Saturday, January 22, 2011


My sister and I were about to jog this morning when we saw a little kitten following a guy doing a brisk walk.  By observation the kitten has no owner. Kitten is following anyone and trying to get anyone's attention. Since we are a family with genuine compassion with animals, we can't help but notice and feel for the orphaned feline. BTW, sissy stayed for a week in our apartment. 

We took the cat after a series of apprehensive moves.  Sissy tried to make the kitten calm while we try to jog. To no avail, we ended going home and appeasing the cat.  We need to pacify him to avoid being noticed by our landlady. It's a sad rule in our apartment. "No pets allowed." So definitely, the cat's new home will not be with us - Nimmy, but with my family in Caloocan.  

Before going home in our own families we decided to have breakfast in  Banchetto-Ortigas. Lucia stayed inside the car and funny, this cat loves to sleep! After that, I drove Nimmy home in Bulacan and saw his mom. I'm happy to see her mom smiling and waving at me. :) 

"I got all that I need... right here in the passenger seat."

'Twas a great day today.  :)


  1. ANO BAAAAA! Nakakakilig yung caption mo sa last picture! Hahaha

    Awww, ang cute ng kuting ah. Takot ako sa claws nila (talagang claws ah hehe).

  2. hwoah! ang kyot kyot ng pusa XD hintayin mo lang na madispatya ko yung pusa namin AANGKININ ko ang pusang yan! hihi :D

  3. awwww. ang cute ng kuting. may na-save ka from the siopao factory. and i love that stephen speaks song

  4. i missed my own cat, Takehiko. He was my Angel when I was living alone in Makati, after my ex slept withmy roommate and then left me.

    that cat saved me.

  5. let me say 'thank you' for rescuing that kitty.


  6. weeee ang cute naman... puting-puti ah.

  7. Ang sweet nyo talaga sa car. Ako na ang president ng fans club ninyo. Hahaha.

    Naalala ko tuloy yung pusang puti na inampon din namin sa Dorm namin. Tawag namin sa kanya, "Pukeykey".

    Patay na sya. :(

  8. masuwerte and pusang iyan. =)

  9. @ronnie - ayoko rin ng claws nila... i've seen an episode in animal planet, it carries some parasites. :(

    @hazeyokriyu - hehe... di ko siya ibibigay... haha... selfish much?!

    @sean - korek idol. :)

    @gooeyboy - :( that was sad.

    @ms.chuni - happy to serve! :) parang SM lang. hehe

    @kyle - yeah, puti siya all throughout. super cute

    @will - sige ikaw na ang president. kawawa naman ung pusa... funny nung name niya... haha

    @paci - korek.. yan ang magpapayaman sa akin. hehe

  10. sweet! kung si will ang president pwede ako ang escort ng fans club nyo? hehehe.

    at maganda yung name ng pussy. Lucia. hehe


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