Sunday, September 26, 2010

In Bacolod the Next Three Weeks

Part of my job is to manage and to have face to face with my folks in Bacolod. Few things I'm looking forward to... Seeing my staff and give feedback, align processes and set expectations. The usual stuff.

On the other hand... Hehe, this is the fun part.... LAKWATSA.

The last time I was there, I didn't have that chance to really wander the city that was Bacolod. Well this time, we have clients coming from Belleville, Canada and part of our job is to be their tourist guide. What the heck. I think they can count me in as tourist too. Anyway, this time, I'll make sure to view more sceneries, eat more seafood and bring home more lechon! :) I've tried Calea's cake - but it's a pain in the ass bringing that cake home. But believe me, Calea's cake is the shit!!! LOL. Someone told me too that we'll have more itineraries this time so I better be ready.

One thing though that I'll surely miss while I'm in Bacolod is Nimmy. I'll not be home for three weeks but good thing to know that my sister Melissa and him will follow me on the 7th but they got to go home on the 10th and I'll be back on the 16th. At least, I still get the chance to see my Nimmy!!! eeeee.

I hope the trip will be safe and I'll be productive there. I want to get things done - both the work and the lakwatsa.


  1. Hope you enjoy your vacation. :)

    This is my first time here, so I got so inspired. It's not everyday you see (or read) bloggers being very open about their love. :)

    Have a good one, Leo.

  2. Enjoy ur vacation Leo!!! Post pics!!! ehehe,oh i'm sure pagdating ni Nimmy e walang puknat na pictorial nga pla yan ehehe :P

  3. Syala lang! Bacolod na pinapadala! Dati sa bacoor ka lang pinapadala. Now nag level up ka na! Hehehehe! It's nice to know that good things are continuously coming your way! I love you and I miss you! Enjoy Bacolod!

  4. Enjoy your trip and don't forget to blog about how it was. :)

  5. @manech - thanks so much! i'm not here for vacation though. it's work but i'm trying to balance by trying the local foods here. :)

    @soltero - i know... abangan ang pictorial!

    @imnotsoconio - surely!

    @K-i know right? i miss you to khacai! always remember, "the secret" haha. :)

    @Victor - i will definitely have a blog entry solely devoted to Bacolod. Hopefully my sched will be nice to me. :)

  6. Enjoy your vacation! And regarding Nimmy, awww!

    Stay safe! :D

  7. I hope your trip is safe and reproductive. Bwahaha!

  8. lagi din ako nasa bacolod hehehe

    love calea cakes lalo na yung chocolate cake na malaki

    love the chicken house ..

  9. @hard2getxxx-wow! taga bacolod ka ba? yep, i love calea, at malapit lang ung chickenhouse sa hotel where i stayed. :)


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