Tuesday, October 11, 2011

65 Months

Taken a year ago at the Bacolod City Hall
Today marks our 65th month of being life partners. Apart from beyond happiness, I feel immensely grateful for the 5 years and 5 months. Apart from the length of time that can be measured, is the thought that those years are all well spent and  that no words can really explain the overwhelming joy. Every time my mind crosses those memories, I'm delighted. I smile ear to ear. 

It's true that quality supersedes quantity. I'm just glad we have both.

Nimmy wrote in his blog about how we enjoy simple things. Let me just differ a bit, Mahal. Those simple things matters to me big time. I enjoy extravagance. Isn't it extravagant being with the person you love? 

It's true that human communicate better in body language. 


Every time we talk about things, you're like a tender whisper, I badly need to hear. 

Every time you I see your pinched lips, I know there's something wrong. 

Every time you look at me with a blank stare, I know you are thinking miles away. 

Every time you tease me with your jokes, I feel that you are dying to see my puppy eyes reaction. 

Every time we eat together and you get to pick food on my plate, I understand that you want to taste what I just tasted. By the way, I find it cute. 

Every time I hug you from your back and you hold my hand close to your chest, I feel I'm appreciated and needed. 

Every time I'm beside you when I drive and compliment my driving, you give me tremendous boost. 

Every time I see you smile after I win a point by a powerful smash, I feel elated. 

Every time I see you read, I'm excited to know how your brain works. 

Every time I see you sleep, I look at you and can't resist kissing your forehead or your hair. 

Every time we talk about friends, I admire your honesty and good heart. 

Every time you laugh, I can see a colorful scene and hear a joyful heart. 

Every time I hear your voice on the phone, you are right, I'm excited to know the highlights and lowlights of your day. 

Every time I read your entries, I smile not because of what you have written, but how you show your readers your honesty. 

Every time you achieve something, I am honored to be one of the first people to know. 

Every time you talk to my mom and my dad, I love the son that you have become. 

Every time I get to spend time with you, I'm happy. 

Every time I think thoughts of you, I become me. 

Mahal, Happy Monthsary to us. 





    *hinimatay sa kilig*

  2. @Nate - ahaha! ayan ka na naman sa generous E mo. :)

    salamat sa pagbati kaibigan.

  3. bumabaha ng tamis ng pagmamahalan ang umagang ito.Life is good.

  4. Iiwasan ko ng kumain ng Yema.

    Because Yema + This = Diabetes!

    Hahaha! Etchos!


    Pag may ka-monthsary na rin akez, magpapa-lafa ako.

    Chos! :)

  5. @Diamond R - haha, panahon palagi ng pag-ibig para sa akin. :)

    @Ms.Chuni - bentang benta sa akin ang yema! hahaha. salamat sa pagbati! :)

  6. ayeeee, nilalanggam. hahaha.

    happy 65th month! :)

  7. Kayo na talaga. Ang sweet sweet! Talo ang tamis ng honey bee!

    Congrats ha. More months, more years, more love!


  8. You already!!! hehehe.. Ikaw na talag a kuya leo.. galing naman.. 5 years and 5months.. such a long engagement!!! sana ako rin. i will have a relationship like that! :)

  9. @will - ayeeee! salamat will. :)

    @ayie - bet ko ang honey bee! hehe. salamat sa pagbati mars! :)

    @jelai - oh basta, mag-aral ka muna ng mabuti ha. kami ni kuya nimmy mo, nag-aral ng mabuti, nagkatrabaho at naging mag-asawa. :) hehe! salamat jelai sa pagbati. :)

  10. Congrats sa inyo ni Nimmy! Cheers to atleast 65 more

  11. pa-sweetan kayong dalawa ng post! hehe.

    happy monthsary Leo & Nimmy! :D

  12. @bien - thanks a lot!

    @SOB - haha, napansin ko nga. hehe. salamat sa pagbati Carlo! :)

  13. kinilig ako!

    happy monthsary sa inyo!

  14. Happy 65th! Kelan kayo mag aampon ng baby from Africa? haha!

  15. happy 5years and 5months :)

  16. @mac - eeee. salamat mac!

    @josh - hahaha, brad and angelina lang ang peg? thanks sa pagbati. :)

    @yamyam - thanks yamyam!

  17. That's amazing! Five years! cant help it but be jealous and hope mine would last long too :)

    Too more years, laughter and kisses to come! x

  18. @Herbs D. - more years and more love! hoping you keep your relationship long too! :)


  19. Congrats!!! Grabe, e2 na ang post na magpapa Diabetic Ketoacidosis sakin. cheka! Seriously, sobrang bato lang ang hindi lalambot sa kilig dahil sa post na ito! :D

  20. @RonRon - hahaha, diabetes talaga! salamat sa iyong pagbati! :)

  21. Medyo OA din sa kilig at pagiging sweet ah! Haha. This is the sweetest! Grabe! At para sa ating word for the day Leo - SUPERSEDES! Haha. Congrats sa inyong 2! Mananatili kayong idol sa puso naming mga single bloggers! Lol.

  22. @Drama King - ganun talaga! kapag pagmamahal, buhos na lahat, bawal ipagdamot. :)

    Salamat sa pagbati! :)


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