Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jogging Galore

So after church, sissy and I decided to jog after it got impeded yesterday due to our adopting mode. :) I'm not sure, but the feeling of exhaustion and the dripping of sweat is getting addictive. Plus the fact that after jog - I feel most of the time light and happy. My goal really is to cut down the bulging tummy of mine. Sad to say, I got only a week before the first beach moment this 2011. 

Since the place where we jog  is somewhat unadulterated with lush greens and fresh air, I decided to take pictures. I brought along Nimmy's spare Canon camera. But I'll blog about it in the next coming days. I still need to edit some by the help of my mentor in photography - who else, but Nimmy. 

See how I did this morning:

And this is how it ended:


  1. San ka nagjogging papa Leo? ganda naman jan. parang tahimik. kaso parang ghost town ang dating.

  2. seryoso mag papayat??mukhang may plano mag topless sa beach!haha

    *uyyy my bakat-may bakat...!!LOL

  3. @desperate houseboy - it's a new subdivision, colinas verdes. :) tahimik pa talaga, kasi ginagawa pa ung mga bahay.

    @mac callister- uu, kailangan ko maging sexy. for me and nimmy. hahaha. char. san ung bakat? ung utong ko ba? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  4. kulet naman nung huling pic. talagang bulagta daw! =)

  5. ahahahaha...

    dead to the world ang drama mu!!1

  6. Hahahahha! Naks naman! Health buff ka na! Uminom ka kase ng tubig para di ka nakahandusay dyan sa init! :D


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