Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obvious Culprits aren’t Apprehended

It’s just a shame for the Philippine government to have people who govern with selfish motives. Graft and corruption has been a perennial concern for some and yet, no one has been punished for this very serious offense. Now that national and local elections are fast approaching, people right now has to exercise suffrage. For now, I just hope that people are now learned and have contemplated on the group of people who will govern our laws, our rights and our day to day transactions.

Last night, I got the chance to see an investigative article done by GMA’s top broadcast journalist, Mike Enriquez. In his expose, he was able to unravel illegal transactions being managed by evil personalities in COMELEC. I pity the taxpayers of this land. I guess, not everyone knows that for at least 2 Billion Pesos, our pockets has been robbed. They have created a very conspicuous bidding that only benefits those who have managed it. The end results? Bogus transactions of non-working counting machines, scum voting ballots, and anything that are supposed to be used for electronic voting facilities that are just put on one dark and gloomy room.

Our COMELEC chairman, Mr. Abalos, have you not learned your lesson? When you are the previous MMDA chairman, did you remember that Recycling Machine that the people funded? Is it in use right now, or has this become your trend? Working on project and procrastinate at the end? You are just wasting our money!!! You are such a culprit.

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