Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Working in My Sick Bed

So officially, this is my day 1 WAH (work-at-home). My rules:

#1 - I dictate my hours of work. 
#2 - Phone calls are limited to 2 minutes
#3 - Conference call me at your own risk. Unless you want clients to hear our neighbor's dog
#4 - Don't pressure me on deliverables. I am currently on Medical Leave, coercing me to finish a task is considered maltreatment and is punishable under the Penal Code (yeah, just making this up)
#5 - This is not free. I am reimbursing my internet fee and electric consumption of this laptop

Honestly, this is one of the days where technology is not running towards your favor. 

I'm sick, with freaking blemishes all over my body and face (shet, kala mo naman kagandahan). No need to explain further. 


I want to be a billionaire. 



  1. hi AD, nagka-chicken pox lang naman lolo mo. im ok na... puro bakas na lang ang iniwan ng lintek na sakit na to. haha.

  2. aahahha but on the brighter side, you get to blog more often now that you're sick eheheh :P

  3. @soltero - kaya nga... and i get to do blog-hop more often. :)

  4. Leo, speedy recovery! :)

    Ang taray ng demands! Me likey!

    Whenever I read or hear the word Penal, it makes me giggle. I dunnoy why. I really, really don't know. LMAO

  5. nako, uso pala yan. pagaling ka sir leo. :D andyan naman si nimmy para alagaan ka. hehe

    rashes ba kamo. isipin ko ung ginamit ko na cream dati ha. hehe

  6. @carrie - alam mo naman sa panahon ngayon, dapat bossy ka. choz.

    @mscq- i'm using fusidic acid cream. :) sana maging ok na, para makapagpaderma na. and you're right... nimmy is always there for me... di ko alam kung pano malalagpasan to without him. i was even thinking of going home... but he insisted me to stay...


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