Monday, August 19, 2013

Life is Sunny and Green

Just one fine sunny Sunday, after my usual badminton game, I and my old time friend decided to have lunch in the nearest mall. She’s my classmate back in high school and we’ve known each other for a long time. Our friendship got rekindled when I joined their badminton club and I’m happy that things positively changed from the time we were like adolescent until now that she has her family and me just doing my thing. This is the first time for many years that we get to have lunch together, just to really catch-up on the things that have come our way. 

If not for the break-up, I will not have bridged the friendship back, not only to her, but for my other friends as well. So much for the years that I’ve placed myself in the hiatus of my long time friends, those days should be long been gone. Though I see them on several occasions, it’s still different when you get to see them in person, constantly. 

For whatever reasons, I find comfort and security when surrounded by true friends. Just like that one fine day, when all I thought world crumbled upon me, I find strength in the words of my good friend. I was going through something, in fact, I’m still is. I remember her words as I sashayed on my emotions through bits and pieces of my stories. No matter how complicated I think about my situation, her trivial and simple approach struck me. “Stop the feeling of emptiness, Leo.” 

When all I thought I was incomplete and feeling incomplete, her words just made me realize, I’m still lucky above anyone else. Sometimes, I think how retarded I am contemplating of things that I’ve lost. When all the while I’ve found so many especially in times I was depressed. Funny how life tries to lure with things you want. Only to find out, there’s just so plenty, and all you have to do is unravel them in your deepest senses. 

I’ve learned a lot from that simple lunch together. I could not ask for more. To find justice in my resources is simple enough to give insurmountable gratitude. Not that I’m complaining, for it is not right when others are in despair. In the comforts of my life, I should be thankful. And I am. 

I think what makes me more human are the emotions that goes through each challenges I’m faced. I just don’t want to sit on the fact though that I’m higher than those obstacles. Still, I’m at the mercy of my strength and my willingness to change. In the higher scheme of things, reliance to self is of paramount character. As a human, it’s still gratifying to see people who keep on supporting you, who will vouch for you. That despite shortcomings, there are still people who believes. 

Just few weeks after our meet up, my family experienced a major set-back. My sister was rushed to the hospital, got confined for more than a week in ICU, and we were relieved that it was not permanently damaging to her life.

It’s indeed something to be thankful for. 

My plans of migrating will be put into the sides, yet I’m happy and thankful that some opportunities are coming my way in terms of my career and finances. I might have lost in some aspect, yet I gained a lot of network and it broadens my horizon for things to come. I’ve learned… that whatever set-backs we have, we will have hundreds of options. Sometimes, you just need awesome friends. 

That one fine sunny Sunday, made me realize how sunny and green life is. And forever, I will be thankful.