Thursday, January 6, 2011

On Healthy Living

I'm a fan of sports and I do sports. I play badminton once a week with Nimmy and I jog whenever I could. Though I feel it's not enough, I sometimes wonder I don't get that motivated to really have that serious healthy routine. I don't believe in getting washboard abs or that biceps for cute twinks to cling on (even if I have bulging biceps, Nimmy will pull the hairs of those twinks, lol). Seriously, how can I get motivated? 

Until recently, while jogging in a nearby mall, after 5 minutes of running, I grasp for air and felt like throwing up. I got worried because it must be my age - 30.  But I know that my age is still young.  I personally believe that I'm still capable of wellness and all it's glory. I got a lot of things to do and accomplish and I don't like a dilapidating body to be a big deterrence.  I need to bring back the energy of the youth!!!

If there's one motivation I need to keep a healthy lifestyle, for obvious reasons - it's got to be for  a healthy life. Why do I need it? To have a longer and happy life with my family, friends and of course Nimmy. 

Health is wealth and hospital bills are expenses I abhor.  Yes, regular check-ups will shell-out out some moolah but it's better that way. 

Since I got all the time to job and exercise, might as well be consistent. That way I keep all sickness and stress away. 


  1. weee... for short i done this all for NIMMY... wahehehe ang sweet...

  2. Leo,

    If you'll keep doing it your system will get use to it. Isn't it nice to sweat out? I also jog/run in the morning (at least) 2x a week and I say, air grasping is just plain heaven :D


  3. Leo, pangit ang jogging. You need to have the proper shoes, and it might hurt your joints. it sags the skin too. lalaylay balat mo unless you tone your muscles and your skin. so i suggest brisk walking. 20 minutes of brisk walking a day would do you good. it's not as tiring as jogging pa. :D

  4. @kikomaxx - may point ka! dami ko pa eklat right? haha.

    @cio - yup, i think i just need to get used to it. i love the feeling of sweating out! it's just amazing.

    @neilz - i do brisk walking to relax... but ill keep your statements in mind. :) i think i need muscle toning exercise and some facials!!! haha.


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