Sunday, March 21, 2010

How I Came About Playing Badminton

Summer of 1998, I was an incoming junior student of Political Science in PUP. I was struggling then with my grades, just like any college students. It dawns me now that during that time, I am a very competitive and love bragging about me, being a University Scholar. I thought of being a different scholar at this time, I want to get stipend by being a varsity player. But what sports?

I thought of joining one of the try-outs for volleyball, but when I went to the gym and saw all the volleybelles and the dudes with striking muscles, dripping with sweat, I just thought that it wasn’t for me. Right across the volleyball court, I saw a group of people playing badminton, and guess what; one of my blockmates was there. I shouldn’t be surprised, for one, she already did mention that she plays that sport during high school. I got that from our usual chit chats before our classes. Then I saw them play and get mesmerized.

I spoke to one of the trainees; the coach during that time was doing some training in the US. I did some crunches, ran back and forth the court as if we are some bunch of idiots.

I got to meet the real coach, after a month. I am still a sore loser that time, not knowing what I’ve been to. But I was deeply inspired by the way he taught me play and improve my game. Just for three months, I raised the ranks, and became the number 1 player.

During that time, our training days was Mon-Wed-Fri. Wednesday being the hardest, since we have to do weights. Friday, is a fun day, since we get to do a lot of drills. But before we get to play or train during those days, we have to train our endurance and finish 16 rounds of running in the PUP oval, the same size as the Philsports Arena. Wheeww….

I got the real and serious stuff back then. But right now, I enjoy playing this sport every Sunday with my officemates. We have thought of creating a Badminton Club in the office, but it’s still not being realized. But no worries, just as long as I get to play Badminton, that’s fine.

What am I headed right now is to go back to the rudiments of training, play better and join more local tournaments which I happened to do last November of 2007. I plan to join more and more and hopefully play internationally if given the chance.

I guess, if there’s two undying ambitions I have, that is to become a lawyer and have an international medal in Badminton. But I would certainly love and appreciate the latter. Ü

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