Thursday, July 15, 2010

Message From God

Of all the millions of applications in Facebook, one had really became my favorite - Message From God. I know God is more high-tech and we can never replace Bible for His Words. Moreover, this piece of application may never replicate the Holy Bible but in the contrary and with no disrespect intended, the application translates whatever the Lord wants us to know. Please see what I just got yesterday: 

Happy Thursday everyone! 


  1. My friends laugh at me when I use this app. They think I'm joking :(

  2. oks sana yan kaso bigla ko naisip na, di naman nagpe-facebook si papa lord. maganda nga yung nakasulat, di naman sa kanya galing..

  3. @carrie - thanks tita (hehe, naki-tita raw ako.)
    @glentot - idol!!!! shet, na-touch naman ako nag-comment ka. oo nga, parang ang layo sa aura mo ang gumamit ng ganitong app. hehe.
    @caloy - may point ka. pero ang saya lang ng mga messages. it's uplifting ika nga.


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