Sunday, March 21, 2010

On Butchering Goats...

On my way home from Fairview, I came to pass a small vendor clan along the Commonwealth avenue. This place is predominantly called, Litex, a labyrinth to several places like Montalban and Payatas. What strike me the most is not the vendors clamoring for people to buy their stuff, or the people themselves who walks like ants along the highway and small roads in its peripheral but poignant site. What I am talking about are the goats for sale on that area.

Vendors for these seemingly helpless creatures are the ones responsible for its butchering. On top of their wooden shacks are bodies of dead goats. Goat meat for sale. You will see some of live goats under the tables and you will imagine them praying before their gods to save their poor bodies.

People who commonly buy the goat meat are the men or women who cook it to become a “pulutan” during beer drinking session. This is a common delicacy in the northern part of the Philippines. They are famous as well for butchering the man’s best friend for the same purpose of being a side dish during happy-happy times.

I am a pro-animal person. I love dogs, cats and any animals you can think of. Just as long they don’t pose any threat to human life. Nevertheless, I don’t think goats, dogs or any animals aside from pigs and cows be butchered for food or for commodity. If they are pig or cows, I believe our laws provide stipulation as to how they should be butchered.

I call upon the government officials to do something not really about the goat’s life or the dog’s life but the life of the citizens of this land. I don’t think these people will resort into killing these kinds of animals just for the sake of having a source of living. Not of course if the government officials of these land are doing precisely their job in providing employment for the people. Please create jobs. Please.

Hopefully, I’ll see more people working more decently other than butchering goats. All that I can certainly hope for now…

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