Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How To Be a Professional Bum

Like most of you know, I've been employing myself for the past 9 months. Being a CEO of myself is not a big joke. This company had flourished in a blink of an eye. I need to be ultra-organized and ensure that the structure of my company instigates gradual development and implement cost-reduction measures. Aside from expecting a short period for ROI, my company implores in sustainable resources. A CEO therefore should have the eye for critical strategies to win and gain pertinent clients. 

The main foundation of any company is their customer service. It's aim is to ensure NPS (net promoter score) target; the benchmark of which is their customer loyalty which in the sense cultivates new customers. The influx of customer can never be an issue for a company that capitalizes in strategy of marketing and investing. Therefore, it is a must that for any business, it should have that sense of relationship building, ergo, networking. 

Ok, less seriously. 

These are the limited thoughts I have about rudiments of business. 

Its intricacies are carefully noted on business textbooks or manuals which I haven't got the chance to get hold on to.  Those I noted in the first two paragraphs are things I learned from being an employee. It's key results (figures in $), I'll never get a chance to attest since I don't really have a company to run. 

Our family agri-business is the closest I have for practice. The only limitation I have is that our business are not on it's peak this quarter, but certainly this coming summer. 

So then I thought. 

I kinda like cars. Not their engines, but their interiors and exteriors. I find it therapeutic to do car washing/waxing. 

So viola, I'm planning to have a car wash shop. Oh, I want a salon too. I want guys to have make-over for themselves and at the same time, viewing their cars being shampooed.   

But before I get lost in the black hole of my not-so-profound mind, I just realized a lot of things. These forceful musings derived from being unemployed got me to really thinking about being a businessman. 

I'm serious. 

Being this kind of bum, makes me thinks everyday about balance sheets and income statements. I chanced upon stocks and investing too which I only thought will exist in my parallel universe. 

Ok, I'm not that young. Not that old too. Being in my early 30s, I still feel the propensity to learn new industry skills. 

What's my point then? Nothing really. Being a bum sucks ten times if you don't want to aspire or dream. It sucks if you don't have a goal. 

How to be a professional bum? I have only one advice. Dedicate your time into translating yourself being a professional of something you love doing. 

So what could you be? 

I say, it doesn't matter, just as long you're in a haul of  fulfilling your purpose.


  1. gusto ko yung car wash shop and salon, i was thinking...shampooing the guys while shampooing their cars! wahahaha lels lang!

  2. @iya - oh diba?! Ang technique lang, wag mapagsama ang gamit for cars at mga gamit for tao. haha!

  3. hay naku friend muntik na dumugo ilong ko sa mga unang nabasa ko hahaha

    magtayo na lang tayo ng SPA/bathhouse sosyo tayo ikaw tatayong mama-san! LOL

  4. @mac - ang daya! akin ang operations, tapos share tayo sa finance? haggard mama. hahaha.

    san kaya magandang location? hahaha, seryoso pala eh no?

  5. @bulakbolero - walang discount discount kahit friendship ah. hahaha.

  6. hehehe.. yeah, grabe ka talaga kuya leo, nakaka nosebleed. but seriously, if you want to engage in any business, it's best if it will be something that has to do with your hobby/interest. diba?para naman mas maging prosperous, tsaka, you'll be earning while enjoying yourself. :)

  7. @jelai - haha! thanks dear. nakakatuwa that at your young age, may idea ka na sa pagbbusiness!

    i appreciate you sharing it and I hope you pursue it too! :)


  8. Good idea, put up your own business na!

    Suggestion: Pwede rin sanang magpa-body scrub yung mga car owners sa mga carwash boylets. Hihihi! Etchos lang.

    Pero tama ka, it's high-time to put into reality your entrepreneurial skills.

    Gow! Gow! Leo! Pag meron na, advertised natin sa blog ko.


  9. @ms.chuni - naflatter naman akey ng bongga sa pagadvertise sa blog mo!!! sige sige, ill let you know, tapos magmeeting meetingan tayo to further the business venture! :)

    i can feel na magiging bonggels na bonggels ang car wash/salon business ko. :)

  10. parang bet ko din yan professionla bum na yan,, san ba pwede mag-apply sis? ahahaha

    pero really like the way you wrote this one ha,, tagos na tagos habang binabasa ko,,

  11. @ceiboh - naku sis, don't ever wish for it. this is the toughest phase in my life. hehe. thanks for appreciating this entry! :)


  12. So many plans ahead ha! Good luck on your ventures. I suddenly saw Louiepot in you. Hehe.


  13. i've been a bum for 6 months and my life was boring. medyo prof bum lang din dahil sa work at home job

  14. @mugen - thank you! si louiepot nga ang peg ko! :)

    @bino - agree, it is uber boring. thanks for reading my post! :)

  15. Starting your own business is probably one of the most riskiest things to do.

    There are so many uncertainties; you either make it or .... well, you know what happens next.

