Sunday, March 21, 2010

When Your People Gets in your Nerves

They say your relationship to your boss should be like your relationship with fire. You need to stay at the right place because if you are near, you’ll get burned, or if you’re too far, you’ll get cold. I had this experience with one of my team members. We got so close as friends that I let her say anything that she wants, and vent out all the opinions between her ears, to make it more diplomatic in our team more so that we can espouse true democracy in the workplace.

I am the boss. But if everything turns out to be different, of course, I should know. There are things that I say, guilty as it may seem, I forget to censor some words. But as a leader, I’d better say it when i think it is right. If my member did something wrong, why not give the feedback on a timely fashion? This member of mine, I must say have sensitive feeling, which, I should have taken into consideration. She got pissed off, and the more I am with the reaction I received.

The point is, while it’s relative to say your feedback, one should know the importance of communicating things outright, than saying it sugar coated. In other words, it’s good to be frank. While of course, doing it on the right time and place.

So when people gets in your nerves, stop. Think about the personality of this person and try to say things that will eventually make him/her realize what is it for her.

Sometimes, my job will really make me crazy. Handling several people with different personalities…It’s like being in different characters for just one single day. Good Lord.

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