Friday, May 21, 2010

Thanks for the Beach!

May 15-16 was really a well thought of summer get-away. It is actually a part 2 beach session I had in Zambales. The first one happened two weeks before that with almost the same group of folks. This time however, it was more special, because I had to spend it not only with my officemates but with Nimmy. 

I really love the beach and I thank God for creating this splendid nature. I just hope that I can get to spend going to the beach as often as I can. I don't mind the tan color I can get. The splendid view and refreshing way of releasing my tension and anxiety is priceless. 

If you want to get blow by blow activities we had during this short trip we had, you can read through my Mahal's blog.

The team is currently planning again for an out of town event. I hope it'll be the beach again. 

Yeah right, I'm getting addicted to it.  

Sunday, May 9, 2010