Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Love for Food

Terriyaki Boy
Cutie Nimmy
Cutie Me, Krispy Kreme
Yellow Cab's Dear Darla
Going out with Nimmy means few of these things: eating, badminton, swimming, driving, walking. Read that I stated eating first. Because for us, our bonding time consists mainly of satisfying our taste buds (through food of course, you naughty mind) . Saying that eating as our favorite activity together is an understatement. We love food, and food loves us. 

With Nimmy's busy schedule these past few days, we only get to see each other every week. SM Fairview is just a 10 minute drive from home so that seems to be our favorite spot to meet. By the way, we first met in this mall, and our first date was in Kenny Rogers. Again to prove a point that our relationship is founded by God, and food. 

Honestly, I miss my Nimmychan. 

This week has been very busy for him as he prepares for his final assessments. He's on a training towards becoming a very important employee. He has oral examinations and written tests to pass but I'm so confident that he can pull it through. When he calls to tell me what happened during the day, I feel that everything's just falling into place for him. His career is so promising and I just can't help myself but be proud of what he's capable of achieving. I'm a witness of how he matured professionally from being that timid employee to becoming a now more confident individual. Confident but very humble. 

Of all the strengths Nimmychan have, I adore his humility. He achieves a lot, but he still maintains an aura of a child. I feel his enthusiasm and apprehensions on things he feels he don't deserve. At some point, we seem to balance things out. I'm the risk-taker, he's the pragmatic. He most of the time wins though, and I appreciate him being that kid. I learn a lot, he has no idea. 

My Nimmychan is really the coolest. I'm so happy to have him. 

Now where do you think we'll eat next time? 

I'm excited. :)


  1. and nimmy is so proud to have you as well.

    both blessed with careers, God bless sa inyo.

  2. @leo: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 'nuff said.. #please


  3. @ka-swak - thanks! God bless you too!

    @nate - more more sa letter "e" na naman. hahaha.

    @Diamond R - it is. :) I'm blessed and thankful to have him. :)

    @iya_khin - tara sis! here's my virtual hug!!!

  4. bilang bago mo'ng friend, i'm so happy for you :D

  5. @leo: hahahaha! ganun tlga... fave letter yan ng #TronoNgKatamisan.. lols.

  6. @bino - haha. eh pano bilang luma mong friend? magiging happy ka rin ba for me? charot lang. thanks for dropping by! :)

    @ Nate - #TronoNgKatamisan is the best hashtag evah! :) hahaha

  7. Break a leg for Nimmy!

    Have you been to Binondo? You should try Wah-Ying. :)

  8. @mugen - we'll try binondo. :)

  9. Ay, kaya kayo nagki-click!

    May I suggest Minato, the Korean restaurant near UAP. Free side dishes pa lang, busog ka na. We always eat there.... like a horse.

    Choz! :)

  10. @Ms.Chuniverse - hmmm, oo nga no! we haven't tried authentic chinese and korean food!!! ma-try nga rin yan soon! thanks ms. chuni!!! :)

  11. @leo: naman!! yan ang ultimate goal.. #TronoNgKatamisan --- #TronoNgKatamisan is the best hashtag evah! :) hahaha

  12. good luck kay ading nimmy, leo.

    would you believe wala pa akong natitikman na resto sa mga nasa pic? di bale next time na umuwi ako aaraw-arawin ko ang pagkain sa labas.

  13. @Sean - sama naman kami sa pagkain mo sa labas! haha. :)

    thanks for reading! :)

  14. SLAMMERSSSSSS!!!!!! Ang cute mo dun sa pic mo sa Yellow Cab!!!!! :) Ang tatakaw nyo! Mag shawarma tayo sa Lagro!

  15. Yes, Nimmy is very humble, and he exudes an aura of a child. You're very lucky to have him the same way he is lucky to have you. Cheers. :)

  16. And oh, Mugen's right---try Binondo. One of the best places to pig out. :D

  17. and where exactly do you guys put the food you eat?

    it must be the badminton and the s*x? ahahaha. lols. exactly how many calories can you burn with each activity? ahahaha.

  18. hey i loverd that rice bowl in teriyaki boy too!
    maybe you two could eat somewhere in Serendra, im sure you'll find something you both like there. or maybe try mediterrenean food.

    sa medyo affords, nagustuhan ko ang world chicken. kakaiba pero okay :)

    btw, can we exchange links?

  19. @khacai - tara! i miss shawarma in lagro!

    @Ryan - thanks so much!!! :)

    @travis - haha, i think so too, it's badminton. :)

    @kcatwoman - wow, thanks for the suggestion. we'll try serendra too. :) i'm now following your blog. :)

  20. kow! malamang ang lapad ng ngiti ni nimesia pagkabasa nito haha

    maganda yan ganyan, before the day ends,kahit magkalayo kayo may time kayo mag usap how was each other;s day went by...hay sana may ganyan ako mahanap hahaha! *inggit mode* na naman aketch!

    di pa ako nakakakain dyan sa teriyaki boy ever! hahaha

  21. @mac - kinilig nga raw siya! haha. :) wag ka na mainggit mars, malay mo nasa tabi tabi mo lang ang soulmate mo. :)


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