Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm on a 1am (Manila) Shit, errr, Shift.

Just when you thought the worst is over.

My crazy boss and his imbecile boss placed me on a shity schedule. Graveyard to the highest level. Not only that - a Friday and a Saturday off. How pathetic is that. He's really pissing me off and he's not even talking to me face to face. Insecure sa ganda ko?

To be honest, they've ran out of things to do to demotivate me. They can't just put me down. And this is what Nimmy was angry about in his previous post.

It's really tiring. It feels like you're just going to work to get money. I'm not happy anymore in this hell workplace despite of few good friends I've had. Hirap maging mabait.

Well, on a second thought. I got no boss on this particular time. I'm the only manager on this shift so I might as well enjoy, aye?

I know this will be over soon, so I'm kissing this work pain goodbye. (buntong hininga...)

Kairita lang kasi.

Ang ganda pala ng Eclipse. I've seen it with my super cool office mates before going to work. Team Jacob ako!!!


  1. ahhh eto ba yung pinost ni nimmy. nako, mero talagang abusadong mga boss. akala mo namang di dumaan sa ganun.

    pero ienjoy mo na lang muna yan habang nandyan ka.

    at ayaw ko sa twilight so team no one. ehehhe

  2. agree. ayoko na patulan. kaya binlog ko na lang. hehe.

    bat ayaw mo ng twilight?

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  4. I hope this blog doesn't find its way to your boss! Hehehe! Wawa ka naman Leo. Di bale, may night diff ka naman. Positive, positive!

  5. pakita mo sa kila na nag eenjoy ka para lalo mainis ahah..

    and oh, bket di c nimmy ang ksama mo watch ng twilight? ahahah (nang intriga pa) :P

  6. kamukha ko kasi si jacob! haha. joke lang. di ko alam. siguro kasi potter fan ako masyado. ehehe

  7. @k - keber na. at wala akong night diff. exempted ako dun. :)

    @soltero-i agree. sa sobrang saya ko, lagi na akong magbblog. kasi wala akong ginagawa sa shift na to kundi magpa-cute. haha. si nimmy pala every weekend nasa house nila. pag-day off ko rin i go home. kaya di kami magkasama manood ng eclipse. haha.

    @mscq - talaga? kamukha mo si jacob? baka naman christine jacobs yan ah. haha.


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