hearts and souls.

Nimmy and I likes to take it slow. With that we cherish moments where we accomplish stuff together. Living-in together is a major step. It was not easy for some, yet, it was fun for us. We make it look easy, but indeed it was easy.

I believe that no amount of emotion can contain what Nimmy and I have accomplished for more than four years of being together. It'll be more fruitful years together for sure. The engagement ring was our quiet witness, and the symbol of our family's love. We intend to continue the legacy and we intend to keep it until eternity.

Tagaytay, 2007
With that I end this post with a message to everyone - "It's not the price of the ring that dictates the engagement of two people. It's the hearts, the soul and the commitment to last despite the challenges that comes along the way. The romance is not confined on the proposal or the will-you-marry-me moment but in the regular days you spend together, with sweetness you only two understand."


  1. haba haba ng hair ni nimmy. sya na ang bida sa tangled. :D

  2. ang sweet. haayyy.... wish ko ring magka-engagement ring.

    calling all single men out there.


  3. Sakalan na hihi!

    So sweet!

    Overflowing of glucose stores.

    God bless your relationship :)

  4. aaaawwwww.... napa-skip tapos pirouette ako dito :)

  5. nakakakilig naman nang todo-todo!

  6. @neilz - mahaba talaga hair niya. :)
    @ms. chuniverse - marami raw nag-aabang sa yo para bigyan ka ng ring...
    @pluripotentnurse - hahaha! thanks and Godbless you too!
    @sean - gusto ko makita yan. :)
    @aleph's id - eeeee. un lang. :)

  7. awww! sir leo, so happy for you and nimmy! time can attest that what you have is true and genuine. and nakakatuwa we can witness here ang pagmamahalan at kulitan nyo. hehe

  8. @doc ced - thanks! tama ka, time can attest this love. patagalan na to! haha.

    @mr. chan - thanks a lot!

  9. Leowmer - super sweet! Natouch ako ng tunay. Hayyyyyy. Grabe, idol ko kayong dalawa. Sana makahanap din ako ng ganyang kind ng love. Saya. :)

  10. @wanderingcommuter - thanks! happy holidays!

    @k - makakahanap ka rin niyan! promise... :)

  11. na touch ako ng sobra dito sa post mo....u guys deserve each other, ur both good people...

    i wish you guys the best :)

    Happy New Year sa inyong dalawa! :)


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