Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Nimmy and Leo Love Story (part 2)

(the last part)

"So where do we go?" I said to Nimmy.

"Anywhere," his short response.

Well, during that time, I was a bit hungry. So we decided to eat in Kenny Rogers. Everything went smoothly. All the things we have talked about during our texting days were confirmed during that meeting. He made mentioned that one time, he saw me leaving a Bench shop. That's before we met. I can't remember. But he insisted that he was calling me, and I was then a snob. I laughed.

One impression I had with Nimmy is his love for his grandmother. During our first meeting, he almost cried when he shared his story about his grandma. I told myself, "he's a very kind son." I was right in my assumption. Nimmy is the obedient type. Very family oriented. He has close ties to his siblings. I admire him for that. Of all the ex-bfs I had, he's the only one that belonged to a very close family. I appreciated it so much, as my family is the same.

Few days later, we met again after his EK adventure with college friends. I can see his delight while showing me pictures of his friends. I started to feel something different about me. I started to get interested about his life and what he had gone through. While he's talking, I can sense that I've stared on his face for the longest time. We just had coffee near the office. But every sip in my frappucino tasted like I'm getting a sugar rush to the Nth level. We parted ways that day. But his face lingers in my mind.

As usual, we had text messages exchanges. It came to a point where I now know that I'm falling for this guy. I know that his sweet quotes aren't enough to quench my thirst for romance. I surrender and told him what I am feeling. It frustrated me that he didn't replied back to what I am expecting. I know that he had just ignored me.

He got a job in Makati few weeks after. This paved the way for him to move out from his family and move in to his sibling's apartment. I felt that it's gonna be tough. Long distance relationship? Hell no. I know for a fact that I dated him because he's near the office and our house. His moving to Makati placed doubts on where this will be leading. Moreover, I know I am feeling that he's not interested.

But it didn't stop me. I wore my Romantic Hat. I took the risk. I asked him. Only to find out that he had just broken up with his ex several weeks ago. He did not want to jump into a relationship right away because of that. Ok, I understand. But how about me? What am I gonna do with this? Do I wait?

I pursued Nimrod.

I asked a closed-ended question. Do you still want to continue this? Do you still want me to text you? Poor guy, I know he was cornered. He was giving me some alibis. He's making it hard for us.

Adamant as I can be, I said, "I only take a yes or a no for an answer."

He said, "YES."

That was May 11, 2006. Four years ago.

Then we decided to see each other few days after that just to formalize everything. I had a badminton game with friends and after one session, Nimmy and I decided to walk and get some cold air outside. The arena was so hot during that time. We sat outside the parking area.

"I'm so happy," I whispered.

He replied by touching my hand and pinching it. He sat so close to me and us holding hands for the very first time. And with that, I got his message loud and clear. The rest as they say, is history.

Stolen shot from our first anniversary together as a couple in Camp John Hay, Baguio City


  1. pucha i had goosebumps reading the latter part of the story..

    seriously, i'm wishing you both the the best of everything!

    now, where can i find my nimmy? the search is on..... :P

  2. @soltero - thanks! i wish you all the best too. i know your "nimmy" is out there waiting to be "pursued." sometimes you really have to fight for it eh... kapag mahal mo, ipaglaban mo. haha. :)

  3. Damnnnnnnnn! so sweeeeeeeeeeet..One of the best love stories by far. You guys are really inspiring - Love is in the air ;-) keep inspiring us with your love stories at baka mabago nyo kami - makaiwas na kami sa mga makamundong bagay hahaha...Fine, I will seriously look for my nimmy too ;-)

  4. Me three! :D How I wish my nimmy is just somewhere out there. I love you both!

  5. @JR - thanks and I'm happy that our story inspired you. keep searching and keep the faith in love. :)

    @K-we love you too! i hope to read your love story soon in your blog.

    cheers! :)

  6. "I wore my Romantic Hat." - this made me smile.

    Pahiram ng Sorting Hat na yan. Harry Potter?

    I liked how you became persistent and courageous in pursuing the person you chose to be in a relationship with.

    Hindi katulad ko na nagmamaganda at feelingerang flower na naghihintay ng bubuyog o paruparu na sisipsip sa kanyang nektar, na wala naman in reality. Because I'm a venus flytrap pala. Chos!

  7. nakanang ang sweet talaga! hehehe

    seriously, if you're one of my closest friends in real life, i'll be your number one fan! i'll be very very proud.:D

  8. @carrie- o eto, abot ko muna tong napakasosyal kong romantic hat. haha. yup, kailangan persistent and consistent madam, sa panahon ngayon, kapag babagal-bagal, mapagiiwanan sa kangkungan! nyahahaha. kidding aside, i know, darating din yang para sa yo.

    @mscq-thanks, kaka-flatter naman nung sinabi mo! :)

  9. I wish I had my own Leo, lol.

    God, this entry gave me a total kilig moment. I'm so happy for you guys.

    I'm wishing you both the best. ;)

  10. kuya leo, naiyak ako..

    sana dumating na rin siya

  11. @ronnie- it'll come dear. trust me. just keep the faith that you will soon have your forever love.

    @AD-darating na yan. it comes when you least expect it.

  12. matagal ko ding hinanap tong love story na to in fairness. lol. ang cute.

  13. I wouldn't and couldn't possibly ask for more if my love story ends up like this. He doesn't seem interested too... But your story is inspiring. All the best, Leo and Nimmy! :)

  14. ngayon ko lang nabasa to. at kinilig ako. this is a breath of air in the blogosphere na parang puro na lang amoy tamod ang aking nalalanghap sa dami ng mga nakakalibog na kwento.

    wish u more loving years together. i am a fan =)

  15. @ex-jason - grabe, ang tagal ko bago nkapagcomment sa yo. thanks for reading!

    @ryan- thanks so much! i hope all ends well with you and your loved one.

    @mksurf8-thanks for being a fan! happy weekend. :)

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  17. ahh ngayon ko lang nalaman na kayo pala.. hahaha.. sensya na di nagbabasa ng blogs masyado.. busy sa

  18. @Xander-ngeks! :) thanks for droppin by. :)

  19. wow! you teach me how to read long posts. Great sequel:) Long live that relationship. God Bless :)

  20. @Jesh Leyson - thanks a lot for reading! I appreciate it. :)


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