Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I went hiking last Sunday to reach our family's Mango farm. This piece of land was purchased way back 1987 when agricultural land was still cheap. The 1.64 hectares of land (very small) caters to 50-60 mango trees, cassava, jackfruit, coffee, calamansi and some bamboos. Way back, it's literally a forest since parallel to our land is the Tree Planting site of Montalban, Rizal. Before, I can see monkeys, geckos, eagles, colorful birds and monitor lizards in the place.  Sometimes, there are snakes. It's slowly getting modernized since I'm seeing some rough road inside and outside the farm land. There's still no electricity in the place - which is very nice. It preserves the land from noise pollution and the likes. 

After church, which was around 7:30am, we started our hiking. It took as 2 hours to get to the place. The road is purely rough with wild grasses around. It was super fun and tiring at the same time. Our crib there is a temporary shanty but it was awesome. Father did it for 3 consecutive weekends! :) This is also where we store some crops and seedlings. 

BTW, our digicam's battery was almost dead when we got there. We forgot to recharge its batteries.  Some of the pictures here were from my cheap mobile phone. 

I super enjoyed eating and I can't help it. I think the relax atmosphere of the place, will lead you to eating a lot. We had camote for merienda and for lunch, we had inihaw na liempo and bangus. 

Towards lunch, I can't help but notice the cool wind brushing our skin. I thought it's going to be hot and humid but I was wrong. I think it was around 19-20 degrees centigrade. It was really cold there, somewhat similar to Tagaytay.  

Here are some of the moments we had: 

I sooooo love it there and I think I'll be coming over the farm on a weekly basis.  My retiring plan - be a mango farmer! :)

Nimmy might join the fun too next week. Can't wait for his photos. :)


  1. Hahaha.. ang sweet sweet naman ng mga photos.. parang Sabel / Eva Fonda. hehe..

    ang sarap sa probinsya no? you'll forget all your cares in the world. napaka simple ng lahat ng bagay, very far from the complications of the city life. :D

    enjoy next week! :D

  2. Oh wow old schol farmville, LIKE. Sobrang nakakamiss yung ganyang places sa probinsya...

  3. yun oh.. pambihira farmville nga heheh.. kakamiss tuloy ang old days sa province hehe :D

  4. hahah ito ang tunay na farmville.. ganda lang siguro pagnagplow ka rin chong.. wahehhee.. joke lang

  5. hehehe nice. matatanggal talaga ang stress mo dyan galing sa syudad.

  6. hay ang ganda naman diyan. gusto ko ring umupo sa tabi ng batis habang kumakanta at sinusuklay ang aking mahabang buhok.

  7. ang haciedero!! pumunta sa farm oh.. hehehe

    naku naku,, bet ko din ang mga ganyan,, so relaxing di bey?? hehehe

    npka-pacute mu naman dun sa pic#7 ba yun.. demure demuran ang laban.. ahaha

    wv: nonya!! ahahaha

  8. Ikaw na ang may mango farm! Ikaw na! :)

    Ganda! Dalhin moko dyan!

  9. Leo I ♥ your blog! Today is the first time reading about Finding Leo. I am glad you write your blog in english. I don't understand how to read talagog or whatever it's called. LOL I will visiting your blog often. :)

  10. @neilz - natawa ako sa eva fonda!!! hahaha. pero agree ako sa lahat ng sinabi mo... i love the rural life... sobrang simple.

    @ms. chuni - bet ko rin ang batis! laveet.

    @glentot - siguro time na para magvisit ka rin. hehe

    @axl - ano bang farmville nasa isip mo? haha. go visit na rin sa province!

    @kikomaxx - ay! di ko bet mag-plow. mabigat. haha.

    @kyle - true!

    @sean- sama ka sean! bongga ang batis.

    @ceiboh - bet ko ang haciendero! at natural na natural na alindog kaya ung pic #7. umaapaw ito sa ka-cutan na para na akong gusto kainin nung puno... charmos! haha. :)

    @k - surely! kaya mo ba mag-hiking galore? lol

    @ david andrew dela cruz - hey there! our language is called tagalog and you're right, i do write in english most of the time. it depends on my mood though. :) i'm following your blog too and for sure we'll visit each other's blog.

    take care!

  11. huwaw :) like ko yung nasa puno ka, ahehe. parang nimpa lang sa kagubatan :) jowk. hehe.

    astig yung shanty. 3 araw lang ginawa? asteegh!

  12. Leo,

    I know how it feels to be surrounded with lush greens, and the food are just awesome - organic and healthy.

    What about the kalabaw? Sa inyo din? Nice.

    With that temperature, ang sarap ng may kayakap while hikin. (Parang mahirap 'ata iyon? Hehe.)


  13. kala ko naging kalabaw na si nimesia e!jokeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    na miss ko tuloy yun mga food na yun! yum yum!

    *para kang diwata sa batis dun sa pic* LOL

  14. Hello! Hehehe.. maraming salamat po sa pagbati saken nung birthday ko! Sobrang naaappreciate ko po kahit simpleng "Happy birthday" message lang, lalo na yung may mga extra message pa. Maraming salamat po ulit! Sana next birthday ko anjan ka pa rin to greet me. :D

    At tutal naman, nandito na lang rin ako, plug ko na rin ang blog ko. Sa February, (love month) I'll be publishing all my love posts, at letters na sinulat ko. :)

    Thanks ulit! lol. Di po ako makapag blog masyado, it's been a busy week, January is a busy month for me. God bless and world peace! ü

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