Monday, July 19, 2010

Love and Laugh

Nimmy and I had this small misunderstanding last Friday. It has something to do with my perception of us "growing apart..." After a while, I just felt that we are forming different types of interests. But love has its ways of gluing things up. And of course, I know that we can fix small things like that. Now, he is teasing me of my text messages. I won't divulge it and I'm sure he won't too. But I think, when things are getting complicated, you need to have some space and a dash of humor. It helped for both of us. With our nearly 5 years relationship, I think we're learning and maturing together. Because of that friends are asking us advices - which we respond with simple remarks - "Love and Laugh" 

Yun lang. :) Just trying to be a love guru. Toinks


  1. Awwwww. Grabe, i like this post. I really admire your partnership. It is not only love that binds you together but your willingness to really stay together no matter what. It's nice to know that you've already ironed out the kinks. Tuloy ang ligaya! Mwah!

  2. @k- i love you so much girl! thanks for the support my friend. you're one of the few who've witnessed my ups and my downs and i hope in my own little ways i was able to inspire you. mwah! sunduin kita sa SM next week.

  3. Now it kinda made sense to me why things went a certain way last weekend. Love and Laugh. Pwede ring Eat Pray and Love. Julia Roberts lang. :)


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