Sunday, March 21, 2010

What I Am Today, Is a Result of my Choices Before

I don’t exactly know who’ve thought about this. But I concur with the fact that whatever my choices from the past, it makes me the person I am today. If I chose to be a bum, I would definitely be part of the statistics of the unlucky and the so-called, "unemployed." If I chose to be successful and work in a professional milieu, then I should be part of the corporate ladder.

The same goes to our attitude in relations to our normal and most of the time, trivial life. I’d rather be honest and earn respect from my integrity, than say false statements and end being someone who lambastes character and honor.

It’s a challenge to be a person born from our ideals and choices. The trick is, cheesy as it may sound, is to make sure that we chose the things that will make us happy, notwithstanding the situation and predicaments. They say, we only live once, why not live righteously, but discerning, strong but caring, with conviction, yet with appeal and charm to almost all.

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