    You must have a VERY SOUND business plan, with the research to back it up.

    I wish you well Leo. But plan well =)


  16. @kane - thanks kane! honestly, there's so much things I can pursue, and whether I go business or not, I will definitely plan to succeed. :)

    Appreciate you dropping a comment. :)

  17. I like the first paragraph.Being the CEO of our own lives.I just love it I dont know why?

    yon ang seneryoso ko.

  18. @Diamond R - iniintay ko talaga ang comment mo sa post kong ito dahil alam kong makkarelate ka sa ambisyon kong maging Donald Trump or Robert Kiyosaki ng Pinas. hahahaha.

    Salamat sa pagdalaw sir!

  19. networking nalang kaya.. heheh para maiba ano networking ng holen at teks.. hehhee..

    pero seryoso mahirap yan ha...

  20. leo, pareho pala tayo. dapat pala umuwi na lang ako at naki-sosyo sa business haha! good luck with your plans. i'm sure it'll be a great success. happy weekend!

  21. @sean - haha! naku, di naman ako veteran entrepreneur. still learning the ropes. :)

    happy weekend too!!!

  22. Leo, mukhang dapat magtayo tau ng blogger's conglomerate naka-IPO na kaagad. Hindi na tau mahihirapan sa recruitment, lahat ng bloggers in na, for everyone's uniqueness and talent. Char.

    Tapos, ung Project VTEC: The Discreet Edition, ituloy natin, naku bebenta yun for sure! Char ulit.

    Pero seriously, I wish you luck with your plans. I know you can do it. Magandang venture ang car wash, I know of someone who earns more or less P30k a day. With your amazing plan, baka more than that pa ang i-earn mo! I have some equipments sa bahay, thought of putting it up din kasi last year, kaya lang di nagmaterialize ung idea ko. Hehe.

    Ayaw ko ng mahabang comment, pramis. Happy weekend, Leomer!

  23. @Louie - naexcite ako ng slight sa IPO. I know daddy Kiyosaki and uncle Trump will be proud of me!!! Hahaha.

    Bet sana kita tulungan sa VTEC mo, pero mukhang cleaning lang ang contribution ko! Bet ko mag-car wash kasi hindi na tag-ulan. Patingin naman ako ng mga equipment mo, para alam ko kung ano bibilhin ko. :)

    Talk to you soon!

  24. i agree. naging professional bum then ako ng ilang buwan. But ika nga find something useful while waiting for the right opportunity. Do something you like...

  25. @xander - thanks for sharing your stories sa blog mo. somehow, i got so much inspired.

  26. I've been a corporate slave for a few years now and I sort of envy you...

  27. nice post Leo...

    now following you and reading your blog if you would not mind...

    have a nice day ahead. mr837.blogspot.com

  28. binalikan ko ito dahil gusto kong namnamin ang mga sinasabi mo.
    1. Na curious lang ako doon sa agribusiness niyo share naman kasi maeroon akong interest sa mga ganyan basta tungkol sa agri business.
    2. Di mo pa naaayos yong Malaware mo sa blog mo.tAngalin mo muna pansamantala sa blog roll mo ang sinasabing may malaware pag naayos niya na ibalik mo na lang ulit magiging ok na yan kasi may ibang takot pumasok pag may mga warning na ganyan.
    3.Na niniwala akong you will become like Donald Trump kasi sa puso lang yan at meron ka niyan umaapaw.

  29. @glentot - at some point, I know I was still blessed despite not having a normal job. it was depressing until I looked at the brighter side of things. :) thanks for dropping a comment!!!

    @Albert Corsame Umbac - thank you so much! I'll follow you back. :)

    @Diamond R - my family is into mango-farming then I started to pitched in add more fruit bearing trees. it's kinda slow, but it's really promising. :) Sana nga, maging Donald Trump ako! :)

  30. Nakakatuwa ka naman. Ako 1 month na bum since I resigned. I still don't know kung ano pupuntahan ko. May goals naman ako at aspiration, yung plan lang ang wala. hehe. Tama ka, asa Entrepreneurship talaga ang pera. Good luck sa 'yo!

  31. @Sir Pepper - Salamat ng marami! Good luck din sa 'yo. I suggest you take some time and think what you really want in life. For me, it took months or years pa nga to know what I really want. Ngayon, I'm decided and I am committing myself to it.

    God bless to us!


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