Sunday, March 21, 2010

Leo and the Kung-Fu Badminton Endeavor


Leo is a badminton addict. He works in a call center and he plays badminton every Saturday/Sunday. Is he boring? Just lethargic. Does he have something between his ears? Yes, a pretty poker face. Does he makes sense? Go figure. Coming from an average family, he thinks opportunities are limited. Until he discovers world-wide-web.

Few things you should know ABOUT ME:

1. I love self-help books like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I am an advocate, supporter or whatever you call it. It's ideology is not new to me. My well of positivist thinking originated from High School. I write the things I want in life and eventually, I get to acquire them. Who taught me of doing that? I really can't remember. But going back to the book, it sets the very foundation of what majority of my mind is doing. Ok, I think I now sound eerie.

2. I love Badminton. My body oftenly craves the weeknights muscle cramps. I know it sounds weird, but believe me, aside from the cardio-vascular work-out I get from smashing shuttlecocks and picking the cross-court drop by any opponent, I love the fact that it makes my brain work. I am competitive in sports and masochist at night.

3. My weakness - good mothers. The world is not as colorful and worth-living without them.

4. For the benefit of this blog, let's call my significant other as Nimmy.

5. I find it unique and peaceful to listen into Celtic songs. Look for Wind of the Sea by Anuna.

6. I love Bollywood albeit I can't remember titles of my favorite Indian movie. Except for Slam Dog. :) (obviously, I can't spell too.. duh...Slum Dog?)

7. I have mentors and I derive inspiration and strenght from them. They usually don't know they are my mentors though. Some of them are dead. Some are officemates and friends.

8. I love to laugh!!!

9. I am a proud bread-winner. I might put up a bakery soon. Hmmm... Not really. But I am a bread winner really.

10. I have random interests to things. It's magnitude you can't even comprehend.

11. I love cats.

12. I'm not a big fan of clown fish, but Marlin like me is adventurous enough to journey in quest of one special.

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