Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Summer Mode

Few days from now, Nimmy and I will take it to the next level in terms of travelling. Our destination - Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. I got no high expectations because what I really want  is to pamper myself and relax. I know for sure, this year will be a busy year for me and so I need to energize. I got so many things in mind that I want to accomplish this year. Having this trip in some ways should help think, contemplate and plan.  

Nimmy and I was browsing on some of our 2010 summer pictures and we saw this one: 

Zambales, May 2010
We both love the picture. I just don't like my love-handles showing up. Here's hoping my beach pictures this year will be better. I'm working on it of course. 

Oh yeah, we're excited for our very first out of the country get-away! I'm sure it'll be fun. 

Advance happy birthday Mahal. 



  1. whahaha yun oh.. ang sweet ninyo ni buds, heheheh :D

  2. Have fun in Kota Kinabalu! Take care kayo ni Leo. :)

  3. Wow, ingat kayo.

    Enjoy Kota Kinavongga.


  4. awww ang sweet. :)

  5. TARAY naman ng getaway ng tropang badette! choz..

    sure ul enjoy it.. hehehe

  6. wow! level up na nga! pasalubong. hehehe

    honeymoon na ba to?

  7. have a nice trip dun... ingat kayo... :)

  8. huwaw :) ingat lageh! am happy for you two :) hehe.

  9. @axl - uu, sweet talaga kami. hahaha. :)

    @will- we'll definitely enjoy! :) thanks

    @ms.chuniverse - havey na havey ang kota kinovongga! hahaha

    @kyle - eeee. thanks!

    @ceiboh - a-aura ang tropang badette sa kota kinavongga! ahahaha. kayo din ni RS, mag-vacay na!

    @Sean - yes we will idol! :)

    @ced - uu doc, level up na talaga... di pa naman honeymoon... vacation lang. :)

    @kikomaxxx - thanks kiko!!!

  10. @nowitzki - thanks so much!!! :) lapit na, super excited na kmi... :)


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