Sunday, December 12, 2010

Engagement Ring

I just got home from church.

It is indeed a refreshing Sunday, seeing almost everything turned to pink. For Catholics, it's the third Sunday of advent. This Sunday, it should commemorate joy and hope. Father's sermon was about making sure we take on our responsibility seriously and find joy in it. With this we should be able to derive hope. We should learn how to be unselfish and fulfill duties not for one's motives, but to help others for their own good.

As I said, it's a refreshing Sunday. The weather is cool and from the doors of the church you can feel cool breeze coming in. It touched my shoulder and that feeling brings me some joy. It made me reminisce my childhood during Christmas morning.

To everyone's information, Nimmy and I normally will go home every weekend in our family's home. We live in together and it has been our practice that Saturday and Sunday is for our family. I enjoy it, we enjoy it. In some ways, it gives us time to be apart, miss each other and give some "alone" time for ourselves. I guess that's our biggest secret to a successful relationship. We both came from a strongly-knit family and just the same, we want for our future a family with the same values. I know that there will come a time that our relationship will move on to the next level. We don't hurry though, and the thought of our family's own successes are sure fire inspiration for us to keep up and aspire for the better. We're lucky to have our own families for sure.

One legacy that my mom passed on to me was an engagement ring. I usually see this ring in her left ring finger.   As a curious kid back then, I will borrow and try it. Although, the slightest move of my hand will make it drop due to my  little and young hands. Then I saw a marking engraved inside it. It says, "Narding and Linda."

I know my mom's name is Myrna and not Linda. So the curious kid asked. "She's your Papa's ex." Needless to say, their engagement didn't work out fine and the girl returned it to him. Few years, we found each other, and he give it to me."

"But Ma, don't you think it's not fair to get a hand-me-down ring?" I asked.

Then my Mama told me, "I want you to give this ring to the person you would be marrying. This was a sign of a love that was lost, but was found through us. I want you to find your love. It will be a long travel, but when you know see that person and get to know him, you will see and feel that this ring is to be given. You will know..."

Of course I didn't understand during that time. But as years pass by, I had been introduced to a plethora of relationships. Ask me, I've been there, done that. There were moments in my life when I know that the ring will stay with me and will never be given to any person. I was cynic, and I thought it's not possible for a long-term.

But then I found Nimmy. 

(to be continued...)


  1. awwww. cheers to being joyful and hopeful. joyful for the times that you spend and will spend with nimmy and your family and for being hopeful that finally finding and be with that special someone. :D happy sunday sir leo!

  2. @doc ced - cheers! happy sunday! :)

  3. oh damn, i'm at a loss for words...seriously, that story about the ring is so touching - what it represents and symbolizes.

    i'm sure humaba na nman ng 6 inches ang hair ni baby nims hihihi...

    more power to the both of you, i'm looking 4ward to the continuation of this story :)

  4. Evoking an emotion of indescribable proportion, this, this is worth reading over and over again.

  5. I second Guyrony's comment. The feeling I'm getting from this post is indescribable.

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  7. @soltero - lost din ako kay inay. kasi feeling ko dapat sa bebot ko ibibigay ung singsing. :) haha, you know, the pressure.

    thanks, i'll continue the story soon.

    @guyrony - thank you! i appreciate those kind words, really. :)

    @ryan - i hope in some ways we inspire you guys.

  8. awwww. sooooooo saccharinely, positively, adorable! hehe. great story!

  9. I enjoy it, we enjoy it. In some ways, it gives us time to be apart, miss each other and give some "alone" time for ourselves.

    Thanks for the advise Leo. :)

  10. Sometimes, it all takes a "me" or "alone" time for a relationship to work, but we still cling onto each other without letting go. At the end issues boil up to the point of separation and worse, bitterness. Good to know that there are people like Nimmy and you who are keeping this up.

    I like the ring story, can't wait for the next part. :)

  11. OMG!!! Bitinnnnnn! Part 2 na pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  12. @advent - thanks! im still thinking on how to end the story... :)

    @mugen - yes sir! :) thanks for reading...

    @louie - agree to all that you said. :)

    @k - yep, lapit na... :)

  13. grabe sobrang nakaka touch naman to..

    Say hi to tita myrna for me, :D

    Merry Christmas senyo ni nimmy. :D

  14. Super like, kahit super late. LOL

  15. hello Leo. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas! Sana naging meaningful and very happy yung Pasko mo. :D

    Advance happy new year too, wag magpaputok, baka maputulan. lol. :P

    Word verification: pingr

    hahaha.. kakaloka!

  16. @neilz - thanks so much! nakarating na kay mama ang pagbati mo. :) merry christmas too and a happy new year!

    @carrie - hehe. keri lang friend! see you soon!

  17. w0w!what a great b0nd as a c0uple.. :D

    naka2excite per0 naka2pressure..hehe!


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