Sunday, March 21, 2010

My New Blogging Home

Today, I'm officially part of the blogger family! It took a while for me to take this move as I don't have that much time to transfer my old blogs. So why the sudden transfer? Well, it has something to do with generating a larger market.

It was my partner who started using this site for blogging and of course, I saw the need to follow suit. I can say that I have influenced him in this field and I am happy to see he's so into it. Thanks to his laptop and internet connection, we can enjoy the world of blogging.

The layout of my blog is still unstable and rough, but in the coming days, my partner will help me organize and make my blog appealing to the eyes. So I'm really excited.

So for now, it's a second welcoming for me in the blogging world and I hope I'll enjoy it.

Happy reading! :)

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