Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Open Letter to the Birthday Boy


When you entered my life 4 years ago, I never thought that my life will change dramatically. I was at that time hopeless. But then, we took each steps and we found ourselves living the life that most people will like to have. We click, and our lives were definitely not the same. Our relationship have blossomed to what we thought cannot be possible. People say it's a feat. I say it's a destiny. 

We both know our pasts and that didn't hinder our future. I've been through a lot and my relationships have its share of ups and downs. I've learned a lot from it and that made me more matured. I know that I'm older than you, but that helped us - as I share to you my experiences. We both learned from our mistakes and we never felt any pressure to compromise. We're like soul mates. We found ourselves loving each other naturally. 

A person like you is not hard to love. 

Being that kind hearted as you are, I fall. You never failed to amaze me with your relationship with your family - your siblings, your parents to your grandmother, your uncles and aunts.  I share the same culture as yours.  Our family is intact and we share the values of open communication, respect and unconditional love for one another.  

Mahal, I'm proud to have you as my partner in life. You're the best gift not only to your parents but to me and to my family.  There were countless times you extended your arms to us, especially during the time my mom got hospitalized. At your young age that time, you understood the urgency. I didn't say a word that time, but you know I was worried. You have read me very well. During the time Melissa needed some aid for schooling - you never thought twice in helping out. It's always but natural for you in helping not only me, but other people as well. Hence, you are very blessed. 

Funny that most of the time, I get to learn from your approach to circumstances. Your practicality on things are very evident.  The way you handle your finances - to your professional life. It really speaks well of how your parents brought you up. No wonder you graduated Magna Cum Laude, the highest award in your class. 

I can't remember a time where I doubted my faith in you. I trusted you my life Mahal and I don't see my self having a reproach. You are the person I chose to love for the rest of my life and I don't want anyone else.  Whether you like it or not, I'm here to stay in your life too. 

May the Lord bless you more Mahal and I hope for more future successes in your career. Continue to be motivated and I won't get tired supporting you. Another year has been added to your age, but consider that you are growing to be more mature with a lot of wisdom from your experiences.  I hope that in some ways I have influenced you to be better. Remember that your dreams are my dreams too... 

It's going to be a busy day on your birthday Mahal. However, it's my privilege for you to spend it with me. It's your day Mahal, so expect my extra patience and understanding, not that I'm expecting you to abuse the opportunity - but because you deserve it. 

My three wishes for you:

* See your Mamang soon. I know how much you miss her. Who knows, she might visit Manila soon. 
* I also wish that your cats get more healthy. They are your treasure and they are so adorable. 
*Be a professional photographer in the next few months. You have a talent and I hope you get  to hone it. 

I love you Mahal and I will never get tired of loving you.  Happy Birthday! 

Your Mahal, 

Nimmy, the Birthday Boy


  1. awww ang sweet naman. for about 4 years ganyan parin kayo ka-sweet. iyon talaga din ang key para hindi magsawa ang tao sa isa't-isa. being thoughtful, faithful and of course the love that you give to one another.

    Happy birthday kay Nimmy.

  2. ayan o ang sweet lang... di na kita gagawan ng special bukas kasi may gumawa na taran ang mahal mo lang naman.. hahaha.... Advance Nimmy Boy... wahehehhe

  3. Happy Happy Bday sa Mahal mo! hangsweeet ehehehhe....:)

  4. hinimatay dahil sa kilig...

    ay sweetness to the highest level!

    congratulations to you guys...

    advance happy bityday to nimmy and more power to your relationship!

    i'll include you two in my prayers...

    you guys are such a great inspirations....

    thanks a lot!

  5. leo, ang sweet naman!!! happy birthday to nimmy! you guys are lucky to have each other :)

  6. weeeeeeeeeeeee ang sweet swet aman... happy bday kay mahal mo... GB to both of you...

  7. ayeee! god bless senyong dalawa :)
    happy birthday kay nimmy :)

  8. Kinikilig ako ng sobra. Ang sweet nyo naman.

    Happy Birthday Nimmy. :)

  9. whaha ang sweet naman ni leo kay buds hehehe...
    happie bday buds... :D

  10. awwww.. this is uber sweeeet Leo,, kindly tell nimmy my greeting for him.. eeeeeeeeeehhh.. while I was reading your open letter, i was kinda thinking of my partner too, (epal lang),, kasi parang same same tayo na meron mas matanda meron mas bata... hehehehe

    again, happy birthday t nimmy!!

  11. Alam mo Leowmer, ito ang kauna-unahang post mo na napaiyak moko! Grabe! And take note, ndi lang isang mata. Dalawa pa! Grabe! Ako na! Ako na ang emotera :)

    Seriously, ndi ko alam why I was so touched by your post. Maybe because I felt the love and sincerity that you have for Nims and siguro kase kilala ko talaga kayo sa totoong buhay. Hehe. Idol ko tlga kayong dalawa. Sana makakita na rin ako ng Nims ng buhay ko! (Wag bading ha! Hahahahaha)

    Love you both!

  12. Happy birthday sa mahal mo. Sweeet!

  13. @kyle - sure that is! thanks kyle. :)

    @kikomaxx - hehe...sweet tlaga kami sa isa't isa...

    @soltero - yup, nakarating na sa kanya ang iyong pagbati. :)

    @sivrej - thanks for including us in your prayers. we surely appreciate it. thanks so much!

    @sean - thanks po idol! :)

    @ahwod - salamat po, nakarating na po ang iyong pagbati. :)

    @ms. chuni - namesh! :)

    @nowitzki tramonto - Godbless too friend!

    @james m.i. - kinikilig din ako! hehe. thanks for reading. :)

    @axl - thanks! di lang naman ako ang sweet, siya rin naman. :)

    @ceiboh - nice no kapag ganun? tapos ako pa panganay sa amin at si nimmy ang bunso. kaya mejo vibes kami. GB GB! :)

    @khacai - hala grabe ka naman... un talaga ang effect kasi magkakakilala tayo ng personal. you've seen us grow together. im sure, mahahanap mo rin ang special someone mo... at straight! straight na babae... hahaha. tibo ka ba? hahahaha. charot. love you khacai!

    @will - thanks will! :)

  14. This is so sweet. May you have more years to come. God bless you. :)

  15. Uh-Oh it's Nims birthday pala. Happy Birthday!

    Chocolatey ng letter hihi.

    Happy for the both of you!:)

  16. Can anyone get sweeter than this? Grabe, 4 years is quite a feat ha! more more years to come! :D

  17. So Sweet, kainggit. thanks for following nga pala Pareng Leo. mwah :)


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