Monday, November 8, 2010

Bird Flu

No, it's not what you think. The disease sounded like it came from the bird species - although ornithology or physiology whatever, will tell, it didn't came out from their feathers or beaks. Bottom line, after the suffering and the fever you're gonna go through, the rashes and those myriad but homogeneous evidence will link you to their skin - after pulling all their feathers out of course. 

I got chicken pox, after my supposedly three weeks work assignment in Bacolod. It got extended for several more days which started September 27th and culminated October 30th. It was such a long assignment for me which made me go online one fine day to book a round-trip ticket to go back to Manila over the weekend. Because seriously, if I don't see Nimmy and my family even just for few days - I will go insane. Mind you, I celebrated my birthday, first time outside Metro Manila. 

So end of October, I was here already in Manila. God! I miss my apartment, my car, my bed, my pillows, our ref, our stairs, our garage, our living room... everything! It's been weeks when I was gone...It's different when you're out of your comfort zone. But it's really nice to be back home. God I miss our home...

I went back to the Manila office - Monday and Tuesday, was fine. Weird, but I got not much interface with my boss. Monday, she was out, Tuesday - I was running my department like a show, no added meetings in between and obviously - I was really on top of everything. It's like before anyone say a word - check your inbox or communicator first - I'm following up on something... better strut your stuff - or I'll strut the hell out of you.... LOL. But kidding aside, I was really productive that Tuesday shift. But later towards Wednesday morning. I started to feel something...

I felt feverish. 

So I grabbed a bottle of water down the convenient store of our building and I remember buying raisins before I started the shift. So before our weekly business review with our client,  I munched a handful of raisins  the one that you occasionally see as an ingredient in Menudo started gulping half a liter of water and off with our review. It was nerve wracking even if I did that for 10 times already. But then again, not to stress a point, I've been with the company for 3 months only. No much questions asked. So I think that went well - otherwise, I will hear something from my boss. 

Back to my being feverish. I went outside for a small break, but really, I just wanted to see Nimmy in their glass wall office. I knocked and called him. "Mahal, I think I'm not feeling well."

"Clinic, right beside Operations floor. You know IT right? Door across theirs", said my cutie Nimmy. 

Obediently, I went there and ask for a medicine. Nurse gave me paracetamol, I signed patient's log and went back to my cubicle. 

Then I felt there was an insect in my tummy... I feel it. Since my cubicle is near my co-manager's seat, I turned back and examined it. I'm seeing a semi-circular bump, more like of a pimple but only filled with water. Yikes.    Then examined the other part of my body. What was shocking is I am seeing two to three bumps in my arms. 
I didn't bother to say goodbye during end of my shift. Off I go and went home to rest first. Afternoon came, I woke up, feeling feverish still. Nimmy and I went to the nearby clinic, got some tests and viola - it's really Chicken pox. 

The next day, we went to the hospital but was denied to be admitted since my fever can be monitored and controlled. I obliged. I also want to rest at home. So I'm good to be here. 

For days I am sick, there's only one person who really made me feel that extra tender loving and care. Nimmy was always there to ask me if I'm hungry, if I'm ok, if I feel comfortable. He gives me a lot of options which sometimes confuse me... Do I want to eat this or that? You know, that kind of stuff. But above all - I'm so lucky to have Nimmy beside me in times like this. I mean tell me, who would put up with me and stay with me even if it means seeing me in my most ugliest, most shocking and most  unhealthy state of life? My parents were there when I was young - but it sure counted. Here's one person, who I am not related by blood, but is here with me all the time. Here's one person that despite my shortcomings - is still willing to accept me in my ups and downs. 

Yes. I am one lucky bastard. 

But I know for a fact that I will do the same thing to him, without any questions asked. 

Because Nimmy is my guy. 


  1. Leo :) nurse nimmy did very well :) you should've seen him when we were in banchetto, he kept looking around for what was the best food to get you that would make you feel better :)

  2. Speedy recovery, Leo. Regards to Nimmy

  3. Nakakatuwa kau ni Nimmy, I'm a fan! Haha! Get well soon, Leo! Mahirap magkaroon ng chicken pox, wag tuklabin para ndi magpeklat! :D

  4. What I felt after reading this transcends kilig. Di ko madescribe. Prayers for your fast recovery. Regards to Nimmy :)

  5. @waterpixie- thanks friend! i hugged him after reading your comment. :)

    @carrie - yes madam. need to recover fast. hope to see you soon!

    @louie- thanks! comedy show lang talaga kami ni nimmy palagi. hehe. and correct, bawal ang scars. kaya bawal magdutdot.

    @ryan - thanks Ryan!next time ako na dapat kiligin sa lovestory mo. hehe. hello daw sabi ni nimmytot.

  6. awww..di ka nagkaron kc nun nung bata kpa yata..

    buti na lang nanjan sa tabi mo si Sharon CUneta hihihi..bigyan mo yan ng reward pag super galing ka na bwahaha :P

  7. @soltero - thanks! buti na lang may ultimate caregiver akong kasama... may reward talaga siya... nakuha na nga niya unti unti. hahaha.


  8. Ay bird flu! Yung bird mo may flu hahahaha

  9. hahaha, ewan ko sa yo glentot.

  10. sa bacolod ba yung kuha niyo sa pic parang familiar sa talisay ata yan or silay if im not mistaken

  11. @hard2getxxx- yep. bacolod, sa may silay. they call the place, "the ruins."


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