Friday, June 25, 2010

Driving ala Leo

Oh yes. I now drive my own car. Thanks to Nimmy for supporting me. This is after months and months of me persuading the cute Nimmy to buy a second hand car. Well for those who don't know, Nimmy does not approve with the idea. Hmmm, well the frugal guy drives a point. Nowadays, it's not cheap to maintain a car. But  through the hustle and bustle of the cities, it came to a point that the cute Nimmy got stressed out. He changed camp, and now, we have our own car!

The first day was a traumatic experience. During the day I bought Dominador (my sister coined this nickname to my car, lol), I run into an accident in the entrance of our subdivision. After driving from Las Pinas to Pasig which is like 1.5 hours, few minutes before getting home, I crashed to an old and dirty cab. Luckily, no one got hurt. Few days later though, I had it fixed and it's handsome again.

For starters like me, it was such an experience. It didn't however, diminished my desire to be a better driver. The experience paved the way of me respecting the drivers of our roads. It's not really easy to drive. It takes someone great skills. Skills, that I know I will have soon.


  1. oh wow haha ingat pag drive, and yah the more u practice, the more ur gna drive with ease.basta drive defensively.

    talagang supportive ung isa, photog ang drama sa backseat haha :P

  2. thanks soltero! yan din sabi ng instructor ko sa driving school. "drive defensively..."

    yup, supportive talaga ung isa. wala siyang choice, mahal niya ako eh. hahahaa. may ganun talaga. kainis.

    broom broommm... :)

  3. DOMINADOR!! Hahahahahaah! Ang kulit! Mhin na mhin ;) Congrats Leo idol talaga kita. Galing!

  4. Congraaaats! Welcome to the real world Dominador! LOL


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