Friday, March 26, 2010

VP Bayani Fernando

I was always amazed as to how Bayani managed MMDA from the start. Let me tell you why. From my recent posts, I have lambasted the former chairman of MMDA - the most corrupt official in the face of the planet, which for some reason, still free, lurking somewhere - Chairman Abalos. This former chairman has always been a visitor in the Ombudsman office, answering with his pleads of "not guilty." A real trapo in every sense of the word, Chairman Abalos can never be compared to Chairman Bayani. Fresh from one of our course in college, Political Development, I was given the opportunity to visit MMDA and get to know how they do capacity planning and urban development. Needless to say - their management are showing conspicuous disparity - one Chairman, still sitting in the stone of conventional political maneuvering and the other Chairman, busy working in the roads, doing ocular and meeting with City Mayors to brainstorm about infrastructures and ways to improve the lives of the people. While the other Chairman contemplates, the other one spends the taxpayers money.

Knowing the kind of work and ethics Mayor Bayani have, I do think that Bayani is more than lip-service. He works and acts on things and his acumen is something that his challengers should be afraid of.

With a short span of years he have worked for MMDA, Bayani is the only one who have shown an impact to a normal citizen like me. Of course, I'm a person that can't be easily lured for my vote, but I am a person who thinks that my vote is precious to be wasted to someone who can't even stop thinking about earning money through the people's expense.

Bayani has shown that through leadership, things can change. He started being the City Mayor of Marikina and look at Marikina, amidst last year's typhoon, it has flourished and maintains to be the best city in Manila. Albeit he's not in that position anymore, his influence lingers on.

During the recent debates for V-Presidentiables, Bayani stood ground and answered all his opponents interpolation with conviction. Surveys are showing that he has more credibility. You can't really put a good man down with those mudslinging blues. I am talking to you Loren Legarda.

I think Bayani wins my vote on this elections on the grounds that he has proven his worth and has shown greater sense of accountability among others. He's someone that is capable of having the highest post in this land.

And I won't even beg to agree.


  1. OMG! Hindi ko kinaya ang pagka B.S. PolSci mo :) Soooo you!

  2. Now i know who to vote for! :)


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